I am sharing with you all the links to these different projects that talk about Common Law, Equity Law, Magna Carta and so on.
To me it’s hard to say if any of them are genuine projects or some secret operations done by the agencies.
For instance Sovereign Pete became quite popular on the Internet and interviews with him are not censored.
Justinian Deception similar to Sovereign Pete all seems to attack the Rome and/or Catholic Church which again is a common theme among Intelligence spooks, masonic types.

It could be used to challenge the system but it could well be used as a measuring tool for the Intelligence and their agents to see how many people are actually rebelling against the system.
So this type of initiatives could well be used as honey pot traps for the disobedient. People who follow their advise end up in courts, lose and then charged with much higher costs and fees finally harassed and lives destroyed by the bailiffs.

It could well be used by the control freaking corporations to finish off national governments or at least to compromise them further so they completely give up to commercial interests of the corporations who already control most of its departments.

It could well be a tool to distract away from Phoenician corporations and banksters who were in the epicentre of the Plandemic and the following events. The governments worldwide just complied with their agenda.

Peace Keepers is an interesting duo of Marc Horn and a man named Brian.
Marc claims that the judicial system is just and the problem is not of corruption but people in law profession being ignorant of the equity law.
Equity law is present but it looks like at low level courts e.g. magistrate courts no one knows about it and solicitors, clerks and judges just follow the procedures that go against the equity law which is in the interest of government, corporate and local government entities.
According to Marc only High Court is aware of equity law so if you want justice it costs money to progress the case to that court – you basically cannot afford it.

At least from NOC you can see the corruption of the system beginning with local government – the councils. The councils and other entities are above the law.
If you own a house you are not a landlord but a freeholder and as soon as you stop paying the council tax (protection money) you will feel the power of local mafia.

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