LAST UPDATED: 23/10/2023

Things I have done and I do to change my life for the better:


So whatever you do try your best to diversify in terms of buying, money, assets etc.

Use alternative and smaller Internet service providers (ISP). If you can avoid mainstream corporate providers e.g. BT, Plusnet, VirginMedia, Sky then great.
These ISPs are big enough to at some point launch full scale censorship of the Internet e.g. to protect the children. We know that the corporations don’t care about children but they will use this as an opportunity to block other websites. Child safety online facilities are available for free
Lookup for your local service providers HERE
Other examples are Fibre Heroes, Connect Fibre.

So far the Phoenician oligarchs are overcoming the freedom of speech on the Internet by making you fully dependent on their rigged search engines but more important fancy social network sites and apps e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Messenger, Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp where they monitor and censor people without these people even noticing they are being censored (so called shadow banning).

Also do not use Google DNS servers because again these easy to remember IP addresses are not only with your convenience in mind.


What is the biggest scam in life that nobody wants to admit?
Paying taxes on money you make, taxed money you spend and taxed things you own that you already paid taxes on with already taxed money.

  1. I MOVED TO CASH – I have stopped using Credit/Debit Card when buying things outside of Internet – I haven’t noticed any inconvenience and I AM NOT BEING TRACKED. As Gerald Celente says it the Phoenician establishment is in the process of moving us “from dirty cash to digital trash“.
    If more people do it we could stop this mad transition to cashless society – a terrible reality under central bankster’s thumb, Communism 2.0 nightmare that could last for centuries. Notice how large retailers: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA etc. are all rolling out self-checkouts. The move to self-checkouts accelerated just before the Plandemic with now more self-checkouts than manned checkouts. At the same time the limit for contact-less transactions has been increased to a whooping £100 (15th of October 2021).
    The banking and large retailers in sync implemented these changes pretty much at the same time. The limit was increased from mere £30, by over 3 times!) for your CONVENIENCE but at the same time if you go to the bank to cash out you have to answer a series of questions for your SECURITY. Does it look like a contradiction to you?
    So the criminals don’t exploit credit & debit cards and their new high contactless limits but they do prey on depositors who cash out at the branch, they hide behind the corner and at a gunpoint ask the victims to go to the bank and bring them the money. This is the narrative pushed by these institutions for your security.
    My explanation is different. This feels like the money you deposit in the bank becomes their property and according to the terms and conditions it is and if they can lock your account anytime they want (to protect you) and when you transfer bigger amounts of money.
    Thank you banks for protecting us from ourselves! I reckon another move to discourage people from using cash without a “good” reason, make it look like a legacy, semi-criminal business but I reckon also a preparation for the eventual bank runs (do you remember Northern Rock?) to slow the queue for “security reasons”.

Cash use also applies to public transport so for instance if you are in London you buy and top up with cash an unregistered Oyster card to travel anonymously.
As we have seen from the latest HSBC (the East India Company) billboards the biggest financial abusers teach you about domestic financial abusers. If you don’t know it’s one of the so called “too big to fail banks” owned by the Phoenicians and stationed in the City of London and Canary Wharf. The Phoenicians earned fortunes by dealing in opium and other drugs – opium production and trade in Izmir in Ottoman Empire (today’s Turkey), later in India and China. They do it to this very day.
But forget about what I have just said because it’s your wife or your husband or a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is abusing you financially and you should report them to the banks! (just kidding).
They create all the hardship but like psychopaths they move the blame onto someone else ideally someone you relate to so your relatives or some individuals you were/are in contact.

I am sure you come across so called challenger banks who emerged few years back and attracted younger generations to use their “smart” apps. The fraud media of course present these challenger banks as something new that old high street banks have overlooked and supposed to fear because these challenger banks have better technology, their mobile apps are the most advanced and convenient.
Monzo, Starling Bank, Revolut are just an experiment of the same banksters who want to recapture people who are disappointed with mainstream banks. These new banks are 100% online, have no branches so do not deal in in cash. This is exactly what the banksters want. They want more and more people to use electronic payments and lure them in with cool looking apps. The other thing is that these challenger banks have smaller limits on how much cash you can take out to further discourage you from using cash. Challenger banks and most cryptocurrencies are here to tick off all the boxes the banksters need to fulfil their objectives and these “initiatives” are here to make it work for them not for you. Feel free to give it a try but not make it your main bank account because when the shit hits the fan you won’t even be able to find a bank branch to stand in a queue to cash out.
Besides Mozno that seems to be the coolest of all has the most advanced invigilation system in place so enjoy!

