The Phoenicians

Published by on 12/03/2022
Last updated: 20/09/2023

Subtitle: A Never ending Line of Pervert Peers Lying About Everything

1. Intro
2. Mega-yachts
3. The Kingdom of Mann and the Isles
4. The East India Trading Company
5. Russia Today and the Oprichnina
6. Slaves
7. Anglesey & Stanley
8. BLM and the destruction of statues
9. Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite
10. The Eternal Victims
11. The elephant in the room
12. Phoenician & Jewish wives
13. Jewish audacity
14. They look down upon you
15. The central banks and trillion dollar hedge funds
16. Welfare system
17. Secret rulers
18. The income tax
19. Opioid epidemic
20. The media and publishing
21. The pornography business
22. Why do they do that?
23. Made in China
24. The City of London and the Canary Wharf
25. Warmongers and the weapon dealers (The Merchants of Death)
26. Israeli proxy
27. Silicon Valley
28. Rule by a proxy
29. Spies
30. More shenanigans
31. Planetary communism is their baby
32. Holohoax
33. WTC 911
34. The energy crisis
35. The perpetrators
36. Trauma Inc.
37. Artificial Intelligence
38. Relativity and fake science
39. The timeline
40. Poisoning of the wells & trans agenda
41. What should we do?
42. Skyscrapers

DISCLAIMER: Throughout this paper I provide hyperlinks to external sources including Wikipedia. Unfortunately I do not re-inspect these pages. It could be that by the time you read this paper and visit those external webpages the Intelligence moles have modified them.

Welcome to the world of nepotism on steroids.

The Phoenicians also known as: “the forces that be”, the Sea People, the Bronze People, the central planners, the globalists, the authoritarians, the fascists, the Deep State, the Cabal, Kabbalah, the gobblers, the bankers, the banksters, the central bankers, the Wall Street, the communists, the communists in the FED, the Anglo-Saxons, American-British, British-Israeli, American-Israeli, the industrialists, the Hollywood, the Silicon Valley, MI5, CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, the World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party, the Marxists etc.
By the Libertarian micro-Phoenicians they are also called “the invisible hand of the market”.

Even if you won’t make to the end of this article remember: when the Phoenicians say one thing you think and do the opposite. For example when they say to buy you sell, they say sell, you buy. They make a historical Hollywood movie about some past historical events e.g. kings and queens, Titanic, Holocaust, Pearl Harbour, Second World War, Cold War, Moon landing, 911 you know the truth is quite different.

Am I a Golden Pheasant or a Phoenix?
Steve Gaynor – remember this Phoenician face

Indeed Steve Gaynor is Jewish and he is also a Phoenician who wanted to be the governor of the state of Arizona but he lost to Katie Hobbs. Does that mean the Phoenician oligarchs who supported him lost to someone else?
No they didn’t, they just had to pass on this occasion most likely because there is already too many Jewish governors all over the world not only in US.
Indeed the capital city of Arizona is Phoenix and there is even the Phoenician Golf Course!

I don’t know how much you can trust a libertarian Jew Aaron Russo but in a famous interview with him primarily about his former friendship with Nicolas Rockefeller he said that there were plans to turn Arizona into a Jewish state. I think Russo sounds genuine but I am not into libertarianism – it’s unworkable and the Phoenician oligarchs know that very well – it’s an opium for some people in the middle class.
The oligarchs will never dissolve their vast estates to some libertarian freedom states (but they can rename their estates if they want to or to make you happy or at least make you feel a bit better) nor they will restrict themselves by putting themselves on the crypto block chain, a single ledger just to address the issues of the current financial system. But they will definitely force you into it. Libertarianism makes sense for some small business owners but we know that many existing small businesses have to grow at least as fast as the inflation grows so are down to the “invisible hand of the market” or “the forces that be”. Moreover there are people who are simply greedy and don’t know when to stop. How libertarianism supposed to address that? We end up in the exact same place where we left off.

Anyway it may sound unreasonable but the Phoenicians do exist, spend most of the time on their mega-yachts or in their multimillion palaces, mansions or skyscraper penthouses. They do hold multiple passports and have no allegiance to you! (unless a proud Phoenician or one of his pawns is reading this).
I don’t claim that I convince you to anything or that you manage to read this long article to its very end.

Most people’s perception is quite narrow because so far their life was pretty much a micro management, small scale intrigues, gossips and late realisations. Moreover most people are not interested in truth and any research they do treat like a hobby.
People don’t point out to Phoenicians also because it’s a confirmed taboo. It’s considered unsavory not only in the mainstream but also in the (controlled) opposition.
People usually explain everything and blame on some unidentified Deep State, satanists, cabalist or Freemasonry but as we know it’s just a smokescreen from not using the J-word. Just to be clear it’s not about some rank-a-file Jews but powerful Phoenicians who pretend to be Jews and by their influence and help of many lesser Jews infiltrate and subvert local populations. They also maintain traditions known in Ancient Phoenicia and Phoenician Carthage e.g. Moloch and Baal worship.
“The Jews” was and still is used by the Phoenician secret rulers as a very effective line of defence that is why they hold it so dear.
Fairly early it became a worldwide franchise to cheat and to steal with impunity what was and still is a Phoenician way of life and way of doing business.
Moving forward I will be using words “Jew” and “Phoenician” interchangeably but eventually you should be able to make the distinction on your own.
“The Jew(s)” misdirection used by the Phoenicians is historically an outdated misdirection because it was used in ancient times primarily to confuse Middle Eastern nations of the time like Babylonians, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans and so on. But as the world became bigger this has been spread across the world and now everyone is subjected to this diversion. Basically ancient Israel was and still is a Phoenician proxy state that at the time was supplying ancient Phoenician trading state with food and labour.
In the modern days they added new misdirections like Freemasonry, Illuminati, Templars, Jesuits, Deep State, Reptilians and so on. If you are hooked up to one of those that means the Phoenician Intelligence does its job.
However if you do more research and too many Jews will start popping up you arrived at the right place but also a dead end. From that moment any publication or a public statement of yours about this phenomenon will face a systemic response, a widely used label “an anti-Semite” will be attached to your person and “forces that be” will make sure that your scientific/research career will end right there.
Because “the Jews” is reserved for the secret rulers not for you to use it! They have the exclusive right to use it and even decide when it is the right time to persecute “the Jews”. Imagine “the Jew” is like a pet name. Basically Jews are Phoenician pets.
This also explains this worldwide phenomenon that the rulers, kings, governors use to be the protectors of the Jews while the Church was tasked to deal with the rest of the Christian and Muslim populations. Moreover the Jewish ghettos surprisingly were next to the king’s, prince’s or governor’s palace because Phoenician rulers required and still require faithful Jews to interact with the Gentile population. READ THIS


a Phoenician mega yacht, mobile floating Phoenician islands.

Anytime you see a super yacht you can be sure a Phoenician is cruising in it.
The biggest 100 super yachts in majority belong to Phoenician Jews then ex aequo to Russian (Varangian) oligarchs (with Jewish wives onboard) and Gulf Phoenicians (filthy rich fake Muslims with crypto-Jewish wives on board).
I give you a couple of examples of Phoenicians but there are hundreds.

Roman Abramovich who has been appointed as one of Russian oligarchs is famous for his FC Chelsea football club but also for the biggest super-yachts he owned and owns (ECLIPSE, LUNA).

Do you think other top English football clubs are owned by non-Phoenicians? Just check the ownership of FC Liverpool, FC Manchester City, FC Tottenham Hotspur or FC Arsenal (the official club of the bankers).
In English and Scottish football the religious split led to club rivalries – Catholic clubs (like Manchester United) and Protestant/Jewish (like Manchester City). Where is this alliance between Jews and Protestants coming from? Because all protestant denominations were created and are run by the crypto-Jews (Phoenicians) to this very day, simple as that. They have a common goal which is crowd control and one of its important branches is entertainment.
The ownership can change but the fact is all the football clubs like governments are in debt and only Phoenicians and their Jews are fluent in debt management.
Phoenician Carthage (New City) has been established at least a century before Rome, I reckon had games and entertainment already figured out.

Roman Abramovich spends a lot of time in the Caribbean but also has been found exploring Scottish Islands.
Why? Because he is a Phoenician and Scottish Islands are his heritage. Have you heard of the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles? Isle of Man is one of them and it is a Phoenician tax haven.

And their super yachts:

Is Roman Abramovic related to Marina Abramovic? This “artist” is famous for her satanic (Baal) acts. She has also designed the Holocaust memorial just next to the UK Parliament so the Gentiles are conditioned even there like there is not enough Holohoax museums already.

Marina Abramovic – a spooky artist

Marina is allegedly Serbian and there is no “Jewish” anywhere to be found on her Wikipedia page but she is friends with Rothschild family.


Long long time ago some of the Phoenicians have permanently moved to British Isles and the Irish Sea has become their new Mediterranean Sea but do not think they stopped there for long.

Similar to Kirk Douglas (allegedly a Belarusian Jew) and his son Michael Douglas they all apparently came from Eastern Europe but when Kirk entered United States for the first time he allegedly changed his surname to Douglas. Oh really?
Douglas happens to be one of the spookiest Scottish families and the capital of the Isle of Man happens to be called Douglas. Just a little coincidence I know.

Do you recognize the man below? This is famous US military commander Douglas MacArthur. Again two Scottish or I should say two Phoenician clans in one.
A heavily promoted by the Phoenician media as the bravest and the most cocky commander of all time but looks and behaved gay and his biography confirms that including cross-dressing. You can read more about this rich spook HERE.

cross-dressing gay top commander of the American armies, you have to laugh.

This resembles the story of gay Henry the VIII and his transvestite son Queen Elizabeth I however this was at the time when the Phoenician epicentre was in England.

Queer not Queen Elizabeth I

The Phoenician Intelligence hired Margot Robbie considered one of the prettiest actresses of Hollywood to play him I mean the Queen Elizabeth I in the movie “Mary the Queen of Scots” (2018) so it never crosses people’s minds that this ugly queen who also suffered from some venereal disease (I reckon from too much anal sex) was a transvestite cross-dresser.

Do you remember the greatest conqueror of all time Alexander the Great?
He also turned out to be gay and in the Hollywood movie played by not an Irish but a Phoenician actor Colin Farell.

Indeed Hitler (from Jewish Hiller) and Napoleon both were Jewish. I bet both were also gay.
For some reasons the Phoenicians like or prefer to promote these homosexuals to the leading military ranks.

I reckon it is because:
1. warfare always was and still is men’s profession
2. the Phoenicians do their best to corrupt military officers with women and promiscuity but disciplined heterosexual officers are hard if not impossible to corrupt so instead the Phoenicians simply bypass them by promoting homosexual minority within the Army (like they do everywhere else by promoting ever more ridiculous minorities) but also promote them to higher ranks so then these narcissistic sodomites can corrupt and abuse subordinate officers and soldiers. Besides the military is a dream come true for homosexuals. Why do they corrupt them? Like with everything else corrupt people = more income opportunities. Compromised military leaders are warlike or at least are easily manipulated and pushed by Phoenician arms dealers to start wars.
Perhaps the same was and is going on in the upper levels of the Catholic Church.
You have to know that the old pederasts driven by their perversity are highly motivated and resourceful so it’s easier for the Phoenicians to handle the military this way – a critical domain of their business. Without constant wars the bankers cannot inflate their balance sheets.

If you are English I am sure that you have come across Martin Lewis.

Yet another Jewish celebrity. Martin Lewis is famous for giving financial advice to the Brits.

Lewis (from Levi) is also a Phoenician family that originates from Wales. If you look on the map above one of the biggest islands of the Kingdom is “Lewis”.
Probably you have also heard of a famous Jewish blue jeans brand Levi Strauss but on the logo it’s written “LEVI’S” which means: it belongs to Levi (like the island) or it’s made by Levi (like the trousers).
There is also a “British” billionaire Joe Lewis who has a 98m long super yacht and owns majority stake in FC Tottenham Hotspur.
And finally famous 19th century American explorer Meriwether Lewis whose father happened to come from Wales.
You also want to check barons Brian and Frederick Lewis – a shipping magnate. Brian Lewis studied at Malvern College what looks like a feeder of top spooks including founders of CIA. He also studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge University which points to Herberts – Earls of Pembroke, Wales. Also don’t forget our famous C. S. Lewis.

John Lewis – another coincidence. People thought that John Lewis is going to fold during the Plandemic but it didn’t. Only small and medium sized businesses failed. The corporations are saved because they have to save many jobs – a perfect alibi to take out more money from your pocket via inflation.
John Lewis owns Waitrose. Around 2000 of John Lewis’s staff has been sent to work at Waitrose during the Plandemic. Moving slave labour from one camp to the other.


If we are into so called supermarkets if you buy from Tesco you buy from Jewish Phoenicians.

CO in the brand’s name is from COHEN.

Tesco Bank is actually hosted by HSBC which tells me it’s The East India Trading Company.

“Jack Cohen, the son of Jewish migrants from Poland, founded Tesco in 1919 when he began to sell war-surplus groceries from a stall at Well Street Market, Hackney, in the East End of London.[11] The Tesco brand first appeared in 1924. The name came about after Jack Cohen bought a shipment of tea from Thomas Edward Stockwell. He made new labels using the initials of the supplier’s name (TES), and the first two letters of his surname (CO), forming the word TESCO” from Wikipedia.
Let me guess Jack Cohen was selling war-surplus food from his warmongering business partners – Phoenicians in the War Cabinet and later was buying tea from TES that came from the East Indies.


Not sure if you have noticed above that the Editor in Chief at Money Savings Expert is Marcus Herbert. Herbert family are famous Welsh Phoenicians (Earls of Pembroke) and you can find their traces all over Europe. During the fake Cold War the Herberts who happened to live on the other side of the Iron Curtain for some reason were still able to roam into Western Europe freely. Yes because in a communist totalitarian regime everyone is equal but there are some who are more equal than others. Yes, you guessed it – the Phoenicians.

Stacey Herbert

Above is Stacey Herbert from Russia Today and she is best friends with another crypto-Jew Max Keiser (Kaiser).
In 2004 she produced “Popetown” a British animated sitcom that turned out to be very anti-Catholic. Sure because Herberts are crypto-Jews and their hatred of Catholicism is centuries if not millennia old. They hate the Roman Catholic Church because it’s the only religious organisation that is not completely subverted by them. Even when they subvert most heads of the Catholic Church they were unable to penetrate across the hierarchy, are unable to spoil the rank a file priests who do bulk of the good work.

Those Phoenicians once they god rid of the Catholic bishops have sacked all the monasteries to later convert them into their mansions and estates.
You may wonder why since the destruction the very many ruins of some churches, abbeys (Holyrood Abbey) and bishop palaces (St Davids) hundreds of them across the country haven’t been completely demolished or rebuilt so they serve a purpose but are left like that like some relics of the melancholic past?
To me it’s perverse but it’s a Phoenician warning to anyone what they are capable of.
The Anglican churches in majority have towers but without spires which tells me this was another sign they had quit the Catholicism and disconnected from God.
Not sure if they have finished destroying the Christianity in the Middle East. You tell me.

By the way Russia Today has nothing to do with Russia like Al Jazeera has nothing to do with Arabs.
Both are creations of the Phoenician Intelligence this time called by its bogus name: CIA.

Herberts are related to Myddeltons. The above Thomas Myddelton II was a son of Thomas Myddelton Senior (1550 – 12 August 1631) who was a Welsh merchant and he was the Lord Mayor of London too.
It’s not a secret that Middleton family are some peerage upper class but Wiki sells you only part of the story alluding that Middleton dynasty just popped up in the 19th century. I would say that in the 19th century Myddeltons just fudged their surname. It could be that the Medieval Myddelton was a fudge of something else.
In any case you have powerful Myddelton merchants from Wales and it happens Kate Middleton has become the Princess of Wales in 2022.
You see when it all begun she was known as “Kate Middleton” our girl who started in retail and marketing who just happen to have a crush on Charles but as things progressed she is now known as Catherine, the Princess of Wales. Kate Middleton is no more, Wiki redirects to a free diver from New Zealand – Kate Middleton.
Interestingly there was Catherine, the Prince of Wales before like 5 centuries ago! Catherine, Princess of Wales, Catherine of Aragon.
Kate’s mother is Carole Goldsmith, a former shop assistant at John Lewis and a flight attendant who turned businesswoman. You have to laugh. I reckon she is not related to Goldsmith bankers friends to Rothschild dynasty.

