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Whatever you do in that respect you are pretty much depend on the systems implemented and maintained by the Phoenicians and their Jews.

currency, cheques, coins, paper notescurrency exchanges, banksbankers, coins and cash smugglersPhoenicians*/Jews
digital and fiat money, credit cards, loans, mortgagesbanksbankersPhoenicians*/Jews
Stocks & bondsstock exchanges, investment banks, hedge fundsbankers, financiers, traders, speculatorsPhoenicians*/Jews
CryptocurrenciesCrypto exchanges plugged in to the banksbankers, financiers, traders, speculatorsPhoenicians*/Jews
paper gold, gold coins & barsgold exchanges, gold marketgold merchantsPhoenicians*/Jews
Diamonds & jewelleryjewelry storesjewellers, diamond smugglers, diamond tradersPhoenicians*/Jewellers
metals, rare metals and mineralsmining industry, gold mines, diamond minesbankers, industrialistsPhoenicians*/Jewellers
*Phoenicians = ultra-wealthy crypto-Jewish peers

If they are not the same I would only and exceptionally align myself with Jews loving tangible assets like gold and silver but not the ones who rig the precious metals markets or the central banksters.
You tell me if there are different kinds of capitalist Jews.

“You will say it must be proof the Nazis were already in charge in 1932, were holding Hindenburg hostage or something, and were running the country through the SA. The Long Knives was then just a feint to make the country think the SA wasn’t in charge. Which is true in a way, since it is just a variation of my argument here. Except that the SA wasn’t ever paramilitary, wasn’t labor, wasn’t middle class, and wasn’t Christian or even German. And they didn’t need to hold Hindenburg hostage since he was one of them. He would do what he was told. The SA was an arm of Phoenician Intelligence, which was and always had been aristocratic, Jewish, anti-labor, and was using both fascism and socialism as cloaks. These were the same noble families that had been running Germany and the rest of Europe for centuries, and the only thing that changed after WWI is that they decided to go underground to a certain extent. Things were getting too hot in 1918 and they needed to get out of sight for a few decades. As in the 1840s, real revolution was brewing in Europe and the Phoenicians needed this complex plan to counter it. Somehow, with the help of German theatrical, they managed to pull it off, convincing the world these fictional Nazis were a greater danger to the world than the real people behind them: the aristocrats merged to the capitalists through generations of intermarriage, and now allied against the middle classes of the world. At the end of the 19th century, the richest families of the world called a truce, allying instead against the citizenry in an all-out, though covert,
war. Their goal was a complete pillaging of the wealth of the middle classes, while disguising it as democracy, philanthropy, and liberalism. Even with their previous levels of pillaging, industrialism was creating ever increasing levels of wealth worldwide, via increasing populations, increasing productivity, and increasing pillaging of the Earth’s resources, so the rich needed to invent new ways of taking back that wealth after it trickled down. Fakes wars were a primary method of that, since it created a sort of taxation on steroids, with all nations creating huge “defense” departments that drank astonishing levels of wealth from the middle classes, siphoning it directly to the rich. Later, vast “intelligence” budgets could be added to that with no oversight, since they were all secret, even from their own congresses. Fake science projects came next, with fanciful trips to the Moon and Mars, giant quests to chase fake particles and waves, and all along the manufacture of bigger fake bombs. Fake drugs have been an ever growing part of that as well, and we all know where that led: the recent rape of the treasury for faux-vaccines to address a fake pandemic, which also allowed for a 10X increase of the debt ceiling via unnecessary mitigations.”
Miles Mathis

If you study history you will see that top world bankers (e.g. Jacob Fugger, Rothschild) always had to control the mining (including gold and silver) for their financial Ponzi schemes to have some footing.

What we experience in the last 50 years is a total bloating if not an explosion of wealth concentration in the world. Because of the Jewish pride, narcissism and greed the gobblers lost their minds.
Because they don’t trust each other the only way is to gobble more!

The sensible way is to go back to basics to gold and silver but the gobblers don’t want that.
The bubble is too big.

Some intelligent but naive people think that the crypto ledger is going to solve this problem of inequality.
I don’t believe that.
Can you imagine these gobblers locking themselves up with the pleb Gentiles inside a crypto or central bank ledger, lock the doors from inside and throw out the keys so no one can reach them again? Highly unlikely.
Of course crypto is rigged and CBDC is going to be yet another rigged system and the gobblers will continue to gobble beyond that system.

