“You don’t have to know what does cause something to know that something doesn’t cause it.”

In this article I will try to do my best to cover all the relevant topics. Last updated: 12/11/2022

Things you should pay attention to:
1. What do I drink? Do I drink chlorinated and fluoridated water or purified water?
2. What do I eat? Do I eat processed or fast food? Where do I get my food from? Is it from these big grocery stores or a local food market or from a organic farmer?
3. Do I deal with a lot of stress? You can get away with short term stress but long term exposure will wear you down like heavy metal toxins else. Permanent fear and anxiety messes up your brain and the nervous system.
4. Do I exercise daily and spend enough time outside on the sun?
5. Do I have enough sleep?

My most recent conclusion is that things like good water, good food, good sleep can improve your health but anxiety and stress is THE BIGGEST factor. I would say this is exactly the thing that disrupts your body completely and toxins in the body keep accumulating at a staggering rate. So what polluted water and unhealthy food can do within months stress can do within weeks if not days.
That is why the Phoenicians double down to increase your anxiety if you use their platforms unwisely (MSM, Netflix, YouTube) and most people do. They device a plethora of ways to put people on the edge.

You can also find some useful information at the end of THIS article.
In terms of food start with The Gerson Therapy: The Natural Nutritional Program to Fight Cancer and Other Illnesses.

First and foremost YOU have to be IN CONTROL of your heath. If you don’t you will most likely fall into the hands of the NHS and the Big Pharma that stands right behind this “free” health service provider.
And don’t get me wrong everyone including me struggles with some sort of ailments and wants the answers and would love to know what causes these health issues.
Usually because of lack of time and human impatience people resort to quick solutions provided by the NHS and Big Pharma – that how it works.
So either you employ your intelligence into your health assessment and treatment process or you will be at the mercy of big corporations that make profit regardless if you find a cure, recover or get worse or even die. They know that many people will throw their last savings to save their earthly life so they don’t mind screwing you up.

If you can be objective and look at your diet habits, lifestyle you will be able to diagnose your problems even better than the professionals but this requires patience. You will have to like doctor and a patient in one. Can you? This will even require maintaining a daily log of symptoms to see how certain foods and other environmental factors e.g. impact of the stress otherwise it’s a pure guesswork. But don’t get me wrong even if our bodies function according to the same principles these bodies have differences, some inherited predispositions, pros and cons.
So do the homework otherwise if your condition is cryptic enough (not obvious like a broken bone or a kidney stone) GPs from NHS will due the guesswork for you.
They will test your blood, scan your body thoroughly using radioactivity and electromagnetic waves but still they won’t be certain what is your problem. The fact that they have a single capture of most of your parameters does not mean they know everything – they can definitely prevent certain death but that is pretty much it.
They do need more data but this is expensive process so quite often they just resort to medication to address the symptoms.
If you don’t adapt and approach your health matters intelligently and things turn south you eventually end up in a hospital where they do what you can do at home – monitor yourself for extended period of time and draw conclusions. As long as you don’t change the environment on a weekly basis it is not going to be hard to figure out what is good and what is bad for you. You just have to be honest to yourself.
You don’t have to use any of these smart watches that measure your heart rate or body temperature. Just use a pen and paper, a diary.
If you cannot take the challenge because of being lazy, because of impatience, general lack of consistency then don’t be surprised that eventually you give in and show up at the hospital or at the GP practice.

You should pay attention to your family in regards to predispositions to certain health conditions that are carried from a generation to generation. You should also take environmental factors into account.

Don’t get me wrong GPs are very good at eliminating bad effects but tell little about bad habits and environmental factors you should address in the first place.
You must combat your inner misery and dependency otherwise you become a perfect customer for these corporations.