Abramovich and Douglas are linked to Belarus/Russia most likely because they are the offspring of powerful Varangians considered by mainstream historians as the Viking invaders from Sweden. No surprise later we had Swedish East India Company and AstraZeneca vaccine thanks to Wallenberg family.
I think they came from Albion. The Varangians pillaged and controlled the trade on the Volga River and they do it to this day and Putin is just another of their pawns like Ivan the Terrible back in the days.
Just study the below painting by Nikolai Nevrev. He tells you straight into your face who is in charge definitely not the skinny and frail puppet tzar Ivan but the Oprichnik with a hooked nose. Look like he holds the dagger behind his back like he is about to kill not the traitor but the tzar.

Oprichniki and tzar Ivan The Terrible, really?

Oprichnina was and still is a Phoenician looting operation of Russia. If you watched some recent documentaries about Russia you know that even a Russian needs special permission to be able to enter oil rich areas in Northern Russia. Apparently it’s to protect the country’s strategic resources.
Wrong answer! It’s because you are entering Oprichnina.
If you still don’t believe me check how many so called Russian oligarchs (including Abramovich) have Israeli and Cypriot dual citizenship. Israel and Cypress both belong to the Phoenician dominium. It does not matter that on paper Cypress is split between Greece and Turkey.
Israel and Cypress is also where Jewish Phoenicians usually escape to after conducting financial crimes someplace else.
Most likely the Phoenicians themselves came up with “The Terrible” brand to scare anyone curious and the competition away. Not Ivan but private mercenaries were terrible. Ivan the Terrible was a Phoenician franchise like Al-Queda and ISIS is today to keep regulars at bay so they don’t interfere with mining but also drug and weapons sale operations. It is highly probable that the Phoenician Oprichniks had installed several Ivans on the throne in Moscow to cover for his 50 years long reign – highly unlikely to be held by a single person.

Thanks to Phoenician media we all know that Australia is full of venomous snakes and spiders. Indeed because Australia is also rich of resources and parts of this continent are designated Oprichninas e.g. Western Australia – Perth. During COVID lockdowns Australians living on the East Coast but also Canadians had a proper feel for how it is to live in a Phoenician NWO regime but Western Australia had no COVID restrictions because rare metals had to be excavated and shipped to China for processing. But… but… China supposed to be the adversary of Australia, at least this is what the Australians ought to think. It does not matter at least to Phoenicians.
The communist states of the Cold War era were also trading with the West, no problemo.

For the Phoenicians King Charles (also circumcised) and Putin are like former British kings and queens and Ivan the Terrible just the faces of the Commonwealth or I should say “Phoenicianwealth”.

Apart from usual Phoenician banking brands you can find on all of their island outposts e.g. at Canary Wharf, Manhattan, Hong Kong, Shanghai there is also a low profile UK bank owned by Swedish Phoenicians – the Wallenbergs. Handelsbanken what means “Commerce Bank” has 200 branches across UK to keep the loot of many crypto-Jews pretending Brits who hide in their mansions. If you want to sign up to this bank you need a minimum of £100k income per annum. Handelsbanken is also trading in the Netherlands (where a few centuries ago en masse the Jews migrated to England) and is fully on board with ESG WEF agenda. The Wallenbergs are also behind the blood-clotting AstraZeneca vaccine that has been injected into many English arms. They put Oxford in front of the name of this so called vaccine so the Brits think it’s their concoction and took it with less hesitation than Phoenician flagship vaccine – Pfizer.

Handelsbanken – the bank of the Scandinavian Phoenicians


Lennox Lewis

Are you kidding me?! It can’t be Lennox Lewis is a Phoenician.
No, he isn’t one but his name is yet another proof that Lennox and Lewis families apart from being crypto-Jewish peerage families from the former Kingdom of the Isles and/or Scotland and/or Wales and/or Cornwall like Barclays in Jamaica were also prominent Caribbean venture capitalists by what I mean plantation and slave owners.

I have mentioned about Cornwall and as a side note you bet the mainstream have debunked the Phoenician links to Cornwall but it is confirmed that they were operating tin mines in Cornwall long long before Romans have arrived.
It also happens one of the parishes at the very tip of Cornwall is called St. Levan (like Levant).
There is little explanation where this name really comes from but apparently links to “Salomon of Cornwall (also known as Selyf, Selevan) was a late 5th century Cornish ‘warrior prince’, possibly a King of Cornwall. His feast day is Oct. 18.” (source Wikipedia). What is also interesting his son Cybi who apparently was a saint had a vague pilgrimage/crusade that finished at Anglesey, Wales. He established himself in the fort on the Holy Island (thence called Ynys Gybi, “Cybi’s Island”).
So we have Phoenicians disguised as early Christians based at the tip of Cornwall (St Levan), at the tip of South West Wales (St Davids) and North West tip of Wales (Anglesey/Holy Island).
You would think that times have passed and the Phoenicians have long lost their grip on those territories however many centuries later (in the 19th century) John St Aubyn, 1st Baron St Levan pops up. Looking at his portrait he looks Jewish. As a member of Parliament one of his promises was to vote for admission of Jews to the Parliament (while himself being a crypto-Jew, a proper Phoenician). Since then Phoenicians started introducing their Jewish proxies into politics big time. So it was no longer only covertly crypto-Jewish but also overtly Jewish.
This baron to this day is based on St Michael’s Mount which is a Phoenician dream come true – an island with a castle on top. Across the pond in Brittany, France there is a very similar island outpost Saint-Michel. I reckon a French sister Phoenician outpost disguised as a castle/monastery.
You bet Phoenicians had all the islands, peninsulas, ports and coasts covered.
Charlemagne took control of half of Europe but he could not overcome next door Phoenician Britons from Brittany.
You also want to read about Mitsraim

As we know from great work of Miles Mathis the powerful Stanley family is based on Anglesey. It could well be their origins are from this Cornish warrior prince or King of Cornwall. One of the barons Arthur Lyulph Stanley, 5th Baron Stanley of Alderley “In 1913 he was serving as High Sheriff of Anglesey when he was appointed Governor of Victoria.” It happens the current governor of Victoria in Australia is a Jewish lady Linda Dessau. Well done Phoenicians!
The bridge connecting Anglesey with Holy Island is called Stanley Embankment.
You also want to check the American line of Stanley family – founders of Stanley Works and co-founders of Morgan Stanley investment bank.

Guess who else comes from Anglesey? Famous Tudor dynasty most likely manufactured by Stanley and handled from the shadows. The mastermind and kingmaker William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby most likely was also behind Phoenician Intelligence project called “William Shakespeare“. His wife was Lord of Mann, the actual head of state of that island. You bet Stanley family is most likely ruling it to this very day as the status of this island is a bit vague like the other Phoenician islands part of Crown Dependency: Jersey and Guernsey.
Almost half of the islanders are atheists and the island is famous for being a tax haven, provides offshore banking, gambling and it is known for money laundering.
What Shakespeare (Stanley) said in one of his works? Yes “all the world’s a stage”.

Below: Morgan Stanley – do you now recognize the Brand?

Below: Paul Stanley from KISS.

Not sure if Paul Stanley has admitted publicly his sex orientation but he is gay but he is not the only gay at KISS. KISS is a Jewish/Israeli creation – a sex predator and a gay combo band.

Like a high military rank gives these rich gay spooks access to young “recruits” the same being a rock star or a pop star makes them sex gods. Isn’t it what the ultimate power is about?
Are the pedophiles and gays in monastic orders the worst thing possible?
I don’t deny that some rich Jewish parents haven’t inserted their gay kids into the Church. Of course they did and some of these homosexuals being high in the Catholic hierarchy abuse their power.
But do you think closed Orthodox Jewish sects or other Jewish closed sects (Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses) are free from sex predators?

Who else was hanging with William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby at the time? It was Edward Disney – yes those Phoenician peers who later established Disney Brothers Studio.
William’s and Edward’s names are engraved together in one of the rooms at Warwick Castle where they were allegedly besieged, imprisoned.
Disney’s are Norman (Phoenician) invaders from Northern France – Normandy.
All not just Hollywood studios are run by Jews including The Walt Disney Company. Even if Walt does not immediately look Jewish look at his brother Roy. Their father who obviously has a fake biography was named Elias.
They were are the lords of Manor since the invasion in 1066. Their signature fiefdom stretches many miles from Norton Disney in Lincolnshire, UK.
No surprise between his lands (13 miles from Norton Disney) and the lands of other spook lords in the so called Dukeries there is a National Holocaust Museum (Ollerton). This is the only Holocaust Museum in UK. There are few memorials across UK and a Holocaust Centre in Huddersfield but otherwise how to explain the location of this Holocaust Museum in the middle of nowhere (near Ollerton)?
In Dukeries all the top spooks had or still have their palaces, manors and access to Sherwood Forest. They use to hunt alongside the king who resided at the palace in King’s Clipstone in the heart of Sherwood Forest.
The spook lords who either lived in the Dukeries and surroundings, still live there or were/are frequent visitors include Stuarts, Talbots, Cavendishes, Harleys, Cheyne, Herberts, Sidneys, Villiers, Ruvigny, Middletons(Myddeltons), Wriothesleys, Howards, Hamiltons, Bentincks LINK, Saviles, Montagus, Pierreponts, Pelhams, Clintons.
All the spooks were relaxing in their countryside halls and palaces but also spend time in London doing business and dirty Intelligence business e.g. at Chelsea, Bloomsbury and Kingston.
For instance there are obvious links between Welbeck Estate and Bloomsbury. There is also a village called Norton next to the estate. This could also explain the link to Nigel Norton being the founder of Bloomsbury Publishing – the publisher of Harry Potter what Miles has written about.

Dick Cheney is a famous American politician and a businessman but Wiki says his “middle name” is Herbert. I reckon no relation to Herberts the Welsh Phoenicians and/or Cheynes from England. To me it looks like another fudge of the surname: Chenyes in UK became Cheneys in US.
I reckon Clintons, the Earls of Lincoln owning Clumber Estate are again not related to Bill Clinton.

The interesting ones are two Jewish looking sisters Barbara and Elizabeth Villiers who both were mistresses of some spook lords – I reckon more Cleopatras.

Hardwick Hall (owned by Cavendishes) is another estate of the spook lords west of Sherwood Forest. There is a nearby village called Stanley. I reckon Stanley spook lords are signaling their presence. The researchers should pay attention to the names of villages that are next to such estates. These names are not out of the blue and have significance.

Eventually most spook lords decided to form the National Trust to conceal their estates to pretend it’s the British nation that now owns them. If you want to research the list of properties within the Trust check this list.
Like many estates Welbeck Estate is not part of the National Trust because some spook lords don’t really care about the opinions of peasants which also makes sense.

But lets go back to Lennox Lewis. He is a famous English boxer whose parents are from Jamaica.
As you probably know all black slaves got their names from their owners which is another proof that not only Barclays but also Lennox and Lewis Phoenicians were running plantations manned by slaves on that island.
No surprise Phoenicians in Soviet Union (Jews in NKVD) were so good at running gulags because it was just their next generation slave plantation or Oprichnina. Gulags were forced labour camps, some real death camps not fake Holocaust death camps. Yes, there were white slaves from Eastern Europe (indeed word “slaves” comes from Slavs). The Phoenician slave traders put their hands on them sooner than on the African slaves thanks to Scythian kidnappers and traffickers who worked for them and were paid in gold, lots of gold.
So millenniums later there is no surprise to see some Jewish merchants running gulags in deep Soviet Union because it was just one of their rackets. Prime examples are Naftaly Frenkel and Lazar Kogan.


In 2020 all over the world BLM vandalized and collapsed many statues

You maybe remember while anti-lockdown (genuine) protests have been frequently quashed by the police and media were pretty much silent about them at the same time BLM (fake) protesters were unaffected by the restrictions, continued to vandalize the statues not only in US and got constant media coverage.
By the way the word “vandalize” comes from Vandals who were yet another plundering tribe handled by the Phoenician Jews. Like later Vikings they came from Northern Europe but interestingly ended up in Northern Africa – the Phoenician Carthage! Looks like yet another Phoenician crusade to me. Don’t believe me? Study.
Vandalism and removal of the statues of Christopher Columbus – one of the slave owners was a Phoenician way (in a communist style) to erase the history. The Phoenicians don’t want anyone anymore to pass by these monuments, moreover to dig into the history and biographies of these powerful “merchants”. People would realize too soon that most if not all of these historical figures were crypto-Jewish slave traders. Those who were native English or American most likely were just Phoenician fronts/agents.
The media attention of this worldwide operation has been put on unlucky Columbus to distract away from other suspects. All the local governments and councils have happily complied with BLM demands and taken down even more statues including some around Canary Wharf – a Phoenician river island, HQ of many Phoenician brands: HSBC, JP Morgan, Citi, Barclays, Credit Suisse, State Street, Bank of America.

Dear Mr Milligan, the Phoenicians thank you for your service. Now you may go just hold on tight, Hertsmere Road is bumpy!

By the way Robert Milligan was yet another Scottish merchant.

If the critics in the opposition were honest and consistent they would still come to the same conclusion because the history of Freemasonry is based exactly on the old story of king Solomon and the construction of the First Temple. But these people are not honest as most of them are agents and/or sense that they would otherwise be cut off funding.
The Phoenicians have funded Solomon, paid for the construction of the Temple and a Phoenician named Hiram was its architect.
If you study approved mainstream but also alternative history you will notice that the Phoenicians disappeared somewhere in the ether while the Jews to this day remain a taboo.
There are three main masonic organisations in the world: The Grand Orient de France, masonic lodges of Scottish Rite (Rose Croix) and B’nai B’rith. While The Grand Orient de France covers the spooks in continental Europe Scottish Rite is prevalent in US and the Commonwealth.
You can do your own research but just look at the names of the founders and the first masons of the Scottish Rite: Barend Moses Spitzer, Isaac Auld, Abraham Alexander, Emanuel de la Motta, Israel de Lieben, Moses Clava Levy, Isaac Da Costa – most if not all admitted to be Jewish. These were not some regular Jews but rich merchants and financiers so more likely prominent Phoenicians.

They say every man needs to belong to some fraternity and Freemasonry provides that. What they don’t tell you is that organisations are first and foremost to impose some form of control and order. Once you become a follower of on of these Phoenician organisations you become a subordinate and obediently facilitate theirs objectives. It just requires a bit of time for yourself to accept their objectives as your own.

English people claim they have colonized and dominated the North America but it looks like these were primarily Phoenicians from Wales, Scotland and Netherlands.

The fact is the official history is the other way round. I reckon as soon as the Roman Empire has dissolved England has been completely subverted by the Scottish (Scottish Nobility e.g. Douglas, Barclay, Sutherland) and Welsh Phoenicians (e.g. Stanley, Lewis, Herbert, Myddelton etc.) and later finished off by Phoenician invasions from Netherlands led by Cromwell and later by William of Orange.