In THIS article about the Great Fire of London in 1666 you can see how the banking oligarchs used a staged emergency to introduce the central bank – the Bank of England. Since then the money was created by private banks owned by the oligarchs. All the other central banks work in the same fashion and serve the oligarchs.
It seems like COVID Plandemic and Ukraine is to create a similar emergency to introduce a new system that will again downgrade the poor and middle-class into slaves of course they will be called by a different term.
These days tenants are kind of like slaves to pay the mortgagors.
To be honest the oligarchs don’t even need CBDC or any new system.
Since they control the central banks they are basically the closest to the tap so if they feel uncomfortable among the lower classes or feel that the locals may know too much and can become rebellious they simply create debt at astronomical rate and this automatically increases the gap between them and the rest (middle and low class).
They build ever bigger mega-yachts and sail away while you eat grass.
After the big palaces this mega-yacht phenomenon is obviously to increase the geographical distance between them and the pleb even more. Before the aristocrats at least had to pay some attention to this now they can just fuck off to their remote Phoenician islands and leave us with the bill.

Since they abandoned the gold standard the value of money has been pegged to the property market and since a substantial number of properties are mortgaged that means the oligarchs via their banks can ramp up the central bank’s base rate and extort money this way.

Average Bank of England Base Rate since 1694 (more than 300 years) is 5.91%
The highest rate in history was 17% in Nov 1979, 8 years after US left the gold standard

Number of times BoE base rate was:
LOWER than 1%:, 9, Percentage: 0.87%
LOWER than 3%:, 79, Percentage: 7.62%
LOWER than 4%:, 244, Percentage: 23.53%
LOWER than 5%:, 400, Percentage: 38.57%
EQUAL to 5%:, 81, Percentage: 7.81%
HIGHER than 5%:, 365, Percentage: 35.20%
HIGHER than 6%:, 273, Percentage: 26.33%
HIGHER than 10%:, 123, Percentage: 11.86%
HIGHER than 15%:, 4, Percentage: 0.39%

Number of times BoE base rate was:
1%:, 2, Percentage: 0.19%
2%:, 20, Percentage: 1.93%
3%:, 94, Percentage: 9.06%
4%:, 105, Percentage: 10.13%
5%:, 81, Percentage: 7.81%
6%:, 54, Percentage: 5.21%
7%:, 33, Percentage: 3.18%
8%:, 22, Percentage: 2.12%
9%:, 10, Percentage: 0.96%
10%:, 10, Percentage: 0.96%
11%:, 7, Percentage: 0.68%
12%:, 6, Percentage: 0.58%
13%:, 4, Percentage: 0.39%
14%:, 6, Percentage: 0.58%
15%:, 2, Percentage: 0.19%
16%:, 1, Percentage: 0.10%
17%:, 1, Percentage: 0.10%
of course these percentages are only per number of occurrences (base rate changes) not across all months since base rate has been introduced 300 years ago.

Average Base Rate in the:
19th century: 4.29%
20th century: 7.97%
21st century: 3.42%

Average Base Rate since:
UK has left the gold standard in 1931: 8.44%
US has left the gold standard in 1971: 9.08%

Average Base Rate
between 1971-1981: 10.66%
between 1971-1991: 10.90%

While there are many who got the timing wrong there are those who clearly see this is the last decade where the control over who buys and sells will be thru the digital platform that will be in place by 2025:

Please notice the BIS, with their building shaped like a boot, is already exploring digital currencies in over 90% of their central banks located in every country of the world:

This 9 minute video clearly proves how freedom dies with Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDCs):

This 10 minute video proves the FED which is the central bank of the USA is planning on launching their CBDC by July of 2023:

Do you think I trust Heresy Financial who made these videos?
Of course not. I can see he is attacking Western Phoenicians and by the look of things represents Eastern ones like Ray Dalio (Vanderbilt) who at this moment of time are more invested in Asia.

Please remember the “great reset” is the total transformation of our lives to a “digital” platform referred to 44 times in this document ratified by the G20 on 10/31/21:

We are already seeing many signs that the world is moving from declaration to fruition by 2025 as this UN directive is implying:

Please ask yourself why the UN headquarters in New York just erected a statue of a “beast”!:

Yet most of the pastors who are to be watchmen of their sheep are fast asleep rather than warning their flock to what is coming BEFORE any “rapture” occurs!:

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I also will forget thy children.

In the last few months Kiyosaki was criticising US dollar and pushing people into buying gold.
FYI apparently he owns a gold mine in China and bought another gold mine in Utah – he could also be linked to our crypto-Jewish Mormons who I reckon are heavy on mining in Utah and Colorado.
Only recently the gold has dropped about 8% in price and Kiyosaki has changed his rhetoric.
Now he preaches that he don’t want the price of gold to go up substantially because that would mean a big war somewhere in the world.

On the other hand George Gammon is predicting a drop in FED base rate in US. Of course he says that the base rate is down to CPI but CPI is some bullshit invented by the banksters so not CPI but something else is behind the growing interest rates.

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