Quickly about the Plandemic and the so called COVID-19 virus.
Below is the anonymous poll that has been published on Telegram. As you can see even in the opposition people are divided in terms of how they perceive the COVID-19 virus. There are definitely 3 distinct groups. The good thing is that at least 64% of the people who voted believe that this particular virus does not exist.
There was an older version of the same poll and there was even more people against the mainstream narrative – well over 70%. I believe what has changed (this 10% drop) is that some of the non-believers got really sick during winter season 2021/2022 and have changed their minds about the non-existence of COVID virus.
I also got pretty sick at end of 2021 but I still think this annual flu detoxification was more severe this time round not because of a badass virus but because of permanent STRESS we have been exposed to for the last 2 years what have accumulated and was detrimental to health BUT ALSO limited exposure to SUNLIGHT AND also limited access to IODINE at the sea coast (you remember the police chasing people off the beaches not only in UK). The oligarchs know very well how to make you sick not only through poison vaccines. It could also be that after mid 2021 they were spraying some poison into the air or releasing it into the water or both because it is surprising that most people I talked to “got COVID” more than 15 months into the pandemic (not earlier) so the winter season 2021/2022. Of course some of it due to vaccine damage but unvaccinated also had a hard time.

You definitely want to watch this interview especially if you are still frighten of the viruses or even the bacteria

UPDATE 12/11/2022
It has been found that Poornima Wagh (in the above video) is some sort of Intelligence spook and a so called gatekeeper. In the above video she sounded genuine however in other videos of her I found on the Internet it looks like she is explicitly denouncing the Catholic Church but also the Bible and Christianity in general.
I would approach her content with extreme caution as it looks like she is surrounded by a whole host of New Age weirdos who have the same objective – undermine the Christianity and especially the Catholic Church.
It could still be that what she says about the vaccines is true but as the Intelligence does they tell some truth just to be able to salt in lies.

Germ vs Theory of Terrain
Based on my recent illness at the beginning of November.
How come there is transmission if I have not been in contact with anyone for at least 4 days before it started? Then I talk to a friend who is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and he got sick on the very same day as I did. On the other hand my neighbour got a cold a week ahead of me.
To me this looks more like coincidence rather than transmission.
Some unknown factors promote this annual detoxification.

Besides if it really was down to bacteria and viruses why people do get sick en masse in autumn or at the beginning of winter not at the end of it or the beginning of spring when human bodies are depleted of vitamin D and other micro-elements?

Iodine and selenium supplementation
Lugol’s solution 1,2,3,5 and 12%.
Use drops calculator ( to know how many milligrammes of iodine there is in your Lugol’s solution.
The mainstream medicine recommends much lower doses of Iodine in micrograms (not a surprise).
1st they were blackwashing Iodine to be toxic (but they meant their organic Iodine that Big Pharma puts into “medicines” which is toxic) then once this was debunked they recommend much lower doses of Iodine (in micrograms) I reckon because they know the amount of poisons they deliver in water and food is in milligrammes (e.g. about 1-2mg of fluoride and other poisons in 1 liter of water).
You drink about 3-5 liters of water daily so your body receives about 5-10 milligrammes of fluoride alone daily! (regardless if filtered water or not as filters do not remove fluoride just slightly reduce the concentration).
So if you take Iodine in micrograms and poisons in milligrams then your body has no chance of cleaning itself from these poisons and the poisons accumulate over time causing more damage to your different organs.
I reckon 2 drops of 5% Lugol’s iodine on skin (e.g. wrists) which is 12.5mg per day is safe for adults but in the alternative medicine community you will see many people using over 30mg of Iodine to detox their bodies.
Of course as soon as your skin starts absorbing Iodine you should feel the effects – so don’t be scared. I think 1st what you notice is a strange feeling but overall you will have more energy. Please note that your body is undergoing a cleanup so use it on regular basis otherwise.
Over the years it became more apparent that the oligarchs like Rockefeller and Rothschild want more people miserable and stupid. They are behind water fluoridation legislation so people drink these poisons and have crippled mental abilities. These mental abilities

Depression / Sleep problems
magnesium, Passiflora, Lemon Balm, Avena Sativa, St John’s Wort. You can also look into iodine/selenium but this require a strict regimen (it’s not a quick fix). In general you have to abandon the GP quick fix medicine methodology.

