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  • Unlockdown.me sticker pack – it requires a thermal label printer e.g. Brother QL-600/700/800 and DK22205 (62mmX30.48m) continuous label rolls. This is very efficient way to print hundreds of stickers. Apart from initial cost of the printer the label rolls are dirty cheap comparing to other printing methods.
  • The White Rose – this organization was very active during the Plandemic distributing stickers about medical apartheid, dangerous vaccines and freedom. It is unknown to me why it run out of steam shortly before the “elite” switched to the fake war in Ukraine (they did it literally overnight).
  • War On Consciousness – another source of good stickers

*CO – considered to be controlled opposition



  • American Free Press
  • UnHerd (CO?)
  • Richie Allen
  • An0maly
  • Red Voice Media
  • ORACLE Films (CO?)
  • The COVID Blog
  • The Daily Sceptic
  • The Scum Media
  • Harry Vox – this is a perfect example of a very sophisticated shill. A man who is tasked to hijack certain sentiments in this case – anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist sentiments among people who see that a lot of Jewish people are behind bad things like corrupt banking, corrupt government, corrupt media, corrupt Big Tech, pornography, modern slavery and so on which is true. This man is not legit though because while he is VERY mistrustful and inquisitive all the time and about all things (this way he creates credibility that is how he lures people in) he is not questioning certain events OR sells them as real e.g. staged but real which reminds me of the tactics used by other shills during the Plandemic – some fake doctor shills questioning the COVID narrative and vaccines but still selling the virus as real. Beware! That is exactly how they hijack the perception and discussion.

Spirituality & Morality:




  • Chris Sky – however the websites he pointed to back in 2020 no longer works – backtowork.bz & fearlessontario.ca – a bit suspicious
  • credits to Kate & Luc Cafe in Manchester, UK who fought the globalist fascists represented by the UK council and UK Police Link1 Link2
  • Stop New Normal (Piers Corbyn, CO – Fabian Society)
  • Stand In The Park (CO – founders suspected to be from Fabian Society as well)

Law & Common Law:



Off grid:




Totalitarian UK
New York, United States
Bucharest, Romania during the Plandemic
Trust the celebrities and the “science”
Get a needle and get a free meal.
Poisoned people get free joints in New York
COVID vax promotional video – celebrities virtue signaling

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