William of Orange – another Jew

Let’s list some of the famous Phoenician families and brands from Scotland:

  • MacDonalds (fast food)
  • Barclay (bank, EITC)
  • MacLaren (super cars)
  • MacKenzie
  • MacMillan (a mayor publisher)
  • Bute (linked to powerful Stuarts and Herberts) – the prime example John Crichton-Stuart of the insane wealth you can witness in his Castell Coch in Wales, allegedly he was a Catholic, looked Jewish, there are Hebrew writings in rooms in his castle and he is buried in Jerusalem). Maybe this “Coch” has some relation to Jewish German magnates – Koch brothers.
  • McDonnell
  • Douglas (a military contractor McDonell Douglas)
  • Morrison (stores)
  • Murray (Bill Murray)
  • Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton – a brand combo of a top F1 driver)
  • Kennedy (US president, politicians)
  • MacIntosh (Apple computer)
  • Forbes (rich people famous for publishing a fake list of billionaires to hide the richest)
  • Montgomery (general)
  • Sinclair
  • Sutherland (Kiefer and Donald Sutherland, Kiefer’s mother was Douglas)
  • Gordon
  • Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay – a brand combo of a famous chef)
  • MacDowall (Andie MacDowell – the usual fudge)
  • Macpherson
  • Cameron (admitted Jewish prime minister of UK)
  • Maxwell (like Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell)
  • MacMillan (publisher)
  • Campbell
  • Fleming
  • Fraser (Frasers Group)
  • Crawford (like Cindy Crawford – a pretty actress who was picked not only for her looks but primarily because she is from peerage). She at least has admitted her peerage status.
  • Armstrong
  • Shaw (like Bernard Shaw)
  • and many more

They all came from the south from Brittany and Normandy – the obvious Phoenician coastal regions.

Again not a coincidence Bill and Andie play together. They are cousins.

They easily blame bad things on racist Whites, terrorist Palestinians, terrorist Arabs in general, Nazis, Chinese CCP, warmongering Russians but they never blame the Jews or Israelis.
But don’t you think you just figured it out.
Regular people don’t blame the Jews because it’s inappropriate to blame someone who has a status of eternal victims. How a victim can be blamed of anything? It must be someone else then. It’s you!
You’ve just been tricked.
This is a toxic relationship between the Jews and the rest of the world Phoenicians have manufactured to protect their interests and never get exposed. Jews are perfect for that and even believe their primacy is for real and God given.

So called independent historians and researchers always seem to misdirect the readers and audience to Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Templars or Jesuits. Of course today’s Jesuits are corrupt but they are not the puppet masters. The problem is that if these Ancient powerful nations were and still are so powerful why I don’t see Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or Iraqis or even Catholic bishops or Catholic laity among the effective ruling elites, central bankers, government officials, corporate and media executives but I see the overwhelming prevalence of Jews?
Someone will say: “Wait a minute! Phoenicians and Jews are Semites but are two separate nations. Phoenicia does not exist anymore. Today it is Lebanon and Syria in its place. How come you start with Phoneticians then jump to Jews?”
So my idea is that the Phoenicians either manufactured or hijacked Israel for their own needs and the Jews became fronts for their operations and provide cover for their activities. The Phoenicians who are the top banking and industrialist families in the world promote Jewish diaspora around the world to secure their short but what is more important long haul trade routes so the Jews happens to reside in every trading port and important city.

It could well be that it is a sign of rebellion against the true Messiah Jesus Christ.

The other likely possibility is that the Jews adopted the Phoenician way of life, the way of doing business and eventually became better than their masters.

So to me it is not entirely clear if it was manufactured or a natural synergy.

We clearly see that many of the members of this elitist clique have Semitic facial features while some Phoenicians do not as over the ages they have introduced some Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and Slavic blood I reckon from their proxies and slaves.

But definitely you can put an equal sign between the Phoenicians and the globalists of today.

Even when Phoenicians don’t like to interact with the pleb or Gentiles directly they need daring and proud people on the ground to do business, promote and run their globalist agendas on shores (inland) and Jewish internationalism is exactly for that. You may think that the Jews are the handlers but they have handlers themselves. On one side the Jews are handled by fear of external threats but are also trained to exploit others at a smaller scale comparing to Phoenicians still to cause troubles with the locals.
The Phoenicians on the other hand are so powerful that they don’t need any other identity but their off-shore Phoenician identity that is why they invest in ever bigger mega-yachts that they cannot even moor to a pier in most of the ports because of the size of these vessels.

this was filmed not last year but almost 50 years ago

Above is “The Network” movie premiered in 1976. The Hollywood was tasked to produce something that will appeal to the Americans beaten by the ongoing stagflation wrecking the economy in the 70ties. It was almost 50 years ago and it sounds so fresh. Naive will consider it appealing but in reality it is a Phoenician mockery of the Gentiles.

George Carlin

The Phoenicians need selfish people down the food chain.
Don’t think George Carlin is your ally. He was given access to the best stages in US e.g. Carnegie Hall not for telling the truth. A very intelligent man who still could not overcome his atheism.

Anyway the oligarchs (including top politicians) and their management class are all either Jewish or if not then have Jewish wives so everything stays in the tribe including accumulated wealth. There is a ton of examples but one of the top examples is a Greek Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co) and his wife Judith née Kent, an Italian Ray Dalio and his wife Barbara née Vanderbilt and even English gay pop star Robbie Williams and his Jewish wife Ayda Field.

Both Cleopatras with usual facial features come from great wealth. This is one of the ways the Phoenicians infiltrate through wedlock. According to Judith even paid the bill for their wedding as Jamie didn’t have any money. And now he is the head of the biggest investment bank in the world. You have to laugh.
The reason I call these women Cleopatras because the famous in history Cleopatra – alleged Queen of Egypt spoke Hebrew and was in relationship with a wealthy Roman-Phoenician Mark Anthony whose ship had purple sails – the colour of Phoenicians as purple dye was what Phoenicians have extensively traded.
Later Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor and Katy Perry (in a video clip). Both women were/are Jewish.
No surprise Katy Perry was in a relationship with a famous spook Russell Brand.
Speaking about Judith Kent have you ever wondered why Superman’s real name is Clark Kent? By the way Clark is also a Phoenician peerage family.
And why the Wonder-woman is currently played by an Israeli actress? I reckon because they are all super and wonderful. They love to plaster their brands all over the place and the pop culture while you think these names, roles or even places are randomly selected. They aren’t.

Always check the wives of presidents, prime ministers, ministers, kings and diplomats – you will be very surprised. This is to do with each and every country in the world including the Kazakhstan and the president of this country, his wife Sara and daughter Aliya. Is it in Kazakhstan or maybe in Khazaria?
“Alijah” means emigration of Jews from diaspora back to the Land of Israel.

You can easily spot them because they still love to use names from the Old Testament e.g. Judith, Esther, Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca, Rebekah, Susannah, Deborah, Ruth, Aliya (Aliyah), Tamara or male names: Jeremiah, Nathan, Nathaniel, Zac, Zachariah, Elias, Elihu, Elijah, Josiah, Isaac, Israel etc.
You think these wealthy and powerful Protestants were/are named after the biblical characters because they are Bible loving Christians.
No, first and foremost they are Jewish Phoenicians who have to signal their allegiance. They either do that or fudge their surnames or more influential Phoenician peers use two surnames to signal their two powerful lines like Pierce Morgan, Lewis Hamilton, Gordon Ramsay, Russell Brand. That is why there is so many variations of the same first name, it’s simply a mess because of the constant Phoenician.
Currently the commoners have adopted Phoenician surnames thinking it’s just the first name e.g. Lewis, Herbert, Graham, Douglas but it’s not. Phoenicians signal two lineages as first name and last name or use the middle name to signal (conceal) their other branch.
Many first names that originate from the Old Testament use to indicate the allegiance to a particular Jewish dynasty – so called tribe.

I urge you to read THIS, THIS and visit Ancient Spooks to get even better understanding about the secret rulers of this world.

By now you have probably noticed that there is an over-representation of Jewish people in the positions of power in a number of important domains / industries like corporate banking, government, corporate technology, Big Tech, Big Pharma, oil and mining (including rare and precious metals), trillion dollar corporate asset management firms, corporate media including entertainment, gambling, pornography and so on.
The explanation that people usually default to is that Jewish people come from a very old and clever nation who are very business minded, they know the best how to do business definitely better than the Gentiles. Gentiles rarely pass the medium sized business as they are usually acquired by the Phoenician agents ahead of time so we should just sit quiet and admire their achievements.
Oh yeah. The Phoenicians want the Gentiles to see and feel the injustice. They create and want you to witness these injustices e.g. Israeli treatment of the Palestinians where the Israelis are the sacred cows and people who are bombed or shot by the Israeli snipers are called terrorists.
The Phoenicians maintain the taboo that no one is allowed to criticize the Jews regardless of their immoral or criminal activities. They know well that this upsets many. They want people to be on the edge. Then the Jews can be targeted by the Phoenicians with threats of persecutions, pogroms and terrorist acts that is why they sign up with both hands to the Phoenician script and in return receive some perks.
That is also how Phoenicians filter and source reliable pawns and hire those who are fine with the injustice. This recruitment happens automatically. Phoenician mega-corporation require no HR department. Those who are corrupt and comply are elevated while those who feel uneasy simply won’t climb the ladder.

Jewish audacity has different reasons.
Gentiles admire or even envy Jewish confidence and audacity but the source of this is not because of their higher intelligence or because of their skills but because of the privileged status these people have.
When they make a mistake they never fall while at the same time a mistake can easily end a career of a careless Gentile.
This gives the Jews nearly unlimited margins of error to experiment while the non-Jews have to be careful what they do and say as the karma is nearby. In 99% of the cases you won’t get access to their circles because the number of sits for celebrities and VIPs is limited.
In many cases these permanent celebrities are the peerage, sons and daughters of the barons, baronets, bankers and industrialists. Whatever they say or do in public, on TV, does not matter how controversial, will not wipe them like it would wipe you.
The exception are fashion models, boxers and some sportsmen but these are treated like race horses or greyhound dogs and many of them have, yes you guessed it, Jewish managers / handlers like Justin Bieber.

Historically Phoenician oligarchs were the most prominent cloth merchants, slave owners and slave traders. In present times more sophisticated forms of slavery have been developed like socialism, human and sex trafficking.
As it was the slavery has been disfranchised what required new forms of bondage which is a welfare system (through socialism), mortgage, exploitation of all sorts of addictions (drugs, gambling, sex, pornography).
Then no surprise the Phoenician Jews are famous porn directors and male porn stars but also sex predators as their exploitation of women is ancient.

People won’t criticise their masters because quite often their livelihood, employment or contracts depend on the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians are in the epicentre, control central banks, maintain the global network of the currencies and exchange, issue credit and provide jobs in the city and in the government outside of that bribe, corrupt people with welfare subsidies and/or exploit their various temptations because they have to sell to someone these many goods they bring from afar.

You probably heard a quote “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.
This is a quote to discourage anyone from challenging his/her master, employer.
And I am not encouraging anyone to backbite their employer.
If it’s a small business then it’s quite transparent how the money is being made however in the corporate business and in the government the money is not earned but it is CREATED.

Al Pacino as Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice”

If you haven’t seen this movie from 2004 you definitely should. It is based on one of Shakespeare’s takes on the Jewish Phoenicians. The story is about a Jew Shylock who lends money to two Goyim Venetians and one of them Antonio happens did some anti-Semitic acts in the past. The loan is to invest in shipping of goods on 4 ships going to 4 different destinations. You would think that the risk of a complete loss is very minimal because these ships go to different ports one to Tripoli, second to India, third to Mexico and fourth to England. Shylock is very reluctant to lend money but eventually does it. You can guess what happened next. Unfortunately all 4 ships were lost at sea and Shylock now chases Antonio for the debt. Of course the rest of the story is a bit of a fantasy. Don’t forget that it was written by a top English propagandist of the time and the objective was to create this false impression of justice where a Jewish Phoenician like Shylock can be severely punished for his bad practices.
Like in the movie “Network” they try hard to appeal to Americans Shakespeare also wanted to appeal to English readers who at the time were also screwed by the Phoenician loan sharks.
At the same time Shakespeare does not elaborate much what really happened to those ships.
So let me present my view of the story.
Shylock got convinced to lend money to Antonio only because he realized this can be a good opportunity to get a revenge on him.
At the time the Barbary Pirates (adversaries of Venice) who were Phoenicians themselves (vassals of the Ottoman Empire Joseph Nasi was the central banker of) were pirating ships in the Western Mediterranean exactly where Bessario’s ships were passing. Shylock must have given them the heads up about the whereabouts of the vessels and all 4 ships have been intercepted.
In the story justice reaches Shylock, he loses everything including his beloved daughter and he is even threatened with a death penalty – you can see here that Shakespeare’s imagination went a bit too far but he knew that this is what the English want to read.
But in reality Goyim Venetians got saved from a loan shark only once – the debt was forgiven while allegedly Shylock lost everything but most likely he didn’t lose anything and his daughter most likely married another Phoenician. Shylock also got a share of loot only he and his Barbary Pirate friends across the pond knew about.
Now compare it to today’s reality where a lot of Alibaba, AliExpress merchants haul shipping containers full of cheap goods from Phoenician sweatshops in China and then Phoenicians decide to conduct a COVID trade blockade.
It’s not very different from Antonio’s story. Supply lines are broken, people’s businesses go bust and other Phoenician corporations like Amazon cannot wait to increase their market share what they did big time during the Plandemic that is why they built large warehouses prior to lockdowns. They knew what’s coming.
By the way all these modern Venetians who rely on Phoenician infrastructure including their and only marketing platforms (Google, Facebook) and/or AI make themselves completely dependent.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

At this point I ask you a fundamental question.
Why is it that in both Abrahamic religions: Christianity and Islam the non-Jews SHOULD NOT or IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DEAL IN USURY?
I give you a clue. Someone made sure there is no competition.
Of course there are other forms of finance but they are doomed if at the same time Jewish Phoenicians are allowed to do their ancient monetary magic.
But wait a minute we are the definitive majority have we given them the permission? NO
Did they ask us for permission? NO
Exactly! They do everything over our heads.

Governments issue bonds that then are bought by the banks (owned by the Jewish banking oligarchs). Also on the side the governments print money but they cannot print it at a great scale so in unison with central banks issue fiat money at an astronomical scale (so called QE – Quantitative Easing, a great money theft to save the economy!)
Regular banks create money out of nothing by issuing mortgages and credit cards.
The activities of all the above causes inflation and the debt burden on every person living in the country including you. Most of the money that is being created by the banksters is siphoned into PRIVATE trillion-dollar off-shore bank accounts and massive hedge funds that are beyond any governmental control. The amount of money they create for themselves is well over the amount they corrupt the Gentiles with (welfare systems and other subsidies).
In this scheme they have enough financial “escape velocity” that no Gentile can ever catch up with. Of course there are genuine Jewish business people but it’s nowhere near the capabilities of the Phoenicians.
And as history shows when Phoenicians decide to compromise the economy in a particular part of the world they don’t care about small Jews who are also being wiped out.

What do you think these people have in common apart from being central bankers and high up in the United Nations?
Just so you know they are not listed just because they take part in some nose contest.
Is Rebeca Grynspan related to Alan Greenspan? She always wears that Sustainable Development Goals brooch -> ESG by BlackRock.
Interesting that Mark Carney has distant relatives in Liverpool (another Phoenician nest in England) but what is probably more important he is married to Fox.
Frank Lowy like any respectful Australian when he retired he moved permanently to Israel.
Harry Triguboff is from Russian Jews. He was born in Dalian what looks like a perfect Phoenician outpost in China. “His father moved to China in 1916 to escape antisemitism in the Russian Empire”. Was he escaping the antisemitism or maybe he moved out because he knew that a year later Russia is going to sink in Jewish run Bolshevik terror turning the whole country upside down?
This also ties in to the timely emigration of some Jews away from Central Europe only two years before the Second World War has broken out. Do they anticipate the events so well or do they get heads up from top Phoenician arms dealers who know best if war is on the cards?

Surprisingly Stanley Fisher was born in Northern Rhodesia -> Cecil Rhodes -> Rothschild banking cartel.
The Phoenicians have already decided that the FED is on its way out as at last they put a Goyim Jerome Powell to represent that compromised institution before a more powerful central bank in US emerges.

Of course they are related. Look at their ears. Simple fudge of the surname is enough to fool the unsuspecting Gentiles. This is how low they think of you.
While Alan Greenspan takes care of the BIG GOVERNMENT his cousin rules over one of the Phoenician tax haven islands in the Caribbean – Costa Rica.
The European equivalents of Costa Rica, Cayman Islands & Dutch Antilles is Mallorca, Malta and Cypress. As you can see more tax havens.
Do you think she is a former vice-president? No she isn’t the Phoenicians just ROTATE these characters from corporate seats, board members, directors of some dodgy charities to UN or government reps or lecturers at university spook feeders for crypto-Jews and Jews like Harvard, Yale. Oxford, Cambridge, Hopkins Institute and London School of Economics. Not all colleges but many.
It’s a clique.
The micro-Phoenicians go to the great lengths and call them “authoritarians”, “central planers”, “communists in the FED” just not to say the word “Jew”.