But going back to the main topic. Contact-less technology and self-checkouts were available long before the Plandemic but the process of rolling them out during the lockdowns has accelerated. I just cannot explain this as a coincidence because it feels staged. I think the justification was to limit the direct contact because of COVID but what we see now is just a lot more invigilation – face recognition systems at the entrances and face recording at self-checkouts I reckon all that just to deter thieves. The corporations definitely used the opportunity of lockdowns and the fact that other small businesses were closed to accelerate their profits as now people don’t have to enter their PINs which saves about 15 seconds per a customer. Do you think the so called “COVID-19 Pandemic” is going to be the last one even if people don’t like pandemics? I think it’s their long term investment not just a one off opportunity so expect new plandemics.

These days the security of online card payments have reached the limit of absurdity. It is fine until you try to use a different device or do it from a different location or both. Quite often the number of steps you have to go through to make a payment is just ridiculous. Not only you have to type all the card numbers, expiry date, the cardholder detail but also confirm the transaction with phone call or from a mobile banking app to which you first have to login then to be asked about random numbers from your passphrase! This is ridiculous. That is why I stress so much to use cash and to go after local suppliers so you can bypass the Internet buying altogether.
I am certain that we reached the moment of time when paying with cash is much faster and people should stress local business to incentivise customers to use it rather than tap on these contactless terminals.
I see many small business owners to be very excited how easy it is for their customers to pay with contactless cards or NFC on smart phones but the days will come they will regret it!
Last time I was on a train and wanted to order some food and a drink all under £10 but I had to go through a lengthy process of registering and typing in all the card details to get the food. The food and drinks are on board the train, some passengers have cash on them to pay for it BUT if there is no Internet access you CANNOT transact! And when you travel long distances by train you can see how bad the Internet connection can be when the train in away from mobile antennas (this applies to onboard free Wifi as well).

When on the Internet it’s inevitable to be tracked by the system but even if you relapse to using credit / debit cards keep trying to use them less and less and EVENTUALLY YOU DISAPPEAR FROM THEIR RADAR. They still can and will profile you based on the remaining information they have but for you it’s still a win. For a successful move to cash you need a belt wallet as today’s wallets are getting smaller and smaller and many people only carry card holders. On short trips carrying a few notes of cash isn’t an issue either. Enjoy using cash until you can by the time they force the public into CBDC there will be established privacy cryptocurrencies.

The same is to do with door to door fundraising by the mainstream charities. They gather all sorts of information from you including a phone number so then they call you until you pick up and confirm that it was you and that you agree to pay to the charity. It is a lengthy process and this is probably the main reason people don’t want to engage with these fundraisers with tables. It is just too much of it.
Why not to use cash?
So what that someone has defrauded money in some charity? The main problem is not with the lack of trust and security but where this fundraising actually takes place – door to door, on the street or in front of a grocery store. Does not look like an appropriate place unless you like being disturbed by strangers about a random cause.
In my opinion the fundraising should take place at a local church, mosque or synagogue you attend to so you more or less know people involved in fundraising (the risk of the money being defrauded there is minimal comparing to agnostic charities represented by some strangers arriving at you door).
Even then there is a government scheme to lure people into submitting their identity so the charity gets 25% more if you declare your tax identity while donating.

  1. I DO NOT DEPOSIT too much money to any bank account. When the things go south because the cabal of the money changers collapses:
    a). banks will put limits on how much you can cash out and transfer e.g. £500 a month – look FSCS guarantees they send you by post to tranquilize your awareness. Read what is written in small prints.

    b). in the meantime inflation is going to devour your savings – in the media they will say it is because of unexpected pandemic, climate change, the war in Ukraine or Hamas actors overcoming Israeli military industrial complex with Kalashnikov but in reality it is the “elite” through the corporations and governments robbing you in broad daylight while police and secret services are busy staging false flag events, marginalizing and arresting the dissidents.

    c). it’s also possible that the banksters via governments will resort to so called ICE-NINE. You can read about it on the Internet.

