PUBLISHED: 22/06/2023
LAST UPDATED: 30/09/2023

This article is to address some of the questions related to the recent AI boom but specifically ChatGPT from OpenAI.

The above video is just one of the very many examples how the Intelligence stooges like Mo Gawdat and his host are pushing the agenda.

To be clear:
1. Coronavirus Plandemic was to accelerate the globalist agenda
2. war in Ukraine in 2022 was to divert the attention away from vaccine damage / genocide and bolster the agenda.
3. The introduction of so called AI was again to divert the attention from vaccine damage / genocide but what is more important provide the background for the incoming turmoil potentially more wars and/or economic decline and/or crash.

I reckon the Phoenician oligarchs are planning to repeat the chutzpah from 100 years ago. Just look it up exactly 100 years ago people were protesting – marches beginning 1920 culminated with the National Hunger March 1932.
The oligarchs require a background a justification for the austerity, restructuring and resulting job losses because of the alleged technological leap. Back then it was a combustion engine this time round it is so called AI.

AI never was and never will be. Why?
You see they even brag about the IQ of ChatGPT AI to be about 147 points which tells me it’s all a Phoenician/Jewish creation as the whole IQ fraud. You see they continue to brag about the highest IQs that belong to Jews. It use to be Einstein who is synonymous with the highest IQ however for some reasons Goethe is listed to have the highest IQ of all time much much higher than Einstein himself.
A German man? As Miles have pointed out Goethe is on top because he was a wealthy and influential crypto-Jew in Germany.

What these spooks like Mo Gowdat don’t talk about is who controls the AI and that behind this tool another great data harvesting operation happening.
The spook Gawdat is more concerned about home grown cybercriminals developing and using the AI than AI made by corporations like Google he belongs to.
As an alleged critic of the AI he actually promotes it!
On the side the host was also promoting sex dolls that satisfy their owners better than real girlfriends or wives.

Apparently it was Jonathan Zittrain who said that “When something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product”. As I write this there is no “Jewish” written anywhere on Jonathan’s Wikipedia page but he is from Harvard – a university for Jews and Phoenicians (crypto-Jews) but I also looked at his sister Laurie Zittrain Eisenberg who is a scholar of Arab and Israeli conflict. Right.

What these Jewish spooks don’t talk about is a decentralized AI. This is what they fear the most like they fear decentralized social networks but also despise Peer2Peer networks – which is an exchange of various content over their noses. As I wish cryptocurrencies to be decentralized but they aren’t – their decentralization is illusory.

As long as they don’t talk about decentralized AI you can safely assume that this whole AI is some next generation confabulator, a bunch of Jews and a bunch of Kenyans.
Apparently OpenAI uses slave like labour and outsourced their human verification processes to Kenya where they pay 2 dollars a day per a Kenyan to verify content.

These type of tools will prove useful at a basic to medium level but be sure that anything that is controversial and the corporations deem undesirable for people to know it is going to be censored. Be sure that fake history, fake news and false flag events are going to be sold by the AI as real same as the
1. rigged CORPORATE mainstream media,
2. rigged CORPORATE search engines,
3. rigged CORPORATE social networks
do it.

The corporations create most of the content what then it is turned into approved sources that are cross-linked.
If you haven’t noticed yet OpenAI is now owned by Microsoft with your favourite Phoenician fake geek Bill Gates.

So far the Phoenician oligarchs overcome the freedom of speech on the Internet by making you fully dependent on their platforms: rigged search engines but more important fancy and rigged social network sites and apps e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp where they monitor and censor people without these people even knowing they are being monitored, censored (so called shadow banning) but also demoralized by the army of Intelligence bots replying and commenting.

With the introduction of chat AI they want you to become lazy and NOT TO SEARCH for information but ASK for it.
First they conditioned people to get used to Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
I understand that in recent years it become increasingly difficult to find genuine information because the oligarchs and their media, Intelligence agencies and Internet corporations worked tirelessly to overload the Internet with informational garbage and advertisement passed onto search engines no one wants to sieve through.

AI is here also because the COVID crime has woken up too many people in the management class so the Phoenician/Jewish masters want to replace the management class with thousands of NVIDIA graphic cards faking AI.
Most likely many people in the Intelligence are tired of lies and deception as well. No one wants to work there anymore so the oligarchs replace them too and let AI do the dirty business of generating fake images, fake events, CGI, fake stories and so on.

Once again convenience that comes with AI is going to be detrimental to the truth.

People who are already artificial will phase themselves out with artificial intelligence which is great!

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