The above people will make sure the existing BANK CREDIT RATING is being converted into Chinese style SOCIAL CREDIT RATING.

Most Western countries are socialist in essence regardless if the blue or red party is in power.
Allegedly poor people who receive government support / welfare subsidies are behind ever increasing government spending and increasing in effect the national debt. This debt keeps increasing and it seems like it will never be repaid.
But have you ever asked yourself who gets the most money?
Those who are close to the money creation or those who are on the receiving end it?
Exactly! While the Phoenicians inflate their balance sheets they take most of the created liquidity to themselves and only giving scraps to millions of people.
Otherwise especially in the recent years the gap between poor and rich would decrease but instead it increased greatly. So the overgrown welfare system is to bride many people but also create an illusion that if something goes wrong in the economy – everyone is to blame! And this is exactly what they manufactured during so called COVID Pandemic. They created the problem – the lockdowns so people cannot do their business or cannot work then shoved stimulus checks and basically paid everyone for not doing anything then when the next phase has been launched – so called “energy crisis” everyone was ready to accept the higher prices of petrol and energy due to prior government support. At the same time no one asks where all those other trillions (not just billions) have been syphoned to.
Since when the governments are so concerned about the health and wellbeing of their people that steps in and pays for long holidays to so many peasants unless there is a bigger fish to fry.

Indeed those who are the closest to the money tap get the most not the peasants who are last in the queue.

The next quote I use comes from Voltaire:
“If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”
Of course in the recent decades this privileged club has been reinforced with other allegedly discriminated groups (black people, women, LGBTQ+…) but initially these were only Jews you were not supposed to criticize especially after the Holocaust was manufactured. Everyone supposed to show compassion to them but also feel guilty. It does not matter if you did something bad to them or not – you remain as a potential threat to them and this is enough to keep you low and to bow down.
This is a typical tactic of a psychopathic/narcissistic villain to move the blame onto an a victim (unsuspecting party), to gaslight it into submission.
A substantial part of the Jewish community is groomed to feel this way. The Phoenician oligarchs scare the rank-a-file Jews into submission by constant barrage of fear and manufactured enemies. Brainwashing them with persecutions, pogroms, Holocaust, terrorists, Nazis, Hezbollah rockets, Iranians etc. But the oligarchs go further than that and export the same to outside of the ghetto to undermine local communities as their religious leaders stand on the way of unrestricted (drug) trade.

While the Jewish revolution progresses these other groups like black people, lesbians, LGBTQ+, suffragettes, feminists were added to the mix but it is just to provide some temporary cover (a smoke screen) for the real perpetrators. They don’t really care about these groups. It is just to cause further division and take people’s eyes off the Jewish question or I should rather say the Phoenician question.
The other reason perhaps the main reason why the sodomites are so affiliated with Jewish communities is that these are actually the biggest breeding grounds for sodomites because they engage in incest and deliver the highest level of trauma through prevalent pedophilia. The result of that are frequent homosexuals who copy their “traumatizers” but also the victims – the feminine gays.

The first that comes to mind is discrimination of black people – some of them former slaves in the Caribbean and United States. The thing you want to know is that the Phoenician traders were the biggest slave owners in the world. Barclays (Scottish crypto-Jews/Phoenicians) was once the biggest slave owner in Jamaica now one of the biggest investment banks in the world bears his name. If you really think that the white Americans or white English were behind the slavery you want to read and/or listen to what Louis Farrakhan has to say about this.
Look at the names of some prominent slave traders of the East India Company: Elihu Yale, Josiah Child, Robert Rich (like famous Richie Rich, ancestor of a film director Guy Richie – wealthy Richer Jews from Prague), Nathaniel Higginson, Thomas Pitt (yes the ancestor of Brad Pitt) and many many more.

Both Guy and Madonna practice Kabbalah

But even if you come across some English or American slavers you will know they learnt this trade from the Jewish slavers not the other way round. The Protestant religious movements the Jews were behind (that were and still are more exclusive than inclusive) justified slavery that is why it took 200 years longer for Protestant countries to abolish slavery than it took in the Catholic world.
Of course the slavery is Ancient and this business has been maintained by the Phoenicians throughout the ages and not forbidden in the Ottoman Empire.
Only Catholic Christianity stood against slavery and began by forbidding rich Jews living in the Christendom from having Christian slaves.
Even recently it has been publicised that Larry David’s great grand father had slaves including a child slave – was he another traumatized pedophile? Larry David is famous for his blasphemies against Christianity but also the best friend with Ari Emanuel – the handler of whatever actor is in the White House.

I believe the objective of early Phoenicians was to create a diversion. Many of today’s Phoenicians who are top dogs in the financial world use Jewish identity as a diversion. And throughout the ages this worked great in all the sea ports the Jews were in as they still maintain business contacts with the inland natives while the Phoenicia controls the seas and oceans across the globe and when needed can initiate trade wars and set these different countries against each other for their own amusement and exploit both sides of the conflict. So far the Cold War was the biggest of staged wars.
Probably you have heard that “all wars are bankers’ wars” because this sums up this part.

So how come these Phoenicians become so rich and powerful?
Because as Phoenicians they were and still are prominent merchants on the sea and most likely they established the first formidable navy in history of mankind and knew how to navigate at night what allowed them to cover longer distances to maximize their profits but also bring rare goods from afar.

Below: Apparently these are the Phoenician trade routes in Mediterranean. You have to laugh! These were routes but of some fishermen.
I explain more about it in the following update.

Below: 5 generations of Phoenician navy vessels: Portuguese and Spanish caravels then Dutch, English and finally an American warship. Do not think the Russian, French or Swedish navies were not under the Phoenician spell.

The US Navy is currently at the top in the world only because the concentration of the Phoenician oligarchs and their Jews in United States at the moment is the highest in the world especially in the East and the West Coast.

The decline of other colonial powers was because of that migration of top Phoenician oligarchs and their Jews from one country to the other and finally to the New World – indeed their new world maybe even order.

Officially they will tell you that Portuguese and Spanish have been overtaken by Dutch because they had faster ships this is also what Ray Dalio (Vanderbilt) is selling to the public.

Below (from left to right):

Thomas Pitt commonly known as Governor Pitt, Captain Pitt or “Diamond” Pitt – the governor of Madras, famous merchant of the East India Company.

Next is William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham also quite involved in the colonies. Look at his hooked nose.

Then we have:
Christopher Raymond Perry – a US Navy officer initially a pirate. The Perry family originates from Scotland – a well known nest of Phoenicians and their Jews. Female family members have names like Sarah and Susannah. Perry are descendants of the first English colonists in America. Is it true though?

Oliver Hazard Perry – a US naval commander heavily involved in all the Phoenician naval “theaters” – West Indies, Mediterranean (Barbary Wars) and Caribbean.

Matthew Calbraith Perry – younger brother of Oliver, commodore of US Navy, Commander of the East India Squadron.
Why did he join Holland Lodge a masonic lodge in the New York City? I thought he was a Scottish American or maybe Perry family are crypto-Jews from the Netherlands who colonized this territory before English have arrived – New Amsterdam?

Apparently English to penalise Scottish people sent some of them to Australia – an alleged penal colony.
Who was the first who discovered and mapped Australia and New Zealand? A Dutch Phoenician. A coincidence?
It was Abel Tasman and people like Salomon Sweers of Dutch East India Company.
New Zealand in Dutch is “New Zeeland” – Zeeland is part of Netherlands.

As a side note the Phoenicians currently have a legal opium plantation on Tasmania.

There was also Isaac Titsingh who covered Japan what later Matthew Perry has picked up.
You definitely want to research about Medieval (or Ancient?) Jewish/Phoenician mapmakers from Mallorca.

And finally the famous celebrities: Brad Pitt and Katy Perry playing her Phoenician ancestor – Cleopatra.

Below is famous Jim Morrison with his father George Stephen Morrison an admiral of Phoenician (this time US) Navy aboard aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard. Look at his father’s narrow eyes and a hooked nose – typical Phoenician/Jewish features.
The sail ship is the first USS Bon Homme Richard that was initially a French merchant ship of the French East India Company that later was given to Americans.
Most likely Morrison is from powerful crypto-Jewish Venetian nobles Morosini whose members were heavy into Venetian navy.

Morrisons – one of UK’s top supermarkets – again a coincidence

There were also Babylonian (Iraqi) Radhanite Jews (land Phoenicians) prominent merchants on the land who apparently as the first have established a sophisticated Babylonian banking system.
To me it looks like the Phoenicians have limited Radhanite’s influnce as sea shipping dominates and land routes from China are effectively cut off by a number of Turkic states: Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kirghistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Any time the Phoenicians can prop up some Muslim radicals to make land trade impossible.
War torn Iraq, Syria and Ukraine is also blocking effective trade through the Silk Road. Jewish Theosophy spooks misdirect their unsuspecting audience and blame everything exactly on those Radhanite Jews.
The official story is that the ultra wealthy Sassoon family who was involved in opium trade with another famous family of Rothschild came from Baghdad that is why Radhanite Jews.

Just replace the Arabs with Phoenician Jews and now it all makes sense. They own not $60 billions but $60 trillions – “they already own half of England”


Inland Revenue now renamed to HM Revenue & Customs

Until 2005 UK tax office was called Inland Revenue. Who would call it that if not Phoenician colonizers supervising colonies from their merchant and military ships?
Ask yourself this question: Are there British who live off the land? Unless these are some British crypto-Jewish Phoenicians who live and sail on their multimillion mega-yachts and perceive anything that is inland just as objects of exploitation and taxation.

Jewish Phoenicians are not only gold, cloth merchants, bankers/financiers, industrialists, publishing and media moguls they are also customs, duty and tax collectors.
If you don’t believe me just study about the 2,500 miles long Great Hedge of India and (again) Inland Customs Line. Yes the country has been split to two parts to tax Hindu people for salt brought from England so they cannot buy cheap salt from Gujerat.
These English were so bad!
No! It’s a Phoenician practice. If not Red Coats the Phoenician East India Company would find other mercenaries to extort those taxes.

Great Hedge of India

One of the non-executive directors of the Bank Of England is Diana Harding nicknamed “Dido” (check on BoE website). Dido was a legendary founder and the first queen of the Phoenician city state of Carthage!
Why would a person from the City Of London adopt such nickname unless it’s to do with a very old heritage that predates even the Roman Britannia! And yes, Diana Harding is from the peerage even when officially it is said she grew up on a pig farm. You have to laugh!
She was also involved in MHRA and the poison vaccine rollout in UK.I

f you would like to know more about the Great Fire of London and how the central (private) bank has been introduced read THIS article. This also gives some clues about what is going to happen in our lifetime.

Even Ronan Atkinson who speaks like a lord with perfect English also grew up on a farm I reckon also chasing pigs. I like Ronan Atkinson but he could not resist and he exposed himself by saying in one of his gigs to the Christians in hell that “the Jews were right”.
The truth is the Atkinson family is an old Jewish family of gold merchants who deal in precious metals in England to this day (just look it up).

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in US

The same is true in US where the Phoenicians tax the natives to pay for their staged wars. Yes, the income tax has been introduced to fund wars. VAT is another example of a globally adopted tax to extort money from the natives. Read “Pharaoh and the Priest“. The Phoenicians have worked it out very well.

10% of taxes in total is fine but socialist (Phoenician run) governments the people are being taxed at least 3 times that amount excluding VAT and other duties.
While the Phoenicians inflate the currencies big time, launder money, evade taxation, run 247 large scale smuggling, are dealing in drugs on the streets but also dealing Big Pharma drugs through UK NHS and US MediCare you supposed to remain a law abiding citizen and pay all the taxes. UK is not that bad in terms of taxation comparing to other countries but still Phoenician taxes like income tax and VAT is applied to make sure the gap between the Phoenicians and the natives always increases.

HSBC – the bank of the Phoenician East India Company opium dealers tells you the financial abuse comes from your own home most likely from your male partner. You have to laugh!


Back in the days China has been targeted by the Phoenician drug dealing.

Opium den in China

Currently United States is targeted by the Phoenician street drugs and Big Pharma drugs if it wasn’t enough.

Some junkies. Who cares, right?

The whole Big Pharma is Phoenician because it originates from drug trade, famous opium trade back in the days but do not think it’s over.

Oxicontin delivered by Purdue Pharma owned by another Phoenician Jewish dynasty – Sackler family,

Arthur Sackler from some Polish Jews making a fortune on people’s misery and death and earned enough billions to buy out all the Phoenician artifacts.
But Purdue Pharma is not the only Phoenician corporation that does harm people.
I think Pfizer, AstraZeneca, BionTech have more to explain.

According to Wikipedia Albert is a child of Holocaust survivors from Greece so he is a Holocaust survivor himself according to Jewish understanding even if he was born well after the Second World War. As you can see as a survivor he makes sure the health of the Gentiles is getting better every day especially after taking the Pfizer vaccine.

Rochelle Walensky: didn’t the vaccine prevent COVID? You say it actually made things worse? Oh…

Rochelle Walensky on one of her public Skype calls said “We know that the people who are dying from this vax (shakes her head) from this a… disease”. Oops!

I already mentioned about Handelsbanken that is owned by Wallenbergs. They also own stakes at Ericsson, Volvo and AstraZeneca. During so called Second World War most likely they were the most important financial conduit between the Axis and Allies – laundering money for the Nazis and Phoenicians in America via neutral Sweden – Swedish steel producers for the European war machine.

This is a big topic on it’s own but I wrap it up very quickly.
All the news are syphoned from two news agencies Thomson Reuters and Associated Press (AP). Both owned by oligarchs. This includes Clarivate that “measures” so called impact factor and based on that ranks what is science and what is not. They rig not only the news feeds by the numbers of citations of “scientific” papers.

Who were the founders:
Moses Yale Beach founded Associated Press. He was a cousin of Canadian fur trader James Murray Yale and Gov. Elihu Yale of Yale University. Yale University is another Jewish spook feeder they have a Hebrew book in their crest. Yale originate from (you guessed it!) from Wales and as you can see are intermarried with other Phoenicians like Scottish Murrays and Rockefellers,
Reuters has been founded by Paul Julius Reuter (born Israel Beer Josaphat). Reuters Group later merged with Thomson and formed Thomson Reuters. I let you judge if Thomson hereditary peers are not Jewish.

But do not worry if being high and masturbating isn’t enough the Phoenicians work tirelessly on high quality virtual porn for VR goggles and low latency remotely controlled Bluetooth dildos.
This time we won’t cover the porn business the Jewish Phoenician play a key role.

They need Gentiles only to build their temples and skyscrapers or work at their mines, factories and plantations or die at their senseless wars.
Apart from that the Gentiles are expendable and as soon as the Phoenicians decide on a new so called industrial revolution they phase servants and slaves out while at the same time blaming them for pollution and carbon footprint.
It is just a matter of how fast do they want to drive the numbers of human vermin down then they implement different strategies. More recently we had a worldwide vaccine campaign but they do it with general poisoning e.g. of water, Big Pharma, drugs and everything else that helps in your premature demise.

If not vaccines they organize civil, continental or worldwide wars to prune the population.

Have you ever wondered why not only during the Napoleonic Wars the warfare looked like above?
Who has decided that the best way of winning a battle is to form tight firing squads and place them opposite to the enemy firing squads?
This is how at the time the Phoenicians decided to depopulate the stupid Gentiles. As long as the Phoenicians orchestrate both sides of the conflict human casualties are unimportant – actually wrong, the more casualties the better!
People who enact and watch these mock battles are excited and with pride think and talk about patriotism and bravery. To me it is ridiculous, it’s stupid.