    From a moral perspective open and use accounts at building societies not the big banks but I would stay away from Nationwide which protects your money like it’s theirs.
    I think you are aware that around 2017 auto-enrollment to pension schemes has been introduced to kind of force any employee to invest a portion of their earning into pension schemes. The goal of it is of course not to protect your future or retirement but make people involved in the stock market gambling game or rather watch how their savings dwindle. This has been introduced when the markets were almost at the peak and 2020 events made it come back to the levels when it all began and year 2022 is indicating there is going to be an even bigger decline. So if you are an employee sign out from these schemes otherwise they will gamble with your money giving you some hopes you get it back. In my opinion it’s not different scam from government backed retirement plans you see in other countries. With growing inflation even if they present you with growing graphs you are still at loss.
  3. due to financial bonanza and rising inflation it’s wise to stock up on non-perishable food and other goods as fiat currency is going to lose value over time or very fast if hyperinflation. Any exchangeable tangible goods will present a much higher value than digital fiat money, paper or polymer notes (look Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe)
    Remember the banking families have exploited United Stated or rather the whole world to the limits, ramped up the debt to astronomical figures and at least for the last 40 years are planning a controlled failure of United States as a super power as they did it to other countries in the past e.g. China, Russia, Germany, Japan, USSR and shift power to Middle or Far East under the auspices of the same banking cartel that resides in the City of London / Canary Wharf, Wall Street in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
  4. I BUY GOLD AND SILVER – most cryptocurrencies are here to drive the price of gold down but not for long so time to buy gold. If you are an investor with loads of money and a trading account you can think about investing some in 100% gold secured ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) e.g. 4GLD. This way you can prevent ongoing inflation eating your fiat money and you can make some extra. This is just a tip but do it at your own risk. Otherwise stick to gold and silver coins that can be easily verified. You can also buy gold or silver bars from a dealer.
    [1/08/2023] – the investors have doubts if 4GLD is fully backed by gold so to be on the safe side do not invest in it or sell it.
    as of December 2022 I still have mixed feelings about the cryptocurrencies.
    Crypto-currency business is to develop and test a new technology for the central banks – the Phoenicians.
    So Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (JPMorgan) are perfect for speculators, casinos that will not challenge the current financial system as these were either controlled from the start or at some point have been hijacked by the Intelligence. There is also hundreds if not thousands of alternative coins that are simply scams to lure naive people in.
    However in the current setting it does not make a difference. Since long time ago the fiat money is being inflated. In 1971 when US dollar has been taken off the gold standard, British Pound (Phoenician Bank of England) has left the gold standard much much sooner because in 1931. Then for a regular person it does not make much difference if he/she uses shyster’s fiat money or shyster’s cryptocurrency. We were born into this rigged system anyway and have no choice but use what shysters use.

    The most popular ones are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).
    The only truly genuine ones seems to be Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Monero.
    These are the only ones you should be investing in at this moment of time, definitely not so called altcoins.

    It is obvious that cryptocurrencies are being used by the establishment who conceived them to drive the price of gold down.
    In any case it looks like fiat money will continue to lose value over time so you should diversify as much as possible and unless your are gathering cash for investment you should not keep money in the bank to depreciate. There is no such thing like no investing. If you keep your fiat money in USD/GBP/EUR to pile up in the bank account you basically by not doing anything with it you take a position in currency which is a bad idea because due to inflation this fiat currency loses value.
  6. a highly motivated financiers are abandoning the sinking ship while spending millions keeping you in the lower decks and convincing that everything is fine, the ship is afloat (like on the Titanic). Of course these are not the Phoenicians but mere bank managers. The Phoenicians sit on their mega-yachts and laugh while your struggle to find anything that can keep you afloat and safe from the lone sharks.
  7. Important thing to consider is to buy gold and silver which soon will allow the unprivileged majority to pay for goods and services. Once the central bank cryptocurrency CBDC is in place the first victims of it will be people on government welfare. It will be exactly as it was in Central-Eastern Europe under the communist regime or even worse. People received or earned money but they could not spend it on anything unless necessary stamps/vouchers were presented at checkout (now self-checkouts). These vouchers were issued by the government to limit how much of all goods people can buy e.g. per month. This is where the social credit system is going to find its application. On the other hand digital money that cannot be spend without necessary stamps is worthless so people have to either barter goods or use substitutes for cash to pay for goods available on the black market.
    A black market sounds bad but during communist times this becomes the only viable alternative to the hours spend in shop queues only to get goods of average or poor quality or to watch empty shelves if you joined the queue too late. If you don’t believe me read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    During the economic decline business owners won’t be happy about this turn of events so they will most likely more or less take it out on their managers and employees same like the parents tend to take out their issues onto their children. So if you are an employee understand the circumstances but don’t internalize it. Depending how the business goes you will stay or you will have to quit on your own because of the bad vibes or you will be forced to quit.

    My advise to business owners is: MAN UP. No one has said that there always be economic growth. All the promises made about the endless prosperity were a result of shortsighted and naive thinking of some business people in the middle class.
    It could be that your business has to go bust or it has to transform to something else or it has to simply slow down. I understand that your projections were different but from past events we know that every decade the oligarchs are cutting out the money supply.
    You letting go of your frustration onto the employees is not helping anyone and anything. Your employees will not just like that make more customers. If people have empty pockets and there is less movement on the street and on the Internet there won’t be more revenue. Just stay on top of the QUALITY. The quality is what most businesses can do to maintain the customer base during the economic decline but stressed out employees are not good employees.
    Before it gets to that point I would highly advise you to have these difficult conversations ahead of time and dismiss people or make alternative arrangements. You are the brains of the whole operation, be like a surgeon precise not sloppy. Business owners who grew their businesses lifted up by the winds of prosperity have to acknowledge new circumstances, perhaps forget about their expectations, simply adapt and be ready for upturns.