Non-fluoride toothpaste
Kingfisher makes two types of toothpastes that is with and without fluoride but even if you buy the non-fluoride variant it still contains SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sufate (Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate) which is bad for your health.
You can make your own toothpaste from baking soda, coconut oil and mint or you can buy different brands that are free from fluoride and SLS. Example: Sarakan, Eco Denta, Dabur, Biomed, Doterra.

Water purification
If one of the greatest globalist, communism pusher & a war criminal Henry Kissinger expresses interest in water and points out that water is going to be scarce (more expensive) in the future I scream and run away from water sources that are under oligarchical control.
We already know that not only in UK the Israeli producer of fertilizers based at the Negev Desert dispose toxic byproduct namely Hexafluorosilicic acid and sells this chemical to UK government and then water companies like Severn Trent adds it to water reservoirs some of you drink from. Of course Severn Trent is not the only criminal organisation that deals with fluoride.

if not possible to build (e.g. a rented property) then you can invest in one of the ceramic filtration systems.
Berkey turn out to be a scam so you can make your own home filtration system using filters to cut the cost by 80% LINK LINK2 LINK3 LINK4

Recommended filters (not associated with these brands):
1. Wrekin Filters
2. Coldstream Filters
3. Zero Water
4. AQSOLUTIONS (UN initiative)

Water fluoridation

UK map of fluoridation:

A debate that has taken place on a Telegram channel:

Jacob: I interned in a water company in the south of England, Thames Water, for a while. Ask me any questions you have about water fluoridation in the U.K.- what it does, why it’s done, and where it is used

Jay Kay: why don’t they fluoride water down south e.g. Thames Water?

Jacob: In order to understand this we must consider the geology of extraction sites. The North typically has a different geological makeup, particularly around aquifers (water stored underground in naturally porous rocks), to the South. As you’ll know, the South of England predominantly draws water from chalk formations such as the Downs and the Chilterns. While on a molecular level this isn’t significantly different from rock in much of the North, namely limestone (both are made up of a molecule called calcium carbonate), chalk contains more ‘impurities’- basically, free fluoride molecules as compared to limestone. This is partly why chalk rock is so white. Therefore in the North, in order to meet the same basic water safety requirements in the UK, fluoride and fluoride derivatives- mostly mined in the South- are added to water.

in short, water down south naturally contains more fluorides, whereas northern water does not

A person named Jacob who apparently had There are also socio-economic reasons behind fluoridating water in the north, which I’m happy to explain as well

Jay Kay: so what is so special about this substance that they have to add it if it’s missing?

Jacob: I’m glad you asked. As you know from school, our teeth and bones are strengthened by fluoride. This is partly why you feed babies a lot of milk, because milk is relatively fluoride-rich and strengthens their bones.

Fluoride itself is associated in UK studies with a 15%-35% drop in tooth decay and other dental problems, which- given how expensive dentists are- is a good thing. The only thing that leads to a greater drop in tooth decay is regular brushing and flossing, in fact, which leads on to the socio-economic reason for fluoride additives in the north- poorer areas, even within developed countries, have significantly poorer dental hygiene. This is in fact why fluoride additives in water are considered an essential part of the fight against tooth infection in poorer countries.

In the US, a country with a very large poor population, fluoride additives in water are seen as the most important weapon in the fight against tooth infection and save the average US citizen some $600/yr in dental and hospital bills. This is also why bottled water is given out for free in many places, because it contains up to 10x more fluoride than even tap water with fluoride added. However, many richer countries with higher standards of dental health argue that adding fluoride isn’t necessary after a point, because enough people take good care of their teeth. If you’re wealthy, this is certainly true- but if you can’t afford to regularly see a dentist, at least twice a year, then fluoride addition in water will probably save your dental health and your wallet.

In short: fluoride promotes healthy teeth and bones, especially for people who can’t regularly see a dentist

ownagepie:,%20solid&b=UN1690&c=6.1 – a rat poison!

Jacob: Acids are a liquid, right? Does this look like a liquid to you?

Infoninja: They put in IN the water, silly, and then yes, it mixes and creates an acid.

Acid is a scale of PH, and there are many solids which are acidic, which is why you have to put water in car batteries to maintain them. If you tear open a battery you will find that the insides are solid, and yes, in fact, acidic.

