Hall Of Fame

So how could I put all these people on the pedestal knowing that they can give conflicting opinions or even criticise each other?
Let me look at each one of them separately. I specify their pros and cons according to my understanding of these characters.

Miles W. Mathis
Pros: Defaults to scepticism. Very good writer. Empathy. Goes too far with some assumptions.
Cons: Pride. Goes too far with some assumptions.
I sense a bit too much pride in him however considering that he is not a Christian so for a pagan his level of pride is within limits.

Brendon Lee O’Connell
Pros: Defaults to scepticism. Very good presenter
Cons: Repeats himself quite a lot (but on the other hand any of his videos can be your first video)

Owen Benjamin
Pros: Intelligently provocative. Natural tendency to bring a lot of things to the table. Exemplar relationship with his followers.
Cons: Apostate and a heretic (according to dr E Michael Jones). a bit of a hypocrite
I get his point about spreading victim-hood within the Catholic Church e.g. by promoting crucifixes. I know what he means by that but I don’t share his experience. Of course one sacrifice does not equal the other. Quite often the abuse is translated to the victim as his/her sacrifice he/she should accept.
A number of these sick people e.g. psychopaths and narcissists go undetected but at some Catholic parishes there are psychologists providing support to the victims.
He has admitted that his father is a psychopath so maybe this is how he developed this disrespect to any authority including the Catholic Church he associates with one of his psychopathic parents.
The thing that there is no need for a middleman between us and God is not right. Most likely he would not be who he is if not his Catholic background. I am not sure if he would embrace Christianity (if he would ever embrace it) in the same way if not his Catholic upbringing.
The Catholic priests are not known to keep repeating that we need them for their services.
For instance if he has a problem with Catholic confession he forgot that before the Catholic church the very first Christians before they could be baptised by St. John the Baptist they had to speak their sins out loud (public confession).
I don’t think looking at a crucifix or confessing is a trauma ritual as he calls it. I think it is like that in general but the examples he provides are inaccurate.
Owen is clearly imposing Protestant stuff onto Catholics.
But overall I agree with him that there is this Catholic tendency to promote itself as the perpetual victim of the Jews which is a Jewish shtick.
I also witnessed some Catholic priests imposing the guilt of the death of Jesus onto the people gathered in the church like not only Jews killed Jesus but everyone of us participates in the killing of Jesus every day. A bit of a stretch.

Dr E Michael Jones
Pros: Have something to say about everything. Very good speaker. Very good memory
Cons: Have something to say about everything. On the edge of pride / narcissistic behaviors. Sometimes too simple, too brief answers. Too mainstream in terms of politics. A talking head type.

Sometimes I wonder if his speech is driven by Holy Spirit or pride.

Richard Hall
Pros: Genuine truth seeker, methodological
Cons: not known

Chris Sky
Pros: brave, direct, inspiring
Cons: not known

I don’t know Chris Sky that well but he looks legit and was the first Canadian to show how things are and how people should go about these restrictions and mandates.

Some other to mention:

Mark Devlin
He isn’t a Christian. He was a Christian for few years then he become an atheist but end up this New Age man.
We know that David Icke is a spook but he is who inspired Mark to think differently about the world.
He said that he “was tapped into something” which could indicate he joined the Intelligence.
He talks a lot about the corruption in the music industry which is true but it could well be he is tasked to push things a bit too far but also misdirect away from truth. He said that for example that Lady Gaga is related to Madonna (both some Italian Jews) but never say the word “Jew”. He also talks a lot about the lost family values but at the same time says Christian communities are full of Freemasons not his and Icke’s New Age crowd.

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