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LAST UPDATED: 13/11/2023

So how could I put all these people on the pedestal knowing that they can give conflicting opinions or even criticise each other?
Let me look at each one of them separately. I specify their pros and cons according to my understanding of these characters.

Miles W. Mathis
Pros: Sceptical. Very good writer. Empathic. Goes too far with some assumptions

Cons: Pride. Goes too far with some assumptions.
I see a bit too much pride in Miles however considering that he is not a Christian so for a pagan he is fine.
Miles does not make much distinction between the Jews and the Phoenicians which makes sense because the difference is between the Jews and the crypto-Jews or let’s say first colonisers (crypto-Jews) and the late comers (Jews) . Phoenicians (crypto-Jews) use Jews and the Jews seems to enjoy it.

Apart from exposing the oligarchs I don’t think Miles has a plan for the future but on the other hand how can I expect this from a man who already has done a lot of good stuff?

It has been pointed out to him that his mailbox at Protonmail is most likely yet another CIA product (years ago it was promoted at Kaiser Report – Russia Today – CIA) to snoop on the opposition but he does not care.
I understand his standpoint but his ignorance is exposing his fellows.

The comment section at CTTF already has thousands of comments and the page is loading very slowly. 3/4 of my comments never get approved. No one knows who moderates CTTF.
It has been suggested to him to shift gears a little bit but he is not interested. After all he is over 60 years old so I should not be surprised he wants to maintain his pace. Or it could be just an excuse to gauge the opposition.

Miles as a man is very much into women but he never get married only talks about his former and current fiances. In terms of women I am not an exception but I don’t if I can base my world understanding on a man who can be blinded by women, he only paints them and cannot see beyond his specie.
This makes him and Gerry at Ancient Spooks ignorant to the underlying problems of the society. Besides both stopped replying to emails like they are feeling hurt by a different point of view – a pussy like attitude.
I think this is a common tragedy of male specie – every one of them is scooping to himself and the cooperation if at all is very limited. What supposed to be at least a merit system instead is just a cluster of some free atoms.
On the other hand the adversaries promote spoil systems among many millions and for them it works very well.

In one of his papers Miles admitted the inevitability of Phoenician rule over the world. I reckon the difference is that he expects some decent Phoenicians but it’s just my guess.
Miles also expressed the necessity of population control but he didn’t provide more details.

In the paper about Henry VIII I think Miles was wrong about the reasons homosexuality is inherited from gay father to gay son. It’s not genetic, if you ask me about this “nature versus nurture” dilemma it is clearly nurture. A gay father will most likely neglect his children what is one of the main reasons behind developing homosexuality. The nobility in general is taught distancing which is awkward for a growing human being. Living in big palaces is another thing – your parents are maybe next door but not like in regular houses in a room just 5 meters away but in a chamber 50 meters away.

Brendon Lee O’Connell
Pros: Defaults to scepticism. Good content creator

Cons: Repeats himself quite a lot (but on the other hand any of his videos can be your first video)

Brendon similar to dr E. Michael Jones has this vulnerability and cannot go about Jews and Israelis and tries to convince the viewers that the real bad guys are of course from the City of London but also rather than pointing at Phoenician Jews he points at some bad communist Russians who emigrated to Israel and only pretend Jews.
It is a fact that Israel is full of people who emigrated from Russia but these are not Russians but either crypto-Jews or Varangian Phoenicians or both.
His blind love for US and their constitution makes him also vulnerable to Phoenician military industrial complex that is still based in US. Because of this vulnerability he is far from pacifism.
He also thinks that nuclear weapon is for real. Not sure if he has changed his mind about the Moon landing but he definitely keeps bringing up the great crime of 911 which is good.
However regardless of these vulnerabilities he is spot on on essential things to understand how the Phoenician Intelligence works and he finds a lot of interesting video material.

Dr E Michael Jones
Pros: He always has something to say about everything. Very good speaker. Very good memory

Cons: He always has something to say about everything. On the edge of pride / narcissistic behaviors. Sometimes too simple, too brief answers. Too mainstream in terms of politics. A talking head type.

He pretends I don’t think he thinks Alex Jones is a real opposition. He is very scrupulous but at the same time he cannot see that pseudo-Catholics like Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos are just some homosexuals recruited and handled by the Military Intelligence to fool not only Christian audience.
He corners himself with his own arguments. He criticises Jews only to later say it’s not those Jews but different/bad Jews. If he adopted the term “Phoenicians” it would be easier for him to make the case but until then his argumentation is useless and only serves the Nazi gays like Nick Fuentes to bring up Hitler once more so the Phoenicians are happy.
Sometimes I wonder if he is really driven by Holy Spirit or rather pride.
He also does not like disco and convinces people not to like it.