Are you for real, bro?

Jacob: Ah lads, the other side look at us and laugh at us because of this sort of thing. We’re pro-freedom, not anti-childrens dental health

Infoninja: Mandating a drug in the water supply of major cities is not freedom.

The Harvard study isn’t science enough for you?

We look at the other side and laugh too. Their opinion means nothing to most in this chat. They laugh at us no matter what they say, because they believe the mainstream narrative about things, while those in the know realize the establishment lies to them every day. Your narrative is the mainstream narrative. There couldn’t be an easier way to find yourself wallowing in ignorance.

Where does the truth lie, hmmm?

Jacob: I don’t think you read the study in that case… it states that the benefits of water fluoridation are better than any negatives that this paper might have identified, and even suggests that a relationship between water fluoridation and IQ might not exist

Infoninja: From the Harvard study:

“The average loss in IQ was reported as a standardized weighted mean difference of 0.45, which would be approximately equivalent to seven IQ points for commonly used IQ scores with a standard deviation of 15.* Some studies suggested that even slightly increased fluoride exposure could be toxic to the brain. Thus, children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas. The children studied were up to 14 years of age, but the investigators speculate that any toxic effect on brain development may have happened earlier, and that the brain may not be fully capable of compensating for the toxicity.”


That’s not from the study. That’s from a press release about the study. You can tell this because your quotation includes the words ‘the investigators speculate’. The actual study, found here: states:

‘each of the articles reviewed had deficiencies, in some cases rather serious ones, that limit the conclusions that can be drawn’

‘The standardized weighted mean difference in IQ score between exposed and reference populations was –0.45 (95% confidence interval: –0.56, –0.35) using a random-effects model.’

‘We specifically targeted studies carried out in rural China that have not been widely disseminated’

It is important to conclude that this particular study, which is a meta-analysis of a select number of papers from the field, finds a statistically observable decrease in IQ among boys, but does not find this same statistically observable decrease in IQ among girls. Subsequent research by numerous later authors, including Ruszkiewicz et al. (2018), Philip et al. (2018), Allukian et al. (2018), and Nicole (2019) finds this relationship either nonexistent or attributable to different factors. In fact, Sun et al. (2017) hypothesises that fluoride exposure in developing countries comes primarily from poorly-regulated infant and baby formula (sold by J&J, who manufactured a vaccine), which was also supported by Viswanathan (2018) who specifically observed that in Telangana, India, children are at a greater risk of dental fluorosis owing to the practice of mixing infant formula into tea and feeding it to children.
This Harvard study is just about the only one that directly correlates groundwater fluorides (so: not fluoride added in a water plant but water that has naturally high fluoride concentrations) with a decrease of 0.45 IQ points in boys. Subsequent research illustrates that offloading fluorides to infants is significantly more effective when given to children with infant formula. Even so, science never has ‘the’ answer so we must, as Choi et al. (2012)- the Harvard study- conclude: ‘Future research should formally evaluate dose–response relations based on individual-level measures of exposure over time, including more precise prenatal exposure assessment’. Basically- more research, factoring in more ways of excessive fluoride consumption. I for one won’t ever be buying baby formula from J&J, anyway…

Infoninja: Drink your fluoride then. Don’t let me get in the way of your happiness and success. 🙂

Shadow Poet Of Rage:

FLUORIDE THE DEVILS POISON”, HITLER had TONS at each CAMP, High Dose in Water Keep People like WALKING DEAD they did not try to ESCAPE,…
Check it mister fluoride

Jacob: Of course, it’s a free world. Just trying to help!

You said that this is for dental health of poor children up north because the south has fluoride naturally occurring but why water companies like Severn Trent adds 4 times more fluoride than it is in Thames Water pipes (naturally occurring)?

Thames Water – 0.18mg/l on average (calcium fluoride)
Severn Trent – 0.8mg/l on average (sodium fluoride or Hexafluorosilicic acid)

To me the idea of delivering toxic substances through water supply to prevent tooth decay is suspicious to say the least. People and children are drinking this water not using it just to flush their mouths which IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.
More information at

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