And you bet top Jewish cloth merchants and tailors were all over the delivery of hundreds of thousands of these fancy uniforms – I reckon quite expensive but who cares if it was paid from public coffers like it was paid for the vaccines!
I reckon in the next war Calvin Klein and Nike is going to be all over military shirts and pants.

What people also don’t bring up are the question of ridiculously bright colours of these uniforms e.g. English red coats. It is definitely easier to aim at a soldier who is in red. If you wear red or white you cannot hide in the bushes so you remain exposed at all times – a cannon fodder. I think a Phoenician has also coined this term.

Have you ever wondered why the front of the First World War has stalled and for years turned into hundreds of miles long trench?
Do you know what were the effects of sitting in cold trenches for weeks if not months?
If it wasn’t a quick death from a bullet or a cannon shell it was a slower death from syphilis.
Don’t forget that on top of that the American soldiers during WW1 have been vaccinated before they were shipped to Europe. Once in a trench their days were numbered. This vaccine-induced pandemic kick-started the Plandemic of Spanish Flu over a century ago – a century old precursor of the COVID Plandemic. Just a coincidence.

You pay customs on goods brought to your country and you think it’s for the betterment of your home country’s finances. Wrong! It’s only for the betterment of the Phoenicians who for the last 40 years are pushing Chinese products all over the world because China is their (new) favourite (sweat shop) since they gave up on United States and Europe, used them, abused them and now are in the process of shifting to Asia similar to what they did to other empires in the past e.g. the Persian, the Byzantine or the Ottoman Empire. Taxes are so the Phoenician merchandise is always cheaper. Do you think Amazon pays duty taxes?
What I am trying to say is that the products coming from China have a free pass through the Border Control / Duty tax office while if you order something from US or Japan customs will apply a decent tax to effectively deter any US-UK, UK-US, UK-JP etc. trade unless it’s done by the Phoenicians.
The main thing is that the Chinese and Indian sweatshops are the cheapest to run and some naive Gentiles thought they can copy Phoenicians in their practices and become micro-Phoenicians. All went well until COVID.
The Phoenicians via paid Chang Kai-Shek and communists under Mao were exterminating and starving Chinese for long enough that when Den Xiaoping “decided” to reform the Chinese economy they became the cheapest and the best of sweatshops in the world. Of course China for a long time has been groomed to become what it is today.

Unfortunately the Chinese (Alibaba) dream for the Western middle-class was true until the COVID Plandemic put the world trade into a halt, a Phoenician trade blockade (including Suez Canal blockade with a wedged Evergreen container ship) to kill most of if not all businesses dependent on cheap products and parts from China. Later the same perpetrators started extorting money from any car owner and any homeowner by ramping up prices of petrol, gas and electricity not because of COVID or the Russian invasion but because they hold a monopoly in all critical industries including the energy sector.
Do you think that they would leave the energy sector, oil fields, power plants, gas pipes to the natives?
The biggest 500 corporations in the world are owned by multi-trillion dollar investment firms like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity, Blackstone whose owners are PRIVATE. No surprise some of them have a sailing ship in their logo like Vanguard and State Street. They are the Phoenicians.
Apparently Blackrock has a bespoke system called Aladdin. Again you see Aladdin and Alibaba Group – all Middle-Eastern names.
A question for you? Do you see Arab Alibabas in every trading port of the world especially in China?
No but you see Jewish/Phoenician pretending Alibabas.
But let’s talk about Aladdin system that apparently uses lots of data, sophisticated math algorithms and top economists to predict the best investment. Bull crap!
The Phoenicians are long past the point of predicting future. They long moved on from uncertainty to creating future by manufacturing all sorts of events. That is why they control all the media to control the moods of the public and rig the markets in their favor. They also own intelligence agencies and movie industry like Holywood to stage and make fake events look real but also make sure the old historical lies stick e.g. 911.

But then you may ask about war. Indeed, the wars can be bloody but fake at the same time.
It’s bloody only for the rank-a-file people while the Phoenicians enjoy the profit chutzpah.

It’s kind of silly to see so many YT videos of various influencers popping up “exposing” Blackrock to the peasants. Of course these videos won’t expose anything about Blackrock or Vanguard that isn’t approved by the Intelligence otherwise it would be taken down or at least shadow banned.
Besides Blackrock is just another Phoenician smokescreen like Facebook, Google, Microsoft are just many facades of the same and established planetary Phoenician Intelligence. And Larry Fink is not some investment genius but just another front.
The Phoenicians know very well that analytics are rather meaningless. Apart from simple gambling with money market analytics may be good for the Gentiles in general and some pensioners who are not part of the tribe or are low in the Masonic food chain.
What makes the difference ARE THE FAKE NEWS, FAKE EVENTS, FALSE FLAGS, CONNECTIONS, INSIDERS, ESPIONAGE and the Jews always stay on top of these activities.
If you check Jews were/are behind all the famous leaks including Water Gate scandal. There are rats all over the place.
The Phoenician rigging of the markets became blatantly apparent with the more recent Bitcoin cycles and the rigging of the gold market.

It’s admitted in the mainstream history that the Phoenician Wall Street was behind pushing neutral United States into First and Second World War. Like 911 false flag was used to push US into many wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen you can be sure all the other false flags including Pearl Harbour were manufactured by the same people.

Some notable war profiteers of the time:

Look! Hiram Maxim like the Phoenician king Hiram and the Phoenician architect of the Solomon’s Temple also named Hiram. The inventor of the famous Maxim machine gun of the World War I to better mow the Gentiles on the battlefields. Hiram is sold to us as American-British inventor. American-British means Phoenician.
While Basil Zaharoff (born Zacharias) is sold to us as a Greek but we know all the surnames ending OFF are not even Russians but Jewish Phoenician aristocracy who happens to live or come from Russia. Basil was an industrialist, arms dealer and the mainstream claims the richest man of the time – again the Phoenician Military Intelligence dealing in weapon sales but first and foremost making sure there is sufficient demand for weapons – so cause wars.

Baruch family are some Jewish Phoenicians from Poland and Bernard has swiftly made a fortune on the New York Stock Exchange and knew exactly when to exit the stock market before the great crash. US presidents could not resist Baruch’s war agenda and US isolationism was over. You can read more about it by studying Nye Committee and what Charles Lindbergh had to say about all of this.
Since then US Marines have become the new mercenaries of the Phoenician war machine like English Red Coats or Vikings or Varangians or Vandals or Normans back in the days.

I think I mentioned Harry Triguboff – one of the richest Phoenicians in Australia whose family moved from Russia to China but Harry himself end up the richest man in Australia.
No surprise Jewish actress Scarlett Johansson (from a Danish (Viking) father and Jewish mother) in Avengers plays Natasha Romanoff because most likely she herself is from the House of Romanov. If you believe it or not but in Hollywood the Phoenicians love to play their ancestors. She is most likely grand grand daughter or niece of Russian tzars or some princesses.
And the Phoenicians like Jewish Nazis are also obsessed with Scandinavian/Viking mythology (and blond hair) what Marvel promotes heavily in Hollywood.

US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and Israeli Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon
WRONG! Just two Phoenician arms dealers enjoying planetary domination (both Jewish if you haven’t noticed)

Below three generations of Phoenician directors of Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in the White House.
You bet they were disarming the military! I mean disarm only to sell the old weapons to poor countries so for instance more African and Arab kids get killed and at the same time charge Western Gentile taxpayers billions for orders of new war toys including fake war toys.

Again do you know what is the common denominator of the people above?
Walt Rostow (brother of Eugene Rostow) – one of the Jewish Phoenician masterminds behind turning US into a war machine especially during the Vietnam War. Only Henry Kissinger could match him.

What is the connection between the Israelites (Jews) and Phoenicians. In Ancient times these two nations were neighbouring in the Levant, Middle East.
According to the Old Testament the Phoenicians have kick-started Israel, funded king Solomon, designed and paid for the construction of the First Temple.
Phoenicians were the early traders and before that in the Bronze Age were the so called Sea People. They established the control of the seas and the oceans and had the best maps of the known world. After that all the conquest has been done by the hands of proxy navies and armies like Punic, some Greek, some Roman, Persian, some Byzantine, Ottoman, some Portuguese, some Spanish, some Venetian, Genoese, Dutch, British, US navies.
They are also hidden in history as Hyksos, Visigoths, Vandals, Vikings and Barbary pirates but also famous pirates of the Caribbean. Of course the story sold to us by Hollywood and Johnny Depp is far from truth.
You will say that this is ridiculous as these different navies were not and are not manned by Jews.
Of course not but it does not matter anymore because over time the Phoenicians perfected their secret operations to the point that they didn’t have to run their own navy anymore but use navies of their proxies instead e.g. the Dutch, French, English and American.
What matters is that the Navy admirals and commodores are mostly if not all Phoenician Jews.
And this goes beyond the Navy as Phoenicians took control over the Air Force as well and installed some of it on their aircraft carriers – floating airfields.
If Phoenicians bomb one of their “allied” ships like it happened to USS Liberty in 1967 it’s covered up and deemed as an accident. Now you know who is the boss.

The function of today’s Israel among Arab countries (especially Shia Iran ex-Persia) is like back in the days of
a). Greece (Sparta to be more precise) and vast Persia
b). Cuba and vast USA
c). Taiwan and vast PRC.

The Phoenicians require these manufactured and asymmetrical conflict zones to mobilize both sides of the fake arms races to rob the taxpayers.

After 100 years UK Government and their subordinate counties spend substantial amount of money to maintain the sentiment of the First World War. If you live in UK you can experience the Remembrance Day, poppies and cardboard cutouts of 1WW soldiers all over the place e.g. at roundabouts.
Englishmen are still conditioned to be ready to once more put on these red coats and shed some more blood for the Phoenician fake wars or in peace time secure the Phoenician drug trafficking.

Tzar Nicholas II of Russia and King George V of UK – the lookalikes.

The above picture confirms that the House of Romanov is just the extension of Jewish Phoneticians from British Islands with a couple of stops in Norway (Vikings) and Sweden (Varangians).
Do you really think tzar and his family has been executed by the Bolshevik firing squad?
I doubt it considering the immense media coverage at the time and the fact that the Bolsheviks were mostly Jews on Rothschild payroll and trained in London.
They did though exterminate local Gentiles by famine similar to famine in Egypt, the Great Bengal Famine, Holodomor, Morgenthau Plan, forced labour (Soviet gulags, German labour camps) and poison vaccines (vaccinations prior and during the Spanish Flu of 1918, Polio vaccine, COVID-19 Plandemic etc.)

Any numbers of the sacrificial Jews are inflated a hundred times because Jewish victim hood is what the Phoenician oligarchs are after – they need that school bully who shifts to a victim and cry the loudest.
Other genocides are useless to the Phoenicians. You may heard about the Armenian Genocide committed by the Turks but I remind you that Armenians are just able Jews in Christian disguise – I reckon more decent. Allegedly the first Christian nation – you bet they were!

What is the most popular family in the world? The Kardashians who happens to emigrate to US from Armenia just shortly before the aforementioned genocide took place. It was similar to many Jews leaving Europe shortly before the Second World War has broken out. They got the lead.

Ages ago I was naive to think that this common Jewish presence promotes peace because they are omnipresent and usually found on both sides of the conflict e.g. so called Spanish Reconquista war between Spanish kingdoms and Almohads or the Cold War. Jews were prominent on both sides of these conflicts. The thing is these wars were manufactured and were at the expense of the Christians and Muslims. So these insiders on both sides of the conflict had/have nothing to do with peacekeeping but are there to make sure the conflict is going for as long as possible or as necessary. These days we have proxy wars what only serves the military industrial complex.
The “sacred cow” and a bully country in the Palestine is a prime example while fake Palestinian so called terrorists are funded by the Israelis so they can keep asking for ever bigger military budgets and erect even higher ghetto walls made of brick, concrete or steel.

Phoenicians cannot decide on the definition for these entities so they keep changing the definition but Blackrock, Vanguard etc.unregulated banks / hedge funds have more assets under their management than the countries themselves and in recent years we clearly see that many countries become obvious hostages of these Phoenician entities.
I mean these counties were cooked as soon as Phoenician central banks have been established in those countries which is long long time ago. Since then it only gets worse so now we are at a point where these lunatics are setting us up for a costly World War III, an economic recession of a century, to put you on your knees and force into Gulag 2.0 they already tested in Soviet Russia but also refined in China and Japan.
If it’s not enough of products made in China or other Phoenician sweat shops they made the West heavily dependent on Chinese money e.g. Western universities even insure themselves in the case there is not enough rich students from China!

Marc Faber on Soros (Hartman Show)

At any point if you don’t believe me read “Pharaoh and the Priest” by Boleslaw Prus. It’s a beefy historical novel written almost 140 years ago and apparently a favourite novel of Joseph Stalin. Some chapters explain the tactics used by the Phoenicians to control the chain of events to meet their objectives.
You can also find their recipe for a disaster in the Bible in the Book of Genesis 47:13-26 where at the time Joseph was a powerful Phoenician in Egypt and used this strategy to enslave the Egyptians.

Joseph and the Famine
13 “There was no food, however, in the whole region because the famine was severe; both Egypt and Canaan wasted away because of the famine. 14 Joseph collected all the money that was to be found in Egypt and Canaan in payment for the grain they were buying, and he brought it to Pharaoh’s palace. 15 When the money of the people of Egypt and Canaan was gone, all Egypt came to Joseph and said, “Give us food. Why should we die before your eyes? Our money is all gone.”

16 “Then bring your livestock,” said Joseph. “I will sell you food in exchange for your livestock, since your money is gone.” 17 So they brought their livestock to Joseph, and he gave them food in exchange for their horses, their sheep and goats, their cattle and donkeys. And he brought them through that year with food in exchange for all their livestock.

18 When that year was over, they came to him the following year and said, “We cannot hide from our lord the fact that since our money is gone and our livestock belongs to you, there is nothing left for our lord except our bodies and our land. 19 Why should we perish before your eyes—we and our land as well? Buy us and our land in exchange for food, and we with our land will be in bondage to Pharaoh. Give us seed so that we may live and not die, and that the land may not become desolate.”

20 So Joseph bought all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh. The Egyptians, one and all, sold their fields, because the famine was too severe for them. The land became Pharaoh’s, 21 and Joseph reduced the people to servitude,[a] from one end of Egypt to the other. 22 However, he did not buy the land of the priests, because they received a regular allotment from Pharaoh and had food enough from the allotment Pharaoh gave them. That is why they did not sell their land.

23 Joseph said to the people, “Now that I have bought you and your land today for Pharaoh, here is seed for you so you can plant the ground. 24 But when the crop comes in, give a fifth of it to Pharaoh. The other four-fifths you may keep as seed for the fields and as food for yourselves and your households and your children.”

25 “You have saved our lives,” they said. “May we find favor in the eyes of our lord; we will be in bondage to Pharaoh.”

26 So Joseph established it as a law concerning land in Egypt—still in force today—that a fifth of the produce belongs to Pharaoh. It was only the land of the priests that did not become Pharaoh’s.”

This is what the Phoenicians do to lead to a set of disasters to force people into Communism 2.0 slavery and these slaves will be grateful! But will they be in the long run?

The Phoenician oligarchs who identify themselves as Jewish I believe do it only to protect themselves and their criminal activity from criticism but also if the angry mob gets out of control (like it happened in the past) they can always sacrifice some of the lower level Jews to cover themselves.
And even when you see a non-Jew as a CEO always check his wife as one of the requirements for non-Jews to get a prominent seat is to have a Jewish wife (e.g. Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan) so the children are Jewish and the wealth and power stays in the dynasty/family/tribe so it won’t be eaten away by some Goyim peasants.
So for the Phoenician oligarchs it is essential to maintain these Jewish communities in all the mayor cities and ports to secure their business. On top of that organizations like APAC, ADL is to protect Jewish organized crime by calling anyone who criticise them an anti-Semite and suing them.

And this way we arrive at the station called the Intelligence. Intelligence (with uppercase I) is a constellation of various secret service agencies like CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5, MI6, FSB that supposed to work in the interest of their respective nations but THEY DON’T!
These agencies are just bogus intelligence “brands” to disguise the only and almighty Phoenician Military Intelligence.

