What’s next?

LAST UPDATED: 30/09/2023

In general I am not happy with the current state of affairs and I am disappointed with the shape of the so called “human civilization”.
There are industries in place that want this state of affairs to remain as it is.

I don’t want to be the bringer of bad news but this is what micro-Phoenicians all over the world say: there is a high chance of recession or that the world economy or Western economy has already entered the recession. If you want to know for how long perhaps you want to study the history of the world around the same time but 100 years ago.

The Phoenicians via their central banks are cutting out the supply of liquidity on all fronts just not to themselves of course. In result their corporations grow by stock buybacks and more frequent acquisitions while the street and organic markets shrink.

Historically once or twice every century the general public aka the Gentiles, the Goyim realize about the Phoenician/Jewish world supremacy. This so called awakening has certain consequences so the Phoenicians always had to and this time round also have to implement counter-measurements.
As you can see to this day for the last almost a century so called Holocaust is being shoved down our throats 247. Huge media coverage and Holocaust museums all over the world are the measurements to police the thought of adults but more importantly of the children and grand children of parents who have seen enough. That is why some of them had to die in war or from hunger.
There isn’t a better way of preventing the people from finding out who their masters really are than to throw them into poverty.
Holocaust was also to divert the attention away from Jewish/Phoenician crimes and atrocities in Russia, later Soviet Russia and China.

In peace time year after year they demoralize the populace because demoralized populace is easier to control that is why for instance back in the days the Israeli soldiers once they took control over Palestinian TV communications were broadcasting pornography. Pornography is not freedom, it is sex slavery where Jewish directors hire or rather own sex slaves aka porn stars.
On different levels it is achieved via welfare, drugs, alcohol, credit and bribe.

You probably heard of the ancient so called Jewish/Phoenician Jubilee Year where the debts are forgiven.
Do not think that your debts will be forgiven though.
Every few decades or so they have to reset the inflated financial system but I think once every hundred years they do a proper reset that is usually accompanies by a serious economic downturn (recession, depression) followed by a major war or even two.
You know the Phoenix has to burn down to ashes so it can then reborn.

You think it’s a natural economical cycle but to me it’s not natural or random.
I agree with Miles Mathis on this. You can read his take about Lehman Brothers HERE.
You may remember the DotCom Bubble, 911 and 2008 financial crisis but 100 years is too far in the past for living people to know what back then was really going on. The grand and grand grand parents are already dead so no longer tell the story.

At least for the last 200 years we see a certain regularity of world wars.
Clearly the Napoleonic Wars (which were world wars) and First and Second World War, Nazi camps in Germany and Soviet Russia were primarily the means of depopulation.
What you think was a major power struggle between the Phoenician factions was the actual obliteration of lives and property of the lower classes: low and middle class.

I can see that at least in UK the oligarchs are rehashing the old stuff and bringing the patriotic sentiments of the last century, primarily of the First World War and Poppies e.g. in Christmas 2014 Sainsbury’s ad showing WW1 soldiers in the trenches in Christmas 1914. At first it looks like a nice story where the Christmas spirit makes the enemies get together but I let you judge if this production is innocent. It definitely has several meanings. Or should I say objectives? Of course sitting in trenches in winter isn’t what they show you. It’s much much worse. If you don’t believe me ask the Ukrainians and Russians sitting in their trenches thanks to Phoenicians and their banks and military industrial complex earning profits.

I reckon the Phoenicians if they know that the Gentiles know too much they will make their life even harder that is why in the past at different times they pacified the English, French, Germans, Russians, Chinese and many more.

I think it’s good to read THIS article of Miles Mathis.

You also want to check Finance page.

Mid 2023 in the UK the car insurance costs went up by 30-60%. They tell you it is because during COVID lockdowns people were not driving but now everyone is back on the road so the costs go up. The other one is that there were some changes in regulations what led to price increase.
The other explanation is that it’s because of inflation and higher repair and care costs (costs of car paint and parts etc.). Apparently people who already struggle use insurance fraud to fleece the insurers. Maybe.
All sorts of explanations to conceal the fraud.

I myself think that this is what oligarchs use to balance their budgets, if they cannot tax you enough they fleece your pockets with other tools like utility bills and now obligatory car insurance you have to pay otherwise you cannot drive.

At the end you can experience the so called “capitalism” to the fullest. All is nice and dandy as long as the economy is expanding including the debt but once the oligarchs decide to contest the general expansion (of course not their own expansion) the capitalist domino starts to fall.

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