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  • Unlockdown.me sticker packs 2021 & 2022 – it requires a thermal label printer e.g. Brother QL-600/700/800 and DK22205 (62mmX30.48m) continuous label rolls. This is very efficient way to print hundreds of stickers. Apart from initial cost of the printer the label rolls are dirty cheap comparing to other printing methods. The files open in Brother P-Touch Editor software.
  • The White Rose – this organization was very active during the Plandemic distributing stickers about medical apartheid, dangerous vaccines and freedom. Obviously the psychological war is not over – the “elite” just shifts gears and changes the themes.
  • War On Consciousness – another source of good stickers


  • please note that the founder of Telegram – allegedly a Russian billionaire was present at the World Economic Forum so this platform also cannot be trusted. This website has its own chat but people still prefer to use apps to communicate so use Telegram to exchange of content.
    In my opinion it is just another tool of the oligarchs to marginalize the growing opposition and to monitor the situation. Do not invest too much time into Telegram or make your operations dependent on this platform like people became dependent on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram but then are banned.
    Read, save files locally, share content that resonates with you and can prove useful to the others. But do not think Telegram is about privacy. Don’t reply or chat with strangers (pretty women or handsome men) who most likely are just Intelligence operatives (e.g. Israeli Unit 8200) or their automated bots.
  • British Nursing Alliance
  • Covid Red Pills
  • mRNA Death Toll
  • Rebels on Roundabouts
  • No Covid Vaccines
  • The Expose News
  • We Are the 99%
  • The Resistance UK
  • The People’s Lawyer
  • The Freedom Festival
  • Fluoride Free Alliance UK

    Some channels are run by the Intelligence (MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, NSO, Mossad, FSB) to lead you astray. They profiled the public long time ago and target all groups in different ways.





  • Chris Sky – however the websites he pointed to back in 2020 no longer works – backtowork.bz & fearlessontario.ca – a bit suspicious
  • credits to Kate & Luc Cafe in Manchester, UK who fought the globalist fascists represented by the UK council and UK Police Link1 Link2
  • Stop New Normal (Piers Corbyn, CO – Fabian Society)
  • Stand In The Park (CO – founders suspected to be from Fabian Society as well)


Totalitarian UK
New York, United States
Bucharest, Romania during the Plandemic
Trust the celebrities and the “science”
Get a needle and get a free meal.
Poisoned people get free joints in New York
COVID vax promotional video – celebrities virtue signaling

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