Again what do you think is the common denominator of the people above?
These are some prime examples of oligarchs and fronts put by the Phoenician Intelligence to become faces of Big Tech corporations. There is hundreds of examples. They all emerge as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs of corporations because they are part of the tribe and have access to lines of credit Gentiles can only dream of. Most of them grow their corporations by having access to government and fintech contracts but also by providing “free” web services to the general public (how kind!) to harvest all the data and make them dependent on their and ONLY marketing platforms.
Dror Efrat runs a popular website among investors – where investors can type in and monitor their portfolios so Phoenicians know exactly in what people are invested. Very clever. Another “free” service.
Since the Phoenicians have access to unlimited lines of credit they keep buying smaller companies.
Some Gentile entrepreneurs even dream about their business being acquired by the Phoenicians for big inflated bucks that is why they always like to show off how much their companies are valued.

What I see is the construction of another Babel Tower. Big data and Big Tech to finish off the middle class. Middle-class is being converted into employees of these corporations even if on the outside they look like independent business owners but still dependent on their credit, marketing, media platforms, government and business “trends” in general.

28. RULE BY A PROXY (ideally proxy of a proxy)
Some examples of Jewish/Israeli handlers.

Ari is an entertainment mogul and Hollywood talent agent handling mainly actors. Why is he hanging with allegedly the richest man in the world but also unhealthy looking Elon Musk? Unless Elon like Obama and Biden is just another actor of the Israeli/Jewish establishment a.k.a. the Deep State. The government contracts (so called taxpayers money or rather taxpayers debt) are then granted to Jewish/Phoenician owned corporations Elon is just one of the faces.
Ari’s mates also own UFC (so they effectively own Joe Rogan) and WWF. If you don’t like politics they will keep you preoccupied with many other theaters if not Hollywood then football or UFC, WWF circus or SlapFIGHT.

You can also admire the “works” of MOCAtv on Youtube. Ari Emanuel has helped to create this channel and joined the museum’s board. Another example of a pusher of Modern art with all sorts of perverse elements to undermine the culture, Christian values but primarily to ridicule Catholicism.

Spy movies created by Hollywood (run by we know who) are to create a better but false image of this profession. They want you to perceive secret agents, spies as some heroes who take great risk to protect their nations, chase and fight bad people, the villains like terrorists, risk their life, live an exciting but dangerous life.

However more recently they contradicted themselves and in the movie “U.N.C.L.E” show you straight into your face a successful collaboration between CIA, KGB and MI5 against some fictional Italian Fascist/Nazi terrorist group – an imaginary enemy of the Jewish Phoenicians.
In reality the Zionists created Nazism and later collaborated with it.

A very good movie with good music but you get the point. The message of all the James Bond movies is:
“You mess with us the Phoenicians (hidden behind British or American or Soviet flag) we eliminate you like we did with Gaddafi or Saddam who dared to challenge our primacy”.
This cooperation of supposedly hostile intelligence agencies in the movie is another Hollywood joke to tell us the Cold War was fake. The Phoenicians were handling this massive racket of public funds in all the countries involved to provide “on paper” some sense of security for the Gentiles who to this very day fear of imaginary nuclear war caused by fake nuclear weapons.
Have you ever thought why Israel is the only country in the whole world that allegedly has 200+ nuclear warheads (stashed somewhere in this small country) and does not have to explain itself to any of the alleged superpowers but Iran and North Korea must do so?
Because it’s all a joke, they don’t have any nuclear weapons, no one has them. They again display this double-standard and make you swallow it. As long as you swallow it they can push the envelope as far as they want.
Nuclear weapons is a bogeyman made up by the Phoenician military industrial complex and since Phoenicians control all the media they can tell you who including Israel has these fairy weapons. You have no chances of verifying it because these ICMB rockets carrying nukes are most likely empty however be sure the Phoenicians all over the world have dredged the public coffers sufficiently to deliver these fakes like they deliver other fakes including the Moon landing filmed in a Holywood studio.

Benjamin Disraeli (again Jewish) who was the prime minister of Great Britain at the height of British Empire (he put the crown of India on Queen Victoria’s head) admitted in his book “Tancred” that the Jews (Phoenicians) are pretty much on everything. You don’t believe me then read it.

In reality the primary job of the secret agents (most if not all of the top agents are Jewish – no one can beat them in terms of lying and subversion but also famous for fudging of their names) is to secure the objectives of the Phoenician oligarchs by subverting local populations to the point Phoenicians can ostensibly profit on them by selling products natives don’t need like drugs, vaccines, weapons but also deal in global human and sex trafficking. Epstein’s worldwide network of brothels what was not an enterprise of some lone pervert Jewish billionaire as they say in the media but a Mossad operation with Ghislaine Maxwell being a Phoenician Mossad agent herself (a daughter of the top Israeli-British spy) supervising Epstein. Do you think they really got rid of this always laughing Intelligence spook Robert Maxwell or changed his looks and retired somewhere to South America?
I reckon Epstein’s death was faked in a similar fashion.
But they will tell you that what Beria, Maxwell and Epstein did was too much to handle and they had to be eliminated for good.

And the above Andrew has recently been arrested in Romania for human (woman) trafficking. Of course it was some fake arrest as the media were just waiting and publicised all over the media. I reckon to let go off some steam around his activities where sex trafficking is one of them.
After the demise of one Phoenician front Jeffrey Epstein a new Phoenician came in his place and he is now heavily promoted all over the place by the Intelligence media. A misogynistic pimp, a pornographer and a gambler so banned by the establishment that he is all over the Internet.
According to Brendon Lee O’Connell Andrew is smuggling diamonds in his arse. A known Phoenician profession to this day regardless that the fake arts, cryptocurrencies, NFTs are modern ways of laundering money.

I use this as an opportunity to test your intelligence and ask you what is the secret meaning of these media quotes repeated in Piers Morgan show:
1. “TikTok misogynist Andrew Tate is a teenage role model”
2. “Rape charities demand TikTok bans millionaire British ex-Big Brother influencer”
3. “Youtube joins Facebook in banning Andrew Tate”

1. Andrew Tate is recruiting young girls to his brothels (run by CIA/Mossad). Please contact his agent.
2. If you fancy to rape a young woman Andrew Tate can arrange it for you. Please contact his agent.
3. The promotion of Andrew Tate on these two platforms is now on steroids.

Many of you are well aware of CIA Air America drug trafficking e.g. in Vietnam, in Afghanistan.
Are these drugs for the US president or the representatives in Capitol to sniff?
It bears similarities to Jewish run East India Trading Company, opium trade and Opium Wars (Rothschild and Sassoon) all secured by British Navy and armed Red Coats.

I think spy movies apart from being exciting to watch by regular people are also to impose a better image of this profession so when an agent watches such movie he feels better about himself so his morale does not deteriorate so fast. This applies to any Gentile agent who happens to enlist to these agencies not fully understanding the implications. I don’t think the Jewish agents have any moral dilemmas as they are the ultimate opportunist so don’t break a sweat when causing mischief.

the real owners – the Phoenicians
In case you believe in Russell Brand

Above is George Kaiser an oligarch in Oklahoma and Max Keiser (with a fudged surname so it’s harder to connect these two people but just look at their faces. As we know at Russia Today (CIA front) Max Keiser is a fierce critic of the banksters but also a close friend of Russell Brand. On the other hand George Kaiser is pioneering the development of UN smart city program / communitarianism (communism) in Oklahoma.

In each and every country Phoenician oligarchs are the richest regardless of the location what confirms that modern Phoenicia has a global reach. The seas are under their control and most of the valuable land is also under their management to excavate and trade its resources.
I don’t have time to cover all but you can hit any country not only of the so called Commonwealth and you will discover more Phoenician oligarchs.

These oligarchs are out of control (if they ever were under any control) and steaming fast towards NWO which is a planetary Communism 2.0 not just half of the world like it was the case with Communism 1.0.
According to these people who meet at WEF national governments are obsolete and are going to be replaced with unelected corporate governance (European Union is a taste of that).
They also think that the technology is almost there that the slaves, the peasants (anyone really, just not them) can soon be phased out and replaced with robots but before that happens humanity has to sink into Gulag 2.0. Before the full rollout of the robots human sweatshops will continue to operate as the labour of the hungry mob use to be cheap.

The above are the top Jews behind Communism 1.0 in Soviet Russia. These people were responsible for over 20 million deaths. Of course there was a non-Jewish element involved in Red Terror but the Jews spearheaded the Bolshevism. Trotzky allegedly died in Mexico City, Beria was allegedly executed while the worst of them Lazar outlived the Soviet Union and died peacefully in 1990. After the British spooks in 2017 made a movie “The Death of Stalin” where Beria is being executed I now doubt if it really happened, more likely he was evacuated to Israel by the British-Jewish Intelligence he worked for. They usually make this kind of “historical” movies to confirm and refresh fake history so naive people think there is some justice.

HERE is a long list of prominent Jewish Bolsheviks and Communists.
Aleksander Solzhenitsyn in his book “The Gulag Archipelago” wrote: “It is time to put six names on the slopes of this channel – the main helpers of Stalin and Yagoda, the main supervisors of Belomor canal, six mercenary killers, after each of them thirty thousand deaths victims: FirinBermanFrenkelKoganRappoportZhuk“.
All in bold are confirmed Jews so at least 6 out of 8.
In this particular example their actions led to about 300 000 deaths.

The Brotherhood Church, a Fabian socialist institute, which once stood on Southgate Road in Islington, London where in 1907 Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Gorky, Litvinov & Rosa Luxemburg held the 5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party.
After that communist and socialist agents from all over the world were coming in to London to receive their instructions and grants. Usually they were accommodated in hostels at Whitechapel, London owned by Rothschild. Once back in their home countries they usually became the political leaders: presidents, prime ministers or dictators.

If you want to know more I urge you to read two books of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:
1. The Gulag Archipelago
2. Two Hundred Years Together

Jewish agents have been sent to China where to this day the communist party is well and good and where NWO ideas are being implemented and tested on large population before implementation in the rest of the world.

Pictures above:
Top-left: Israel Epstein, second from right in front, standing in front of Mao. He later became the minister of appropriations, an extremely powerful position in a practically cashless era (CBDC is simply next generation communism).
Top-center: Israel Epstein, Mao Tse Tung’s minister of appropriations (finance) being honored for his service by Chinese communist leader, Chairman Hu Jin Tao
Top-right: Sidney Rittenberg, an American Jew, was in charge of Communist Red China’s propaganda organ.
Bottom: Mao in a high-level meeting with several Jews in New York: Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely and Solomon Adler

What is communism in the practical terms?
1. rule of outright criminals on every level
2. it is a large scale genocide
3. it is a large scale looting operation (personal belongings, property, natural resources, labour)
4. it is a discriminatory system that wipes out cultures and religions
5. it is a one big forced labour camp

Wondering who inspired and built these walls and fences?
Were these built by the Russians or Germans to enclose Soviets or built by Poles to enclose Jews or built by Palestinians to enclose Israelis or by Mexicans to enclose Americans? No, it is other way round.
What about the German concentration camps? These have been built decades after the Soviet gulags were fully operational but most likely inspired by the same people.

I would not be surprised that the Phoenicians were behind the Mongol Empire what forced the Chinese to build these massive fortifications in the north so called The Great Wall of China.
I resembles the refugee crisis in Europe and US and led to building of a tall wall at the border with Mexico.

Tall concrete walls built by the Israelis to separate themselves from the Palestinians is the past Jewish practice of building ghetto walls. They just cannot do it differently. At the beginning of the Second World War in the cities like Warsaw and Lodz Jews built ghetto walls to separate themselves from Poles as Jews claimed it was not their war while the Jews in Eastern Poland were welcoming the Soviets and NKVD with open arms.

Read this fragment from Wikipedia about Medieval Jewish ghetto in Morocco:
“A mellah (Arabic: ملاح; probably from Arabic ملح, ‘salt’) is a walled Jewish quarter of a city in Morocco, an analogue of the European ghetto. Jewish populations were confined to mellahs in Morocco beginning from the 15th century and especially since the early 19th century. In cities, a mellah was surrounded by a wall with a fortified gateway. Usually, the Jewish quarter was situated near the royal palace or the residence of the governor in order to protect its inhabitants from recurring riots. In contrast, rural mellahs were separate villages inhabited solely by the Jews.”

Another proof the Jewish ghettos were and still are Phoenician outposts the locals use to rebel against while the governors, the princes, the kings were and still are on the Phoenician payroll but more likely are Phoenicians themselves. Ghettos were and are perfect safety valves for the Phoenicians to run their business no matter how criminal. In worst case the angry mob will attack the ghetto.
The main question however is how come the ghetto is located near the palace unless the upper class lives in it? How come a king, a prince or a governor puts considered inferior foreigners next door unless he is one of them?

The Phoenicians do all in their power to maintain the martyrdom of the Jews. They want their Jews to be like spoiled kids who then in exchange can bully everyone else in courts and at boardroom meetings.

They use all sorts of excuses to bring the topic of Holocaust to condition the public.
More recently they staged or at least inflated in all the controlled media outlets the case of Lineker but the whole thing was blatantly used just to bring the topic of Jewish persecutions once more and yap about Nazis and “6 millions of Jews” for a good few days.

They will even sympathize with the Goyim pleb and bring the topic of injustice in Israeli Palestine but they will make sure the celebrity defender of the Palestinians is enough controversial to eventually explode and neutralize the Palestinian side. And this is exactly what Roger Waters of Pink Floyd does by enacting these quasi Nazi performances at his concerts. Of course he claims they are not Nazis but they look like Nazis anyway. Regardless of all of that he uses these psyops to again reaffirm the Holocaust!
Think twice if Roger Waters is your pal. He has a faked bio and Waters are top British (Phoenician) peers. Also look at his elongated Phoenician face and small narrow eyes.
The art of control is to control both sides including the opposition.

Oh yeah. They love to feed you these manufactured confrontations.

33. WTC 911
For quite some time the Phoenician oligarchs remained in the shadow but because of their recent recklessness and tightening of the screw they no longer can remain unnoticed.

About 3000 people were killed in a controlled demolition or I should say blowing up of WTC buildings on 11th of September 2001. On that day the owner Larry Silverstein and his daughter happens to be out the WTC building. So called “Dancing Israelis” and even Klaus Schwab (WEF) were in New York on that day to witness (and perhaps celebrate and document) the planned destruction, a Phoenician/Jewish ritual – a celebration of the destruction of the Temple.

After that the destruction of Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan) and Libya has followed with millions of dead and displaced people. Again Christianity is being wiped out from these regions and whole areas are being levelled and the ground is being prepared for the smart Greater Israel.
While Europe is subject to a refugee crisis (backed by George Soros) but also more recently subjected to so called “energy crisis”. The oligarchs are not in crisis because their agenda is set and it’s a one way road.

You see the Phoenician Intelligence very effectively leads people astray and devices many ways to ridicule any conspiracy theories.
For instance what they did with 911 to compromise the opposition the mainstream media said that people are spreading conspiracy theory that the US Government was behind the 911. I am sure you have heard it many times – the agencies lobbied so called INSIDE JOB. Many people have taken the bait and repeated it.
What then they do next is they ridicule this “US Government inside job” top conspiracy theory by saying “It’s stupid, how a government that is so unreliable and incompetent could plan, execute but what is more important keep the secret for so long. It’s impossible.” They say that but they also provide all the leads (it’s actually very easy in the era of informational chaos) so the unsuspecting spectator will draw the same conclusion.

The exactly same thing we have seen with COVID Plandemic. The controlled opposition immediately blamed national governments. Americans blamed US government, English blamed UK government, French blamed French government etc. but at the same time mass media bring up the incompetence of those governments. Again the conclusion – it could not be the governments that in unison could orchestrate such an international plan UNLESS everything is under the globalist control of the Phoenician corporations.

Because the response from the opposition was so strong the Intelligence modified it a little bit and blamed the emergency and incompetence as the leading causes of the messy reponse and deaths.