Richard Hall
Pros: Genuine truth seeker, methodological
Cons: he invites some questionable people to his studio

Ancient Spooks (Gerry)
Gerry has spend a lot of time decoding secret messages. From what I noticed he does not necessarily acknowledge the difference between Phoenicians and their Jews and other ruling groups. He claims they are all the same regardless of the nationality. I agree however regardless of worldwide power distribution it is a fact that the New York City feat. London are the epicentres of Phoenician control and there are no viable alternatives.
After recent meeting in Johannesburg the BRICS nations turned out to be joke. Dollar is 80% of all currencies and it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
The epicentre of world power migrates and it ties with the migration of Phoenicians and their Jews soon after.
The epicentre was migrating from Middle East (Tyre, Sidon) to Mediterranean (Athens, Ephesus), the West Mediterranean (Carthage, Rome) then New Carthage, Barcelona and Byzantium. At this time in 5th century AD the Phoenicians were already well established in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Scandinavia and after the decline of Roman Empire have filled the void. At the time most of them came from Brittany, Normandy and Scandinavia as various invaders.
After that Venice, Genoa took the lead then some moved up north to Amsterdam or back to Asia Minor (Izmir, Istanbul). Finally the trend was to more to London.
Final stop is of course the New York City (formerly New Amsterdam) and the Jewish mass immigration backed by Ashkenazi Jews from Central and Eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth what was the end of this large country. Many say these Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews but it does not really matter. As E. Michael Jones has stated they embraced the Pharisaic Judaism better than the original Mediterranean Jews (Sephardi) and this is what matters here. The right direction of Jewish evolution should be Christianity not adoption of archaic ways of life.
Whenever the Jews are expelled (Spain, Portugal) or move out on their own it does not really matter but what matters is that for some reasons these countries decline soon after I reckon because are being downgraded in the global credit network.
The Phoenician oligarchs need able Jews to function and bring them with themselves.
Long story short this Jewish/crypto-Jewish primacy is because Jewish culture and rituals promote narcissistic attitudes what is crucial in instrumental treatment of other, lesser people so called Gentiles.
Of course there are non-Jewish narcissists around but their concentration is nowhere near the concentration you see in Jewish communities and ghettos. I believe this is what gives the Jews the edge among other nations. So Jews are either perfect mercenaries for Phoenician oligarchs to hire to do dirty business or Jews are just lesser Phoenicians and what it looks like the Phoenicians recruit primarily from the Jewish crowd.
What I was trying to explain to Gerry is that this secrecy, double meanings, double standards, lack of a moral compass are inherent to narcissism (a psychological term) but he does not get it. He is not religious and as he said it he does not believe in magic. This could explain why he does not comprehend it but rather believes these things are a result of an independent choice and/or social status.
I understand that so called flying monkeys (a psychological term) always admire and get a free ride on a narcissist’s back that is why the mainstream people have a hard time comprehending there is something not right with the Jewish people. They just use other words to describe it e.g. opportunistic, arrogant, mean, instrumental, greedy, evil.
I repeat this is not applicable to sincere freedom loving Jews like Free Software evangelist Richard Stallman however he naively think so called whistleblowers like Assange, Snowden, Manning, Wylie are for real.
As the oligarchs cannot hold the ground with proprietary software installed on your computer they had to push people into the cloud and cloud apps to reclaim surveillance and control over the people.

Chris Sky
Pros: brave, direct, inspiring
Cons: not known

Others to mention but no longer endorsed

Owen Benjamin (an Intelligence agent)
Pros: Intelligently provocative. Very amusing. Natural tendency to bring a lot of things to the table. Very good engagement with his community and online followers.

Cons: Apostate and a heretic (according to dr E Michael Jones). a frequent hypocrite as well
I get his point about spreading victim-hood within the Catholic Church e.g. by promoting crucifixes. I know what he means by that but I don’t share his view or experience. Of course one sacrifice does not equal the other. Quite often the abuse is translated to the victim as his/her sacrifice he/she should accept.
A number of sick people e.g. narcissists go undetected but at some Catholic parishes there are psychologists providing support to the victims.

He has admitted that his father is a psychopath so maybe this is how he developed this disrespect to any authority including the Catholic Church he associates with one of his psychopathic parents.
The thing that there is no need for a middleman between us and God is not right. Most likely he would not be who he is if not his Catholic background. I am not sure if he would embrace Christianity (if he would ever embrace it) in the same way if not his Catholic upbringing.
The Catholic priests are not known to keep repeating that we need them for their services.
For instance if he has a problem with Catholic confession he forgot that before the Catholic church the very first Christians before they could be baptised by St. John the Baptist they had to speak their sins out loud (public confession).
I don’t think looking at a crucifix or confessing is a trauma ritual as he calls it. I think it is like that in general but the examples he provides are inaccurate.
Owen is clearly imposing a lot of problems of Protestants onto Catholics.
But overall I agree with him that there is this Catholic tendency to promote itself as the perpetual victim of the Jews which still fits the Jewish agenda.
I also witnessed some Catholic priests imposing the guilt of the betraying and sentencing Jesus to torture and death on people who gather in the church suggesting that not only Jews are responsible for betraying their Messiah but everyone participates in the betrayal of Christ to this day.
I cannot reconcile these two betrayals. I didn’t have opportunity to interact with the living Jesus and for instance ask him hard questions but Jews of the time did have many opportunities and in most cases it didn’t work indicating we are at least dealing with obnoxious people driven by insane pride.

Mark Devlin (an Intelligence agent)
He isn’t a Christian. He was a Christian for few years then he become an atheist but end up a New Age man.
We know that David Icke is a spook but exactly Icke has inspired Mark to think differently about the world.
Mark said that he “was tapped into something” which could indicate he joined the Intelligence.
Mark talks a lot about the corruption in the music industry which is true but it could well be he is tasked to push things a bit too far but also misdirect away from truth.
He said for example that Lady Gaga is related to Madonna (both some Italian Jews) but never say the word “Jew”. He also talks a lot about the lost family values but at the same time says Christian communities are full of Freemasons not his and Icke’s New Age cup of tea.
We have also seen at least one Intelligence spook named Devlin in US. Perhaps they are related.

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