I reckon you have noticed by now that the shyster “elite” who clearly has a monopoly on the grid and not only increase your petrol / diesel bills but also increase your energy bills to push consumers by economic force towards “new / green energy” apparently due to impending “energy transformation”.
They even increased the standing charges on electric and gas by 100% so annually it cost over £300 more just to be connected to the grid.
They also send Klaus Schwab to scare you with power outages and they also employ a whole array of stooges including controlled opposition stooges as pushers of the same products.
It is hard to imagine not to use the electricity but then if you want to produce a lot of electricity e.g. using a solar system it is quite expensive and in 2022 the wait times for installation have gone through the roof. And many people have already fall for it and install solar panels on their roofs. The beneficiaries of this hype are the manufacturers and the installers who charge at least twice as much as the installation and labour is worth.
It is not easy to give advise but I reckon you should not invest in these expensive solar systems but start with a smaller 24V 1000-2000W system. If you think you are going to hit 3000W of energy consumption then go with a 48V system. This solar system business is similar to building a PCs and you end up with a beefy solar power system you spent $$$$$ £££££ amount of money. It is a money pit if you just follow your impulses.
In the last 2 years the shysters have disturbed your life enough and they know many people will not think twice to have their peace of mind back at least in terms of the electricity. But the shysters will continue to disrupt our peace for another decade until the wealth transfer of the century is complete.
There are other scare crows they have prepared for us to empty our pockets. They know that different people have different triggers and currently they bash us with virus+war+crisis+crash combo.
You have to understand that what is happening in the world is a large scale looting operation by the few rich banking families. The so called crisis or depression or recession or whatever is just a result of their activity and it’s not by accident, not by some virus or not by some war or not by a climate change (like the climate supposed to be static).


  1. I BUY LESS and LOCALLY to support local business (shops, markets, car boot sales)
    Support local business that APPRECIATES support.
    The fact is the street is pretty much cooked and apart from food and some other suppliers online seems cheaper however while buying online you cannot inspect the quality.

    Do not hesitate to compare and do not expect every smaller business owner to be your friend because in challenging times some will not hesitate to rip you off.

    However to get the idea:
CHAINS: MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Greggs, Pret, SubwayEMERGENCYEMERGENCY
CHAINS: Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons, home deliveryMAINEMERGENCY (nail clippers and other misc items you cannot find elsewhere)
local food shops, small business, local suppliers, small online sellers, car-boot salesdepending what was your attitude at the timeMAIN

A lot of businesses are already primarily electronic payments so already on the way to CBDC.
As George Gammon has said probably they won’t even notice that CBDC is already there.
Start with Big Barn, Find Local Produce, NMTF, Artisan Food Trail
Especially if you eat MEAT you want to buy it locally because at supermarkets meats are soaked in Sodium Nitrite E250 to make the meat look red, stay “fresh” for long time so it can be transported long distances. E250 is attributed to bowel cancer.
I have noticed buying from Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, Tesco etc. results in a full trolley what is also a lot of food waste and a lot more plastic waste. If you waste food there is no saving.
You should boycott them just for the fact these are Phoenician brands owned by the same people who care less about your misery.
Don’t get me wrong in many areas local business has been wiped out by the corporations and choosing between Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-op is an insignificant choice because it’s all the same.
The same is to do with clothing stores, hardware stores and building supplies stores – all chains.
I only buy there what I cannot get from local food stores.
Don’t be a fool and think that by buying at these places you support native businesses and even if the staff is friendly and helpful it is going to be phased out at some point and replaced with self-checkouts and robots at the earliest corporate convenience. As I speak 50% of the checkouts are now self-checkouts and the corporations work very hard to introduce robots to put goods on the shelves with Amazon taking the lead.
Customers are even scanning the items e.g. potatoes themselves while shopping. I reckon the next stage is going to be as slaves they will be send to a potato field to pick them from the ground.

But what is more important these big retailers and corporation who are owned by the same pirate asset management firms along with other public institutions have taken active part in promoting COVID scam and apartheid. Some workers at NHS, Police and corporations danced “Jerusalema” to mock fearful people, old people who died of Midazolam (check Matthew Hancock so called “Midazolam Matt”), people who died of COVID needle adverse effects and people who face vaccine adverse effects to this day.
Jerusalema dance during COVID resembles a modern day “Danse Macabre” – it bears a lot of similarities to the Medieval one. Whoever was behind the Plandemic knew what he is doing because why promote the dance? To cheer people up? Me watching some masked NHS workers or masked hired dancers isn’t fun., it’s creepy and weird. I think first and foremost it was a cheap distraction but apparently some people who are afraid to die suddenly develop dancing skills I reckon to release the bad energy.