This is the new reality in UK. The Phoenician MOB energy corporations keep bombarding Brits with email updates. It is now 27th of March but they want to tell me that I am “protected” for another month so I start to worry only in two weeks. These nearly weekly updates are to keep everyone on the edge (like during the Plandemic) but also in line with all the pseudo-government agendas that may come.

No, I haven’t heard about it “in the news” because I don’t follow Phoenician fake media.

Media spooks like Martin Lewis are now useless because the Phoenicians decided to end this game of getting a better deal by changing energy providers twice a year. The energy sector was so dynamic with hundreds of energy providers offering different rates but not anymore!
What happened to these “market forces” the Libertarians praise so much? I reckon they have been stopped by “the invisible (Phoenician) hand of the market”.
Until now Martin led Brits with a carrot but do not worry fellow Phoenicians will find him something else to sell to you. The capitalism has been suspended because we are now ALL PROTECTED from energy doom by the government and soon will receive CBDC food stamps to spend nowhere else but at MacDonalds like during deadly COVID pandemic everyone except me was queuing at MacDonalds.
You know we are protected by Phoenician MOB.

This is the definition of The Old and New Phoenician World Order folks! Given to you by Hollywood nearly 50 years ago.

Younger generations may know little about 911 event as they were too young to remember it or were born after it happened. What do you have to know though is that 911 was a signature event that enabled these criminals to launch the War on Terror that to this day established a new paradigm for the wars, plandemics and NWO to emerge.

Now let’s cut to the chase and read what this Algerian Jew Jacques Attali (by the way Algeria is Phoenician) – the president of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development based in Canary Wharf, London (another Phoenician river island outpost) had to say in 1981:
“Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating. We won’t be able to run intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated.
We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

our famous Jewess Walensky

but the history of systemic crippling is old if not ancient.

Jewish Elvis promoting a polio vaccine

By the way do you remember George Carlin saying that when allegedly there was a polio epidemic in New York he is from that he never got polio? I think I know why. It wasn’t because he swam in Hudson river but because he didn’t take the polio vaccine!


Tom Hagen: Who should I give this job to?
Vito Corleone: Not to our paisan. Give it to a Jew Congressman in another district.

Again Hollywood straight into your face.
Italian mafia superimposed over the real Phoenician mob. It’s in the Phoenician interest to prop the Jewish scapegoat and all the problems that surround their wicked attitudes and troubled existence.

It is unclear to me when a Jew becomes a Phoenician but I leave it to you to judge.

At least 4 groups of this scheme have been identified:
1. The Phoenicians (Planetary Trading Guild) – ultra-wealthy merchants, bankers and industrialists who were/are responsible for most of the colonisations and to this day own all the important land and resources, control central banks and the governments.
They create money out of nothing to prop their corporations. They acquire all the genuine businesses and merge them with their existing corporations. Examples: Rothschild dynasty (British East India Company), Vanderbilt dynasty (Dutch East India Company), Wallenberg dynasty (Swedish East India Company), Perry dynasty (East India Squadron) Gates dynasty, King dynasty and many many more including all the peerage families. You see they all love East Indies.

2. The Jewish management class – full of pride Jews who are lured by the Phoenicians to prominent positions of power to represent Phoenician interests and at least on paper run their corporations, government offices, government agencies and fake charities which launder money and roll out globalist agendas. They gather at WEF. Examples: Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Rochelle Walensky, Albert Bourla, all corporate CEOs, Oxfam etc.
Phoenicians have a carrot for the Jews who fit this profile.

3. Rank-a-file orthodox Jews who grew up in the Jewish ghettos. These people from the cradle through manufactured trauma and fear are being brainwashed to submit to the wishes of the Phoenicians and the Jewish elite who also happens to be the ghetto leaders. The fear of Holocaust and long list of alleged past persecutions is what strengthens their community to the point of isolation.
The never ending fearmongering is a Phoenician stick for the Jews who fit this profile.

When the things go south (for whatever reason) these Jews are usually used as a sacrificial lamb by the Phoenicians. What looks like a nice community would otherwise not exist if not the traumas, fear of the outside world mixed with strong sense of pride but also ridiculous number of rules to follow what leads to the promotion of EXPLOITATIVE MINDSET to invent all sorts of loopholes to go about not only their orthodox rules but also rules of their hosts. So on the outside it may look impressive but in practice it is wicked.
Because Christians (except Zionist Christians) are not taught to exploit others, quite the opposite so naturally become ideal targets of Jewish exploitation.
Apparently many artificial rules (similar to Mormons) lead to the development of good problem-solution skills where they explore various ways of bypassing those rules.

4. The Jewish revolutionaries – Jews who had enough of trauma and fear and managed to escape the Orthodox ghetto. Usually also stop practicing their religion. The resulting shock leads to a rebellious attitude that is now unrestricted and it is unleashed onto the world like opening of a Pandora Box. These people have little to no self-restraint that is why they take advantage of others with ease but still retain their sense of Jewish pride and primacy.

After 100 years the Phoenicians again launched the same but refined agenda in the West and you should oppose it even if you think it’s too late. Thanks to their actions 80 millions of Chinese have been killed and about further 30 millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and Germans with obliterated cultures and religions.

Now they do the same to Western Europe and North America by declaring full scale war on Christianity and flood the West with people of inferior cultures.
Like communist genocide they concoct similar schemes in this part of the world and this can only get worse because the wolves are rounding up sheep while shepherds are nowhere to be seen (no leadership).
When you read The Gulag Archipelago you should be able to draw a number of parallels to the COVID apartheid as the people of the same descent are behind it. Don’t forget that it is Israel where they invented the COVID vaccine before the COVID pandemic!

They need fear and have to maintain the victim hood to eliminate the opposition what is a typical strategy of a psychopath. The source of psychopathy is from trauma.
Is trauma imposed on the Jewish community from the outside or is it from within the community like from some trauma rituals e.g. circumcision to begin with and also paranoid and obsessive–compulsive behaviors about cleanliness and kosher daily rituals?

But for them it’s not enough that is why they induce even more trauma and chop off boy’s dick as part of so called “transhumanism”. Apparently so far about 20 millions of dicks have been chopped off in US alone.

In the meantime they run all the global trends and make you dependent on their marketing platforms they have the monopoly on. Like for instance popular these days middleman drop shipping. People who run these businesses are very proud of themselves. They only connect the dots and goods are delivered to people who need them, right? The only culprit is they are totally dependent on the Phoenician marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram and their marketing costs are substantial. And I bet that at some point once Phoenician platforms collect enough data their drop shipping “freelancers” will gradually earn less and less. These “businessmen” basically act as interim paid human intelligence before the AI of these corporations catches up. Look at these armies of Chinese sales agents who are so dependent on the Phoenician global trends and trade routes.

If not with pornography, alcohol or drugs they will get you at least addicted to excessive shopping. In the Protestant West they pretty much converted all the spiritual holidays into shopping frenzies and freak shows (Easter, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day etc.).

The current global struggle is again induced by the Phoenicians. Some time ago some powerful Phoenicians have planned that the centre of power is going to shift to the East. What we currently witness is a minor quarrel between these Western and Eastern Phoenicians. I say minor because in terms of how they are going treat the Gentiles they are pretty much on the same page. The Phoenicians who have a sentiment to America (or basically have more assets in US) want US to remain a superpower while some other Phoenicians whose Eastern holdings have grown substantially over the years especially since China has become a global sweatshop want to change that. But the sentiments mean less if the herd is called to make a move.
And all is basically down to proportions how many Phoenicians but what is more important underlying highly motivated and opportunistic Jews will support first or the second option. The Phoenicians require highly motivated management class to manage their estates but also conduct espionage and transfer of knowledge.
It’s not a secret that for many years now Israel is directly plugged in to United States and gets all the latest technology that is then being transferred to US adversaries.
The Jewish so called Aliyah – emigration to Israel is being increasingly promoted by the eastern wing of the Phoenicia so the fall of US is inevitable for that simple reason that the financial operating system of the American empire is going to shift most of the resources to Israel in the aim of rebuilding Middle East but this time as the Greater Israel. You have probably noticed by now that many countries around Israel lie in ruins.
The Phoenicians who want to organize this migration of the Jewish people (not immigration because many of the Jews already have an Israeli or more passports) have many tools to make it happen and as we speak the antisemitism is being brought up more and more in mass media to provoke all sorts of reactions.

You want to study the life of Joseph Nasi a famous Phoenician who was one of many precursors of today’s Israel. From a Western banker (House of Habsburg) he quickly transformed into the right hand of the Ottoman sultan – the arch enemy of the Christendom not only in Mediterranean.

The inductors of narcissism:
1. trauma rituals – circumcision
2. fear based mentality and isolation – ghetto walls for protection from persecutions
3. victim based mentality – persecutions, pogroms, Holocaust
4. obsessive-compulsive behaviors – kosher rituals
5. promotion of generational incest as a mean of wealth preservation – obsession about linages, blood lines and dynasties – read HERE and HERE.
Indeed the Orthodox Jews perform genetic tests on their kin to determine if a man or a woman is of good stock and can marry thus such popularity of 23andMe among Jews which is run by Jews (Anne Wojcicki and Esther Dyson – both Jewish).
Dynasties form smaller and bigger intelligence corporations.

The Phoenician overlords always bring Jews with themselves and even schedule their migrations to new colonies because it’s much easier to rule if you set the locals and Jews against each other. Jews are the mercenary scapegoats.


a Jewish gay Samuel Altman – CEO of OpenAI

Phoenician Military Intelligence profiles and recruits homosexuals to run their projects because as the history shows gays are the least trustworthy but the most obedient of all and are perfect faces for their great scams. Yes, Alexander The Great was gay so Hitler (Jewish). It could well be Napoleon (Jewish) was also gay. They all served the Phoenician military industrial complex very well.

You should notice by now that the Phoenician Intelligence while it is heavily promoting Andrew Tate (allegedly the most banned person on the Internet) all over the Internet it is now also ramping up the promotion of ChatGPT AI. Youtube is now full of videos of various influencers praising the incredible invention and if we don’t accept it and make use of it we lose big time!

This announcement of ChatGPT AI in the end of November 2022 is another indicator we are dealing with a script that is being played out. First they stage some disasters like the Plandemic then the war in Ukraine and “the resulting energy crisis” and now they come up with AI as a solution at the exact time when the economy is bad and the corporations are ready to fire some big numbers of employees to cut expenses but also because of the introduction of robots – manual labour jobs and introduction of AI – white-collar jobs. The Phoenician Intelligence is now rounding up naive people to use it so the corporations can harvest even more data that they harvest with other means.
This will become like an AI search engine porn. Many people will be officially rejecting this pseudo AI but secretly using it. Why? Because this AI is not AI but merely an improved search engine, fast pattern recognition.
In practical terms like privacy VPN is a glorified proxy, ChatGPT is a glorified search engine that cuts some corners for the user.

Overall it’s a technology that again is to maintain the dominance of the already “too big to fail” Big Tech corporations so why would you want to participate in this? It’s artificial. Maybe use it to search for some information but don’t be stupidly excited about it or like a micro-Phoenician build your business around it.
My biggest problem is that currently there is only one provider of this type of augmented search engine so we cannot diversify. Again an Intelligence business represented by Phoenician front Altman – a gay Jew combo. His dedication to the cause cannot be understated because this man can be double persecuted.

Owen Benjamin about ChatGPT and Jewish/Phoenician Question.

Just FYI Owen Benjamin is a very clever and amusing character but nevertheless a skilled gatekeeper of the controlled opposition. If you watch him long enough you will realize his speciality is entertainment and disruption. IMHO he is the best on the controlled opposition market but he surely will keep you at bay.

On a number of occasions when users asked harder scientific questions ChatGPT has been found to make stuff up and provide references to non existing scientific papers of existing scientists but from different fields. The main objective of the generated text is to look legit and convincing. So an Intelligence agent at Langley or Vauxhall asks ChatGPT to act as a scientist and write a paper about COVID vaccines and the bot will do it.
If this is not a fakery that we have witnessed in the last 3 years, I don’t know what else it is.
The Internet was it still is full of well written articles and papers claiming all sorts of things and most people are buying it.
They know that people usually open up when chatting and in this case will also get tempted to ask the bot some private questions just to compare what they and AI thinks and this is valuable input to the Intelligence to plan things ahead. This gives them the edge. If you use it only use it for work and don’t get tempted or even for fun ask the bot some private questions. It is not the AI OUTPUT that matters but YOUR INPUT.
I think they do it in response to the mess they created themselves. There is so many Intelligence groups running all sorts of stories, false flags, shows, articles etc. that they cannot distinguish the reality from the fake reality they created and perhaps also because in general people gone quieter and/or are less honest on social media.

People who are fans of AI but who are blind enough not to see that ChatGPT is created primarily for Phoenician Intelligence to deceive, to lie and create fake stuff at industrial scale.
To explain and rationalize that constant confabulation and inability of AI to admit its errors proves how advanced it is. It only mimics lying and confabulation in humans which apparently is a common human trait. Or maybe Jewish Phoenician?
And pseudo AI does lie without being aware of it! You have to laugh!

They go further and even renamed “the making stuff up by AI” into “AI hallucination”.

Moreover fake AI like most Jews have no concept of truth and as they say ChatGPT will most likely be used by the corporations, politicians, fake scientists but what is more important by the Intelligence.
That is why my hypothesis is that this Google Brain or ChatGPT have been created primarily for the Intelligence. It was plugged in to Twitter to analyze billions of tweets, to know with statistics how to chat with people in an appealing way to buy their trust but also if need be deceive them and lie to them.
People who are into AI explain that ChatGPT finds correct answers but if it cannot find one it will more likely make stuff up.
No surprise since the inception of the statistical science the Jews like Bill Gates are the masters of it so every day they lie to you with statistics.
Since the Jews are primarily behind it you can be sure that the AI available to the general public won’t be anti-Semitic. But you can be sure that there will be (if not already) alternative AI available only to Intelligence agencies that can summon hundreds if not thousands of anti-Semitic bots to drive fake groups on various Internet platforms so the Intelligence can make yet another case that there are still some bad and bloodthirsty Gentiles out there and someone has to do something about it but the direct result will be less free speech, more control. more survailance etc.
If you think I am backward and against technological advancements.
I am just against Phoenician technological domination in yet another field.
I know that nothing good will come out of it regardless how many non-Phoenician philosophers, engineers, critics will get involved.
Currently three Phoenician Israelis are leading the project.

Why in 2023 did this ChatGPT gained so much media promotion on all the possible platforms?
Simply because the Phoenician oligarch are in the process of censoring the Internet and “artificial” intelligence is to save them frin

They want people to stop searching for information using their rigged search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckduckGo etc.
They want people to become even more lazy than they already are so they don’t put any effort in obtaining and validating the information.
The rigging and meddling of search results in known Phoenician search engines has become too obvious to be ignored so the Phoenician Intelligence had to shift gears and hypnotize the Internet users with a new gimmick.

While you get quick answers to some basic questions (that are not controversial) but be sure you will only get Intelligence approved answers to questions dealing in controversial matters. This is basically the next phase of censorship.

And finally let’s talk about Albert Einstein – the genius of the geniuses

Minkowski’s and Einstein’s theories of relativity are the most disputed in the field of physics but the state academia and mass media push their theories anyway because the Phoenicians says so.
You think these theories required some Jewish genius to be invented but it’s far from truth. These theories have major flaws and are pretty much a science fiction. And GPS does not function thanks to Einstein’s equations.
Theory of relativity is simply an old joke about a Jewish rabbi who talked to two men who had an argument and then to his wife.
In XX century during the time when Jews and their Phoenician masters were taking over the world by storm they needed a national hero. He was even offered to become the president of newly established Israel but he turned this offer down. It does not mean that Einstein was a crook of choice. I think he wasn’t prepared for this level of promotion the establishment has given him and he simply could not resist it, gave in like most if not all the scientists who work in academia and laboratories paid by the Phoenicians.
Pretty much any mainstream university and laboratory participates in this scheme including CERN – the great hadron collider sucking out enormous piles of taxpayers money (Phoenician money all along) and they want to build a bigger one! This will secure big profits for Phoenicians and Co. for generations to come.

