Before continuing please TURN OFF (if you can) your SQM (Status Quo Mode). There is going to be very little if any status quo below and it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to digest the following information with SQM on. Possible adverse reactions include a headache, increased heart rate & blood pressure, sweating and withdrawal but no blood clots, brain tumors, heart attacks or other severe adverse reactions.

Welcome My Friend!
There are many things that you can do but not to get overwhelmed please start with the following:
1. depending what’s your preference read, listen or watch. Don’t forget to share what is on the menu of this website including recommended authors. However since the Josh debacle I have a hard time recommending anyone at the moment. More HERE
Read Media Health Path, The Phoenicians, Chat, Change, Health, Faith, Finance, What’s next? and Other Resources
2. distribute stickers in your local area
3. give others a chance of awakening by displaying stickers in different areas
4. create you own trusted circle of people and exchange ideas and/or join small local freedom circles if you can find one
5. it’s extremely important to be very kind to others. Letting go of frustration on others is not an option. Kind words should help others to go through these difficult times especially when kindness can become scarce if it is not already.

It has come to my attention that Chat does not work. Until this is fixed please contact us by contact form.

The oligarchs have prepared for us years of psyops and some challenges so to reduce the tension, stress and anxiety I highly recommend you to turn around all the negativity, contemplate, pray or meditate. Don’t let the establishment to gaslight you into compliance. Start your non-compliance today by using cash and by promoting local business not corporations. Watch the below videos to understand the implications. The new system can be implemented anytime and if not stopped people can lose freedom for good!

Are you losing your mind?
Your state of mind is critical to successfully go through difficult times.
Maintain the balance just have some spanners ready to stick them into the evil machinery when the time is right.

They postponed the alien invasion for a later date but instead coordinated invasion of Ukraine in hope it will mobilize the naive Western public once more.
Freudian slip of Rochelle Walensky – a Jewess, director of the CDC, the head organization behind the COVID Plandemic and poison vax in United States. Do you still trust these two-faced criminals?

I know we all get use to consumerism but you have to decide if you remain a consumer of content of others or you take things into your own hands. It is easy to get caught and end up as a so called keyboard warrior on the Internet and not to take action outside of it or worse to spend substantial amount of time watching TV e.g. BBC or football or watch whole Netflix series at one go or watch very very interesting videos on YouTube one after another. We all go through this – the addiction and bait-clicking because the “elite” wants you preoccupied with meaningless things and on the couch watching e.g. little puppies all day.

You have to understand that from a big perspective there is no easy fix to this situation. Democracy does not work if it ever worked. However on an individual and local level it is relatively easy to make an impact especially if you are active outside the Internet.
You have to change from a spectator to a doer. If you are a doer already then great!
I know it is harder in the city where there is less space and all the conveniences e.g. all sorts of home deliveries make you idle, vain but you still have to find some regular activities to maintain your physical and mental health during those very strange and chaotic times.

The corporate mechanics of the Internet (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter etc.) are to marginalize you and drive you crazy. If you think that your Twitter, Facebook or YouTube comments will make an impact you are delusional. While the Big Tech, Big Media corporations what is the Intelligence with impunity push propaganda 247 and impose censorship they also want to shove down our throats the expensive products we don’t need e.g. so called vaccines and weapons to name the few.

If an idea crosses your mind that this banking/corporate “elite” works in your interest and/or defends the interest of so called Western World or the British Empire, knows better than you what to do I remind you that for almost 2 years the same “elite” put you in an invisible prison, restricted your movement and international travel, terminated your employment or shut your business down while in the meantime threatened you to take the needle.
If one of you reading this took the needle you may suffer adverse reaction. Unfortunately you have been tricked to jump from a scary unreality portrayed by the media into a really scary reality where you can face adverse effects of your own choices (not as a collective banging pots and pans for NHS during lockdowns). And now NHS is blind to the suffering of people damaged by the poison. Coincidence?
Currently UK MHRA has over 400 000 adverse effects reported which is about ~10% of all as only 1 out of 10 end up reported so it can be up to 4 million of people in UK alone can suffer!

For those who are on the other side of the barricade.
If you think that somehow you can skate the consequences of this great crime and a racket because you work for the government, NHS, corporations, big banks or as a dependent contractor you forget that the globalists haven’t finished yet and are looking forward to downsize dependence on your services. Why? Because the sick lords don’t trust anyone and know that long term will be betrayed by their own people. Not many are as evil and wicked as they are. That is why want to replace them with electronic devices, IoT, algorithms. robots and autonomous kill vehicles. This way the “elite” will no longer have to worry about top to bottom discipline and obedience which is expensive to maintain and becomes very expensive once the sick lords and barons commit bigger crimes.

Anyone who is a member of these secret services who work for the sick lords and he/she is not yet corrupt to the core it is about time to throw some spanners into the works. You know well that your organisation does not work for the betterment of any nation (including NSA with “national” in the name). It is about time to take the opportunity and replace these sick lords and barons. How long can you participate in these silly false flags? Are you proud of your work? It’s a B-rated theater.
Some of you are forged in the fire of great corruption but rather than being just a pawn in the hands of the sick lords you could expose, dethrone and take their place. The military could end this madness within hours knowing the sick banking lords are not bulletproof. You can miss the opportunity someone else can take and then what? You go down with the rest of the turds.

Everything big is managed by trillion dollar asset management firms: BlackRock, Blackstone, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity to increase their profits so deliver less for more.
Also if you haven’t noticed yet due to high unpopularity of so called COVID Pandemic – large protests across the world including London and Manchester Freedom Marches made the “elite” to instantly switch to war in Ukraine forgetting how “deadly” the COVID was (or is?) and even allowing large numbers of unvaccinated Ukrainians and other refugees into the countries that before were under strict lockdowns, a medical apartheid.

The aim of your activity should be to help people in your local community to question the official narrative. Start with stickers otherwise organize stand and use bullhorn for a better reach.
If you decide to go the stickers way you stick some on but someone rips them off. Do not worry and replace them with new ones. Put them on street light poles at a reasonable height. Do not be discouraged if you see them being torn away every other day. Keep replacing them. Apart from the cleaners, there are some dodgy charity workers, zealous council and NHS workers who remove them – the same people who previously forced you to stay home for 2 years, disrupt your short and long term plans and/or shut your business down while big corporations remained in business undisturbed.
You have to be persistent because if you expect huge following and fame you will be disappointed and you will not make it. Remain humble in the whole process because any time you get overexcited can be used against you.
The top to bottom corruption of the public is strong enough to discourage you so be brave!

Imagine yourself being as a lone lighthouse in a storm.
Sailors who saved their ships and life thanks to the beam of light from a lighthouse do not acknowledge.
If you expect less recognition the better.
You have to have faith in people.

Have a great day!

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