“The reminder of death’s inevitability became a theme in art, especially after The Black Death, as death and destruction seeped into European culture. The Danse Macabre represented a deviation from traditional Medieval Catholic thought, by romanticizing death, and in some cases, humouring it. Instead of fearing the fires of hell, the concept of death became almost too mainstream to be stigmatized so. The potent morbidity of famine, war, and plague caused a rift between the Catholic Church and the people, as their prayers went unanswered. Regardless of piety, class, power, gender, or age – people were struck down. The vulnerability, and mortality, of humanity was unavoidable. Death is, intrinsically, a collective human experience.” source from Wikipedia

The title “Jerusalema” should also give you a clue about the perpetrators because it became viral for more than one reason.

I know that it is hard to change your habits because these venues are so convenient, right? So my solution to that is to instead of a trolley grab a small shopping basket to buy less and this way force myself to look for local markets and suppliers.

If you buy used you buy it at the right price. If you can afford by all means buy new but on average you waste about 50% of the money.
Moreover don’t buy global brands because again you support the corporations but you also turn yourself into a silly walking advertisement.
Before I wasn’t an advocate of second hand clothing but I come across these two websites where you can get clothing much cheaper: Depop and Vinted.

  1. I Found ALTERNATIVES to Amazon and eBay – buying directly from the seller’s online shop is cheaper! (if a seller has one). Make the effort and look for these websites! Ideally make a list of those to use in the future and share it with others DO NOT just tell them to look it up on Google, DuckDuckGo because these “search engines” are rigged and as the economic war intensifies promote only corporate produce same like Amazon. Marketplace on eBay and Facebook are more organic because created by people BUT again you are being tracked so make the effort and check at Gumtree or at a local market or a car boot sale. Car boot sales are the most organic and cash friendly places to exchange goods and produce far less waste comparing to high street or shopping centers which only deal in new goods.
  2. if you want to go even further please background check every bigger business you deal with and support smaller competitors e.g. a building supplies store that has only 60 branches across UK versus an international giant that has 300 branches across UK and few hundred more in Europe and is listed on Phoenician stock exchanges and or already a subsidiary of some Phoenician conglomerate.
    You can find this information pretty easily or even search on the stock market using Yahoo Finance. You don’t want to deal with subsidiaries either – these companies have been bought / merged and work for the globalists.
    Remember we want to bring some balance so ignore S&P100 or S&P500 listed corporations and their subsidiaries.
  3. please note that you don’t have to do it all at once, it’s more about a mental exercise and make sure you slowly spend less and less money at these corporate businesses (big retailers and high street (clone town) shops) which soon will be rationing your food and/or denying you access if you have no “papers” or not vaccinated for the n-th time.
    The owners of these corporations – the “elite” and you have very little in-common, they don’t have to respect you because:
    a). you are not their neighbor, they have no allegiance to you,
    b). they have a different nationality even if they pretend they are one of us,
    c). have dual or triple nationality and equal number of passports,
    d). they invest in multi-million yachts to cruise around the world,
    e). can and do move their profits and capital to a different continent with ease, taking away jobs, closing down business with no consideration how disruptive this is to communities,
    f). pay little to no taxes
  4. it is very important to stick to the plan and not to revert back to the old habits which can happen after few months of trial or because your partner will insist to continue to buy there because “it’s cheaper”. So stay strong and resist all these external and internal factors and temptations.
    Remember you can still buy there but less and less each time so you should not be upset if you pop in there once in a while to get few items just don’t push these large trolleys again!
    If you persevere soon you will be very content that you are in control of this important aspect of your life.

    If you don’t develop faith into God you will be at the mercy of “the science”
  1. Watch “Quo Vadis” (1951) movie to get the idea what the Christianity is really about (by the way very good acting of some Jewish actors)
  2. Read or listen to “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas a Kempis LINK1 LINK2
  3. Pray rather than meditate