If these sad people are allowed to set the direction of the world it will simply go off the cliff. It’s not only Harari who talks like that but the whole academia under Phoenician control. It does not matter if it’s a university in US, UK, Europe or China. It’s a bunch of sad pseudo-scientists who preach the end of humanity regardless if Phoenician AI is ready or not. Pseudoscientists because the only escape of such wicked people (many are psychopaths) are the machines and fraudulent singularity (AI).

The Animatrix has been filmed in 2003 just two years after the Phoenician chutzpah on 911.
Watch Animatrix “The Second Renaissance” you can get a feel how they mock all the religions and despise the human race. Just replace “humans” with “Gentiles” and “the machines” with “Phoenician Jews” and you have the current agenda.
“Banished from humanity the machines sought refuge in their own Promised Land. They settled in the cradle of human civilisation.” The camera zooms in over Arabian Peninsula but Arabian Desert was not the cradle of civilisation so maybe it is the Phoenician Levant and the Wachowsky Intelligence spooks this way have indicated major Jewish Aliyah to the Middle East is on the cards and the knowledge transfer from West to East from the so called American corporations.
The only difference is that obnoxious Jews (the Machines) are not producing and selling hoover cars to the rest of the world (to Gentiles) but Tesla electric cars and Intel processors with built in hardware vulnerabilities.

And now imagine that Elon Musk wants to put a chip into your brain.
The Phoenicians are just rolling out their agenda bit by bit and they kept announcing it for a long time.
“The machines” have migrated not because they have been banished but maybe because they have bankrupted the West (like they bankrupted the Ancient Egypt and many other “empires”) and a cluster of Phoenician smart cities and Greater Israel is the future.

Someone needs to drive them out not only from the temple.

Christ Driving the Money-lenders Out of the Temple, by Francesco Boneri

This is my version of the world:

too bad Thunderbolts is Intelligence and they stole it from Miles W. Mathis


Ancient times:
900-550BC – child sacrifice to Moloch in Phoenicia
~700-500BC – Joseph in Egypt and famine
815-146BC – child sacrifice to Moloch in Punic Carthage

Modern times:
1746-63 – Carnatic Wars in India
1765 – the East India Company becomes a tax collector in Bengal
1768-69 – crop failure and smallpox epidemic
1769 – The Great East Indian Crash – price of stock of the East India Company fell by 55%
1770 – The Great Bengal famine affecting 30 million people
1770 – the East India Company becomes the sole administrator
Source Wikipedia: “Crop failure in autumn 1768 and summer 1769 and an accompanying smallpox epidemic were thought to be the manifest reasons for the famine.
The Company had farmed out tax collection on account of a shortage of trained administrators, and the prevailing uncertainty may have worsened the famine’s impact.
Other factors adding to the pressure were: grain merchants ceased offering grain advances to peasants, but the market mechanism for exporting the merchants’ grain to other regions remained in place; the Company purchased a large portion of rice for its army; and the Company’s private servants and their Indian Gomasthas created local monopolies of grain.
By the end of 1769 rice prices had risen two-fold, and in 1770 they rose a further three-fold.
In Bihar, the continual passage of armies in the already drought-stricken countryside worsened the conditions. The Company provided little mitigation through direct relief efforts; nor did it reduce taxes (source Wikipedia)
Between 7-10 million people died of starvation.”


Ancient times:
900-550BC – child sacrifice to Moloch in Phoenicia
~700-500BC – Joseph in Egypt and famine
815-146BC – child sacrifice to Moloch in Punic Carthage

Modern times:
1746-63 – Carnatic Wars in India
1765 – the East India Company becomes a tax collector in Bengal
1768-69 – crop failure and smallpox epidemic
1769 – The Great East Indian Crash – price of stock of the East India Company fell by 55%
1770 – The Great Bengal famine affecting 30 million people
1770 – the East India Company becomes the sole administrator
Source Wikipedia: “Crop failure in autumn 1768 and summer 1769 and an accompanying smallpox epidemic were thought to be the manifest reasons for the famine.
The Company had farmed out tax collection on account of a shortage of trained administrators, and the prevailing uncertainty may have worsened the famine’s impact.
Other factors adding to the pressure were: grain merchants ceased offering grain advances to peasants, but the market mechanism for exporting the merchants’ grain to other regions remained in place; the Company purchased a large portion of rice for its army; and the Company’s private servants and their Indian Gomasthas created local monopolies of grain.
By the end of 1769 rice prices had risen two-fold, and in 1770 they rose a further three-fold.
In Bihar, the continual passage of armies in the already drought-stricken countryside worsened the conditions. The Company provided little mitigation through direct relief efforts; nor did it reduce taxes (source Wikipedia)
Between 7-10 million people died of starvation.”

1893 – panic
1907 – panic
1913 – the establishment of Federal Reserve over Christmas (based in Washington DC)
1914 – Jewish newspapers in US and Canada publish articles about persecution of 6 million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe
1914-18 – First World War
1917 – Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
1918-20 – Spanish Flu Plandemic
1918-33 – Weimar Republic
1920 – depression
1920-33 – prohibition in US
1921 – Russian famine
1923 – $1 Dollar is worth 4 trillion German Marks
1929-39 – The Great Depression
1932-33 – Holodomor – between 4-8 million of Ukrainians die of starvation thanks to Lazar Kaganovich
1933 – Proclamation 2039 in US
1933 – Hitler and Nazis in power
1933 – Judea declares war on Germany, Jewish boycott of German businesses
1939 – Second World War
1941 – Pearl Harbour
1941 – the beginning of the Second World War according to the Jews who (Zionists) until that time collaborated with the Nazis while the Jewish communists continue to collaborate with the Soviets
1944 – Breton Woods system
1944 – the establishment of the International Monetary Fund (based in Washington DC)
1945 – allegedly 6 million Jews died in Holocaust
1945 – Morgenthau Plan (Jewish) to starve the Germans
1945 – the establishment of the World Bank Group (based in Washington DC)
1945 – the establishment of the United Nations (based in NY)
1947 – the establishment of the CIA
1947 – the establishment of Israel
1950-53 – Korean War
1955-75 – Vietnam War
1963 – JFK assassination
1967 – Six-Day War – Israel vs Arab countries
1967-75 – Suez Canal closed down for 8 years
1971 – (WTF) US drops gold standard “from 1971 onwards productivity increased while wages flatlined; GDP surged but the share going to workers plummeted; and house prices went through the roof leading to Americans’ ‘savings’ becoming inextricably tied to home values” source Wikipedia. Does it look familiar?
1973 – Yom Kippur War
1973-82 – stagflation
1980-88 – Iran-Iraq war
1989 – alleged fall of the communism
1991 – the Gulf War
1994 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Germany
1998 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Poland
2001 – 911 (based in NY)
2001-21 – war in Afghanistan
2003-present – war in Iraq
2008 – Financial Crisis
2011-present – war in Syria
2014-present – war in Ukraine
2014 – total US debt is greater than the total value of the economy
2015-present – war in Yemen
2014 – Holocaust denial becomes a crime in Russia
2019 – the price of gold goes up considerably
2020 – COVID-19 Plandemic
2020 – TBS joint initiative between UNESCO, the European Commission, Twitter and the World Jewish Congress against spreading conspiracy theories
2021 – Sheila Katz, CEO of the US National Council of Jewish Women along 140 other Jewish organizations stated that abortion is a fundamental Jewish value (it’s a child sacrifice, remember Moloch?)
2022 – Russian invasion of Ukraine
2022 – Canadian Liberal MP Ya’ara Saks (Jewish) compares Canadian truckers to Nazis

If such people are being promoted to positions of power in Christian or post-Christian world you are asking yourself only for troubles. Communist regimes are run by outright criminals while the West is overrun by Jewish lawyers who will use all sorts of loopholes to jail you or to make you pay. In both of those cases there is NO HONOUR. You live not in a civilization of humans but in a dominium of some creatures that more resemble insects or parasites.

This is my appeal to the Jews not to copy the Phoenicians, reject false victim-hood, reject pride and follow Jesus Christ.
If not that then at least take moral responsibility for the “renegades” from your communities who enthusiastically embrace atheism and Marxism–Leninism.

Ron Dermer at AIPAC 2019

Look how obnoxious this Israeli spook (ex-American) is. The Phoenicians made sure his pride goes through the roof . The Phoenicians need too proud school bullies like him.

What do we learn from the above video?
1. radicalism 1.0 was Al-Qaeda, ISIS is 2.0 and there will be 3.0. He knows this because he and his mates are behind them.
2. Israel is a global technological power. Without Israel we would have no cell phones and 50% of the drugs on the market. I reckon including most so called vaccines.
Israel is to the Arab states like Silicon Valley is to the rest of US. This is a declaration of the Greater Israel.
3. those countries and organisations should worry about Israel boycotting them. You have to laugh.
4. Arab neighbours are for a different relationship with Israel because they have been levelled to the ground by Israeli, Russian (Varangians), Western Phoenician, Persian and Turkish bombs all to prepare the ground for the smart Greater Israel and Jerusalem as the new centre of the world.

What autonomous vehicles is he talking about? I know – autonomous kill vehicles they want to deploy in the Middle East once US Marines are gone for good.

The existence of Israel depends on the terrorism and constant war. This is exactly what they have exported to US and crowned it with 911.

The same fearmongering was going on in the 70-ties when the Phoenician establishment was yet again shifting gears for their agenda. The same “the End of the World”, nuclear war psyop has been pushed onto the people. Back then they too implied that the world is overpopulated to its very limits, there are no resources available and global famine is imminent. This fearmongering is inherent to Jewish communities what then they export to the outside. Of course there are psychos and narcissists outside the ghettos however the concentration of traumatized people seems to be the highest inside them.
They want to cut the population down but at the same time the religious Jews who seems to traumatize their offspring the most (not only through circumcision) are desperate for babies.
Are the non-religious Jews better? I think they are nearly as much traumatized as the Orthodox Jews as they originate from the same ghettos and could be even more confused what is this world really about and probably hate it even more.

Can Satmar and Naturei Karta Jewish sects help in this situation?

It would be ideal if the Jews can resolve it among themselves but most likely Phoenician plutocrats will definitely oppose it and continue to giggle while looking down at the lesser Jews from their skyscrapers.

At the end of the day we want to bring real balance to this world and abandon these fake dialectics that are put upon us e.g. Left vs. Right, White vs. Black, Democrat vs. Republican, Conservative vs. Labour, Capitalist vs. Communist, West vs. China, CIA vs WEF and so on. It’s all to divide us and to stop us from identifying the real perpetrators who profit on the resulting chaos regardless if the markets go up or down.

television and the Internet

Finally an interesting note to UK readers. In the Medieval times there were these allegedly myth stories about the Jews poisoning of the wells by adding strychnine into the water to poison the locals.
Some water companies in England like the Severn Trent Water (covering Birmingham and Midlands area) artificially fluoridate water. Fluoride was a rat poison until Phoenicians decided to make it good for your teeth and added it in large quantities to your drinking water! In the case of Severn Trent Water the fluoride comes from a toxic waste called Hexafluorosilicic Acid that 6mg of it are added to the water to achieve about 1mg of fluoride per litre of water. It is sold to UK by Israel Chemicals and distributed by Industrial Chemical Group Ltd. based in Grays, Essex. More information on website.
Oh! They also used fluoride in the Soviet gulags! What a coincidence!
In his books Solzhenitsyn thought that the variety of diseases among prisoners were caused by infections. I think he also suspected general malnutrition to be the cause of sickness and death but not sure if he suspected deliberate poisoning of the inmates but he mentioned once that the German Nazi did poison prisoners by adding poison to food.

Also Teva Pharmaceuticals based in Tel Aviv, Israel has a monopoly on production of many hormones also profit on hormones for trans people (victims of transgender agenda) – the destruction of newer generations.

If you are still not convinced please contemplate over Voltaire’s quote above for a bit longer.


1. everyone should diversify in general
2. boycott all the big corporations especially those who participate in ESG
3. do not deposit money in Phoenician banks
4. rank a file Jews should abandon this abusive relationship with the Phoenicians
5. because the freedom of lesser millionaires and billionaires is also at stake they should oppose the top Phoenicians, outsmart them, form new alliances and do not form more fake opposition groups
6. make sure all peerage Phoenician spooks in UK, US and elsewhere will not stick their heads out of their mega-yachts, mansions, palaces and penthouses until they come up with something decent and morally viable
7. make sure the Phoenicians have a very hard time recruiting Gentiles to their dirty businesses or at least charge them piles of money for their services then do a sloppy job whenever you think that your morality is being compromised.
8. there are more decent Phoenicians than others and these who are capable of doing good should understand that you cannot fix this world only with commercial means.

As long as those many Phoenician tax havens are not being targeted by any of the so called super powers I know that there is one and only empire – the Phoenician Empire. Perhaps there are few Phoenician factions but they share the same mode of operation.

Naive people in the West point to China as the driving force of the Western decline. They have been conditioned to blame the bogus Chinese communists.
The thing is the West was already long in deep debt before the Chinese people have managed to crawl out of the mud before they could lend money to anyone. Until then the West was in debt to whom?

Just look up the tallest buildings in US, UK, Europe, China. Most of them are owned and inhabited by Jewish businesses e.g. Jewish Pritzkers from Chicago (another Jewish nest in US) owning the tallest skyscrapers in Shanghai. But we look primarily for the flagship Phoenician brands like JP Morgan, HSBC, Citi, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays in all those important ports and cities: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, New York City, London, Frankfurt, Zurich. They not only build the tallest skyscrapers but are behind construction of the casino resorts all over the world: Las Vegas, Macau (Sheldon Adelson), Shanghai etc.

Added about Myddeltons (Middletons)

a number of updates

added about Reuters and Associated Press (AP) and their owners.

added about John Lewis, Tesco, AstraZeneca and Wallenbergs

It was rather obvious but made the connection between the old drug trade e.g. opium trade and the Big Pharma.

Added about Paul Stanley, KISS, Chevy Chase.

Added about Lineker and Roger Waters

Added about Stacey Herbert.

Added about Pitt, Perry, MacArthur and Farell

Removed bit about Mike Gill who turned out to be an FBI informant and another shill to confuse Brendon O’Connell

Listen to THIS conversation between a Jew Charles Moscowitz and dr E Michael Jones.
They both missed the point. Charles who is a Jew has a hard time hiding his bias while EMJ again fails to make a distinction between rank-a-file Jews and the Phoenicians who Moscowitz calls Leftist Jews or Internationalists. EMJ puts Jews and Phoenicians into one bag and this is by the way what Phoenicians want! It could be EMJ is doing it intentionally or even is paid to do that.
EMJ is aware of the book “Pharaoh and the priest” but for some reasons he doesn’t want to make this distinction what would free him up from the trap of antisemitism he always puts himself by mixing Jews and Phoenicians.
Charles Moscowitz has admitted that regardless of some opposition coming from lower tier Jews the Jewish community leaders for some reasons are fully on board with Leftist/Internationalist agenda. I told you. It is because the Phoenicians always need these Jewish leaders to bolster and provide cover for their agendas. It’s a scheme.

Added about welfare system.

Added information about Phoenician rule over Cornwall and Wales

According to Kay Griggs who took part in interview almost 30 years ago but also to simplify things entities like CIA, Mossad, MI5, MI6 are going to be flagged as bogus.
According to her and I believe her the structure of the “Intelligence community” is much simpler than we think and this variety of different intelligence agencies has been introduced to confuse people.
First and foremost it is the Planetary (Phoenician) Military Intelligence. The rest like CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5, MI6, Mossad, FSB etc. is just a distraction. Intelligence spooks who claim to work for CIA or Mossad work primarily for Military Intelligence which covers core operations and smaller activities like arms sales, secondary arms sales, money laundering, drug trafficking, child and sex trafficking. The aforementioned Intelligence “brands” most likely have been invented for movies and publications to preoccupy the naive public with some meaningless entities while the Phoenician Navy continuous their operations undisturbed.

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