LAST UPDATED: 21/09/2023

A case against Catholicism?
Like other organized religions the Catholic Church has complied during the COVID apartheid regime.

Just to be clear the Catholic Church is not stuck in a permanent dialectic where the Jews are the evil antagonists, the torturers while the Catholics are their victims. However it is true that it use to be that the Jews and Romans were the slave traders and slave owners while others including Gentile Christians were their slaves until the Jewish and non-Jewish Christians were influential enough to lobby against it.

If you look from a practical standpoint Protestantism and Islam are Judaizing religions. Two powerful religious movements to overcome the Christianity.
Islam has tons of prohibitions exactly like Judaism. There is also Muslim equivalent of kosher – halal.
Moreover there is a Muslim equivalent of Jewish circumcision called Khitan.

I believe Christianity was a fluke that the nasty secret rulers (and there is a lot more of them than the good ones) would otherwise never allow to happen. Christian Medieval ages have been portrayed in the worst possible ways so this 1000 years of history is better to be forgotten, a mere mistake that happened between the Antiquity and the “so called” Enlightenment the proud people are proud of. They even call it Middle Ages like something between two more important ages.
Full scale war on Christianity by different means is to revert back to the Ancient times and outright slavery.

However the Old Testament and Jewish heritage of Christianity is hard to reconcile with the New Testament.
The Old Testament is full of riddles and puns. Secrecy, double-talk, trickery, mystery is not what Christians specialize in. Gerry at Ancient Spooks has deciphered the ancient texts of the Old Testament. Read HERE.
If you doubt in Christianity I advise you to look for comparison at the fruits of Catholicism and for any fruits of other religions.

Mainstream Protestantism on the other hand embraces life that is pretty much subjected to commerce. As it stands now the spirituality has been pretty much removed and Protestant churches are devoid of any meaning. Everything has been secularized. All spiritual celebrations have been replaced with pretty much shopping frenzies.

In both cases Islam and Protestant world was known for taking advantage of the slavery. During the Muslim conquest of Europe – the Almohad and the Seljuk Turks (the Ottoman Empire) any Christians or other non-Muslims that have been captured end up as slaves. Slave trade has flourished in the Muslim Mediterranean and the Middle East and Levante Phoenicians were on top of that while in the West the Western Phoenicians were taking advantage of native and African black slavery in Americas.
Just remember that the Catholic pope has banned slavery. It took another 200 years for the Anglican Church to ban it by the time the Phoenicians were already swimming in gold.
The other Protestant denominations and Muslims could not ban slavery because like Jewish sects these are decentralized and there is no central authority figure to shape the religious order.

Both Western and Eastern Phoenicians look like they hate Catholic Christianity and for many centuries secretly collaborate with each other to encircle it – Western Phoenicians with their Christian evangelical and other Zionist Christian groups while Eastern with Islam that has been created to phase out Christianity from the Middle East and Northern Africa in the first place. The Phoenician oligarchs love decentralized religion because that means a minimal resistance to Phoenician unrestricted trade.

Miles who is not a Christian has done a great favor to Christianity by writing the above article.
Of course he does not encourage any conversation with God but with himself and/or maybe with his pagan muses but overall he sets a good example for the beginners in case you feel intimidated about the prayer.
You can replace his Muses with God / Jesus Christ and you should be fine.

What do you think about a Catholic confession?
It seems a bit extreme, isn’t it? To quietly confess your sins to a priest in a confessional.
Now imagine to join the early Christian community before receiving the baptism the converts had to confess their sins OUT LOUD. How about now?
Take a pick how do you want to confess your sins but the Catholic way isn’t that hard especially for relapsing sinners.

Is the End near?
People who think that the End of the World is going to happen at their lifetime have issue with pride.
There were millions of people who preached that the end is near but simply died of old age.
Many sects that otherwise have tight knit communities use the fear of THE END to mobilize their converts and followers. Even many early Christians didn’t get the message right and liquidated all their possessions in the preparation for the Next Coming that never happened. Then St. Paul had to organize fundraising so these Christians have something to eat.

Catholic opposition
Just so you know Catholic global community is heavily infiltrated and many so called Catholic influencers are agents of the enemy. Example of that is Nick Fuentes who pretends a Catholic but is an active gay and an agent.
Most if not all Catholics who are vocal and in mass media can be considered agents.

People should hide their pride and those who think go through the hardest challenge imaginable should watch some of the videos with Nick Vujicic to reconsider.

I know Rob but what is the advantage of the prophecy?
Maybe for Protestants who use to be full on “the End is near” agenda so now they can say “you see, I told you so!”
I mean definitely you can mobilize a number of people using this scare tactic and surely it was used by very many preachers throughout the ages.
It’s true that many want to witness some miracles and prophecies coming true but IMHO it’s not a solid faith.
It’s like St. Thomas unless they see by their own eyes.
Of course we are empirical beings but we should not exaggerate.

Why so many are focused on prophecies of St. John? I don’t see evangelical balance in it.
It’s cheap kind of Christianity (like you hear these street preachers who shout that the End is near but at the same time say that you don’t need churches) where people are being shocked with prophecies but little is said about the community. It’s counterproductive.
But this is common in heavily atomised Western non-community.
We need peace we don’t need more stress. We already gone through a lot of stress due to fake virus, apartheid, financial hardships, job loss, business loss, staged war, looming nuclear war.
Why would I want to put the Armageddon on top of that?

I am not that kind of Christian. Jesus said that he will come like a thief.
Why should I focus and spend most of my attention on something that is inevitable but at the same time unpredictable?

The only earthly advantage of this is if:

  1. we quote St. John to make some futuristic predictions but to provide
  2. solutions e.g. Christian conversion, learn how to pray, organize, buy land, buy silver, buy gold, buy Bitcoin or move money to your local bank etc.
    Anything that brings true peace not more uncertainty and grief.

This can easily be the end of OUR World (The West) while the Joo Phoenician banksers shift to Far East or Middle East and continue doing their business from there while the West sinks into a communist hellhole.

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