  1. I support alternative media: An0maly – RareTalk, The list of alternatives is long. Some have independent websites some are only on YouTube, Bitchute or Odysee.
  2. Actively looking for alternatives to YouTube and MSM like Bitchute, Odysee, LBRY, Brighteon, GloriaTV, BrandNewTube etc. Please note that Rumble is an arm of Intelligence – a platform used by UKColumn.
    I still watch YouTube but only the content that is neutral to NWO globalist agenda and I tend not to put any comments in there that the Intelligence can track.
    Netflix is also one of many Intelligence projects pushing the agenda/propaganda not only with their documentaries but at least it is free of fake and bad news. There is a lot of documentaries that at first glance look neutral but then 80% of the content revolves around some propaganda e.g. climate change, men are murderers and rapists, humans are plague on Earth, the Catholic Church is full of pedophiles etc.
    On Netflix no TV fear-mongering news is a big advantage BUT it is full of fake documentaries to maintain anxiety so please be very careful.
    I would definitely not recommend any of that (MSM, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) to anyone who is yet naive, cannot read between the lines, cannot distinguish lies, manipulation and programming from truth. Anyone who is not selective enough and easily falls a victim of bait videos is going to lose a lot of time. I reckon it takes some practice so either you ignore those platforms altogether or approach then with caution. I think YouTube is the best of them all, mainstream television gives you the least level of control, then Netflix which is also run by the same people, YouTube is Intelligence but it gives you access to genuine creators you have to fish for first.
  3. same as Telegram RT television network is to capture and monitor communications of the opposition by its controversial written and video material but at the same time provides no solution, just another Intelligence theater to keep you at bay
  4. I DO NOT listen to radio. By now all radio stations are owned and controlled by BBC. I think all the stations have BBC in their name and push the same propaganda. People are being lured into listening to radio because of the music they play.
    I recommend you listen to your favourite and or classical music and music that is of frequency 432Hz not 440Hz. For more information read THIS paper. This helps to reduce anxiety induced by 440Hz mainstream music.


  1. Do you enjoy living your life from one phone charging to the next? I mean charging your smart phone every day for the rest of your life? I don’t.
  2. I think the easiest you can do with your smart phone is to disable all the notifications except maybe calendar notifications. Disable all SMS messages, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger notifications. You don’t have to be conditioned and become a slave of the device that keeps producing all sorts of notifications.
  3. de-Google, de-China my smart phone (LinageOS, MinMicroG, on top of that abstain from using applications developed by the Evil “elite”: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, BBC, UK Gov and any other that is owned by them.
    All of this “convenience” you get is in exchange for your valuable data (that is stolen) and metadata (that is harvested by the corporations), in the long run this is to outsmart you and undermine the society you live in, to allow corporations to be always one step ahead of people.
  4. I stopped using a SMART WATCH that cannot work without syncing my bio-metrics to the vendor’s Intelligence cloud
  5. same is to do with SMART METERS. Watch THIS if you don’t know the implications.
  6. the only exception of smart devices can be a glucose meter which can show how carbohydrates (sugars) disrupt your metabolism and how harmful it is.


  1. I highly value direct, face to face communication so establish your own local groups/organizations (it seems that the founders of the Stand In The Park together with Mr Piers Corbyn are from Fabian Society so be careful). The Rebels on Roundabouts are more viable.
  2. I am thinking about switching back to a landline. In the past people did just fine without mobile/smart phones.
  3. do not think Telegram is a heaven for dissidents, similar to Facebook Messenger you are being given this “FREE” service to be monitored by the Intelligence and exposed to their automated mental experiments and tactics, a new place to capture and further marginalize the opposition. If you use it make sure you don’t put your whole life into it or use it only in READ ONLY mode. Many channels are flooded with material to drive you bonkers.
    You also don’t want to argue with anyone who can be a paid Intelligence troll or are automated bot.
    At the start Telegram captures your phone number then it goes after your contacts and files on your device. To me it’s enough of red flags.
    Telegram says “your contacts will be continuously synced with Telegram’s heavily encrypted cloud servers.” and they do it for free!? How do they generate income from online dissidents if there are no ads? They don’t because dissidents are not good consumers in the first place. Telegram doesn’t mind because it’s the same Intelligence hidden behind some freedom loving Russian billionaire who happens to attend the World Economic Forum other globalists attend to. Why would they need to encrypt your contacts heavily? Encrypted should be enough. Heavily tells me it’s not encrypted at all or Intelligence has the keys to decrypt it.
    Assume all channels with 30k+ subscribers to be run by the Intelligence (MI5, MI6, CIA, NSA, NSO, Mossad, FSB) to drive you mad. They profiled the public long ago and target all groups in different ways.
    And do not reply to a stranger on Telegram who says “Hello” to you – in 99% it is an Intelligence agent or a bot who interrogates you while pretending to be a pretty lady or anyone else who could look appealing to you.


  1. I have a bunch of reasons not to use Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Google and Microsoft – my life is more real and less cloudy


  1. I no longer use Google and Bing search engines: replaced them with or To diversify you can also use French or Russian Of course I don’t trust their claims like: “The search engine that respects your privacy” same as I don’t trust WhatsApp End To End encryption.
    Since November 2021 I am reluctant to use once I saw their ads on the big screens where for years Google ads were exclusively displayed – it’s a red flag.
    Basically with a fake alternative like DuckDuckGo the Intelligence buys itself some time before they implement complete censorship of the Internet. When they detected some people abandoning Google search engine the Intelligence immediately diversifies and promotes alternatives to capture the runways and make them think they are free from surveillance. It could be all are part of so called 5 Eyes Intelligence network but diversification is still a good exercise than going along and giving them everything on a plate.

    You should also make sure to use alternative DNS servers. Most people default to DNS servers of their Internet provider which I believe are part of the surveillance. On the other hand some people like to use Google DNS servers because their IP address is easy to remember or – it’s a trap! In both cases you are exposed to their surveillance. Do some research and find alternatives – it’s not that hard.
  2. I avoid using any CLOUD solution that is served by Big Tech: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook etc.
    In the last decade CLOUD was advertised and sold to the public as a new generation of IT services that will replace old private servers and small service providers.
    The main goal of all of this is for the “elite” to corner the IT services market then to censor the Internet like never before.
    At the time this new introduction looked innocent but this was all in preparation to the so called “energy crisis” many years later. The corporations don’t have to worry about the costs of electricity as much as the smaller service providers.
    Keep creating your own websites and use and support small service providers rather than giants who push digital communism/fascism.
  3. In general consider all recent tech conveniences: smart, contact-less, home delivery as nails to our coffins.
    Home delivery of everything: groceries, food, drugs and voting cards.
    If you look at it from a different perspective this turns us into a cattle that is being home fed, home entertained, milked, pruned and later disposed of, will not die of old age/natural causes but from a vax booster Russian roulette.


  1. I educate about COMMON LAW and practice it in life.
    Our current reality is under heavy legal burden and government coercion – it’s too much of socialism and techno-communist hydra rises its ugly heads – we must go back to basics – the answer is COMMON LAW. Listen what the Bernician has to say.
  2. effectively you have to train to behave like a solicitor, a lawyer. At any time you confuse kindness with naivety and agree to various things verbally with another party this is going to bite you and people will dominate you. And if you are unlucky and face a narcissist you better be prepared!
  3. I do not participate in UK Census. Since I know that the Government is just a facade of handful of powerful families and their corporations why would I let them gather my sensitive information? They gather a lot of it through Facebook, Google and LinkedIn as people publish their whole life and put in even more information on Facebook as it keeps asking for all the little details, with a progress bar for users to see their profiles as always incomplete so people keep adding more and more personal information basically creating files on themselves. Former Google CEO said something like that “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” Schmidt’s statement is painfully similar to the tired adage of pro-surveillance advocates that incorrectly presume that privacy’s only function is to obscure lawbreaking: “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
    Jewish communities use to resist government censuses so why would you give up information about yourself for free? Do you get any brownie points for that? You don’t.


  1. National governments due to enormous debt continue to be slaves of the financial oligarchs. If you want to waste your time in theater politics please do so but it’s all rigged.
  2. Local councils play a big part in pushing the communist agenda. I stopped paying council tax on time.
    Just created a reminder in my calendar to pay it on the very last day before they can charge a penalty. If we all do it then the bastards can feel issues with the cash flow.
  3. Due to recent developments my attitude is: I DO NOT CONSENT, I DO NOT OBEY

Of course Carlin is wrong because he also sells or believes in viruses but he is spot on the rest.

  1. Forget about “FREE” public healthcare, it wasn’t that bad in the city but further away from big agglomerations and in places like Wales it can take 18 months to get a proper consultation with NHS and it’s not a fault of regular folks who work there but bloated NHS management class that is drawing big salaries so everything looks great on paper and in Power Point presentations but in reality it’s the opposite considering how much they take for it in taxes.
    If a health condition puts you against the wall you are forced to go to hospital or use private healthcare.
  2. due to COVID apartheid most departments have stalled while other NHS departments have been turned into killing machine especially the ones that administer Midazolam, morphine and ventilators.
    If you broke a limb or have a wound let them fix you but don’t let them stick any needles or tablets in you.
    Don’t forget the greedy doctors are paid big money every time they put “COVID” on a death certificate so you can expect some gold diggers to help you leave this world and it’s not a pleasant experience (you would think) as over-administering of Midazolam is like drowning you just slowly.
  3. never take any injections, any so called “vaccines” from Big Pharma pushed by NHS. Watch “The Vaxxed” (2016) and “The Vaxxed II” (2019).
    You should investigate Spanish Flu Pandemic and Polio outbreaks in New York and around the world around 1920 but also all the other “pandemics” that happened in between to connect the dots.
    To cut to the chase the system Phoenicians devised is to first scare you to the death – exactly to the death with a made up deadly virus. Then they quickly invent and propose you let’s call it CURE No1 and “it’s free”! So at this moment of time the Phoenicians pillage the economy by stealing public money to deliver “the cure” “for free”.
    If you succumb to fear they inject you with a poison that supposed to injure your body with a delay like a time bomb. If it was exactly a poison then you would see the results immediately but in this case they don’t want subjects of their experiments to connect the dots so invent these time bomb poisons. Unfortunately there were not few examples of people collapsing immediately after the shot but this was swept under the carpet by mass media Phoenicians also own. People die within days or weeks or months or couple of years after taking the shot – not a placebo, a saline solution that was also distributed as a “vaccine” so there is a control group who has no bad symptoms, people in that group walk around and praise it. That is why for NHS and Big Pharma it was so important to keep track of all these COVID “vaccine” vials.
    Anyway the survivors who are alive but injured now have a new problem so seek another cure – at this point some still think the injury is due to COVID infection.
    On the other hand some naive COVID sceptics think they got COVID and brag about it that it was rough but not a big deal after all but unconsciously, due to their ignorance still maintain the COVID lie.
    Many vaccine injured or family members or friends of the victims have connected the dots but won’t admit it publicly because for instance they were the ones who were virtue signaling and insisted to take the shot so now it’s better to keep it secret than admit he/she was responsible for the death or a permanent injury of a family member or a friend or an employee or a colleague – it’s better to move the blame on something else and COVID is a perfect excuse. By the way the war in Ukraine is also a perfect excuse for “the elite” to conduct a large scale corporate racket of the population (oil prices, energy prices etc.).
    So we are in the situation where many people know exactly what is going on but decide to put another face (a mask) and pretend that things are like it is being said in the propaganda news. Vaccine injury and death become like a taboo because of these difficult situations that happened after things turned south.
    Like a century ago now Big Pharma can conduct more experiments on the vaccine injured people – the end result in most of these cases will be a premature death but at this stage many people will either give up ( a minority) or will sell their soul (a majority) to get CURE No2! but in reality you only get a promise of a recovery that never happens but for Big Pharma and their associates it is a perfect opportunity 1st to run your savings dry (they know for many people health and earthly life is a top priority who are ready to spend any amount of money to get better) , 2nd perform dangerous experiments on the subjects like on rats because they know that at this point the patient will do anything to get a fix so naturally signs up for an experimental treatment.
    It all sounds improbable but you must be blind not to see by now that what is going in the world is a racket conducted by trilionaire merchant and banking families – the Phoenicians who have gained a crushing control control of the situation I reckon since Andrew Jackson around the time when central banks have been established around the world .
  4. Look into natural medicine
  5. Have enough of sleep
  6. Reduce stress in your daily life (not that easy)
  7. I looked into the issue of magnetic and electromagnetic radiation (below 5G) at home and removed or blocked sources of such radiation. This definitely helped with sleep.
    The simplest being the removal of phone chargers and extension leads from the vicinity.
    I have not looked into the 5G radiation yet but since COVID virus does not exist 5G rollout could be the source of severe fever among unvaccinated.
  8. Protect your data so GOV won’t sell your medical records to corporations Actually if you didn’t know EMISGroup handles all your medical data and stores it in the Amazon cloud – the excuse to process your data is research.
  9. At GP change your phone number to some made up number so you won’t get dodgy text messages or phone calls inviting you to get a needle or other bullshit they spread with texts e.g. fear-mongering with texts not to call 911 because NHS hospitals are overwhelmed which was not true. They did this in London circa end of 2020.
  10. Sign out from your GP saying you move abroad and you don’t want any NHS letters arriving at the old address – by the way they leak your personal NHS number with any of these junk mail “vaccine” invites which is not good for your privacy.
  11. For any health problems use emergency at the hospital or use GP but change practice every year
  12. NHS is hijacked, it is a feeding ground of the greedy corporations which turned NHS into a different enterprise altogether. Central banksters via sold-out GOV tasked NHS venues to deliver soft kills rather than health care same like during a war sweet processing factories are transformed into ammunition factories so instead of sweet sugar you get a bullet. Research about Midazolam and Matt Hancock.
  13. Speaking about fluoride in toothpaste – make your own non-fluoride one or buy non-fluoride toothpaste. It is still a mystery to me why Kingfisher also produces fluoride toothpastes. The thing I am worried about is that Kingfisher has this poison at their facility and this could also end up in a non-fluoride toothpaste. Can you tell the difference? Alternatively use coconut oil or Eucryl Toothpowder


  1. value face to face rather than virtual contact
  2. Value local over virtual communities
  3. Organise based on your belief system not like the GOV/CORP wants you to organise based on race, nation, gender, status or a football team.

Please do it at your own pace but do it!

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