The Phoenicians

Yes, it may sound crazy but they do exist, spend most of the time on their mega-yachts or in palaces, hold multiple passports and have no allegiance to us peasants!
Most people won’t point out to them because it’s a taboo, it’s considered unsavory not only in the mainstream but also in the opposition. People usually explain everything and blame on some unidentified satanists or Freemasonry but as we know it’s just a smokescreen from not using the J word. Just to be clear it’s not about all the Jews but the Jews who actively participate in the subversion of the local communities and don’t see a problem or even enjoy taking part in financial crimes concocted by their masters – the Phoenicians. The focus of this article is on revolutionary Jews who continue Pharisaic tradition and make connections to Moloch worship known in Ancient Phoenicia and later in Phoenician Carthage.

a mega yacht.

If the critics in the opposition were honest and consistent (but they aren’t as most of them are agents) they would still come to the same conclusion because the history of Freemasonry is based exactly on the old story (or a myth?) of king Solomon and the construction of the First Temple. The Phoenicians funded Solomon, paid for the construction and a Phoenician named Hiram was the architect.
If you study approved mainstream but also alternative history you will notice that the Phoenicians are pretty much ignored like the Jews today are a taboo. They blame it on terrorist Palestinians, terrorist Arabs, racist Germans, racist Whites, warmongering Russians but they won’t blame the Jews because they are always the victims – the eternal victims.
I think there is a reason for that and this is called “an elephant in the room”. These “independent” historians and researchers always seem to misdirect the readers and audience to Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Templars or Jesuits (of course today’s Jesuits are corrupt but they are not the puppet masters). The problem is that if these Ancient powerful nations were and still are so powerful why I don’t see Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or Iraqis or even Catholic bishops among the ruling elites, central bankers, government officials, corporate and media executives but I see the overwhelming prevalence of Jews? Someone will say: “Wait a minute! Phoenicians and Jews were Semites but are two different nations. Phoenicia does not exist. Today it is Lebanon and Syria in its place. How come you start with Phoneticians then jump to Jews?”
So the idea is that the Phoenicians either manufactured or hijacked Israel for their own needs and Jews became fronts for their operations and provide cover for their activity that often is criminal. The Phoenicians who are the top banking and industrialist families in the world promote Jewish diaspora around the world to secure their short but what is more important long haul trade routes (so the Jews are in every trading port and city).
It could well be (or most likely) that as a sign of rebellion against the true Messiah Jesus Christ the Jews adopted the Phoenician way of life, the way of doing business and became better than their masters. So this is not entirely clear to me if it was manufactured or a synergy.
Basically you can put an equal sign between the Phoenicians and the globalists of today. However even if Phoenicians don’t like to interact with pleb or peasants they need daring and proud people like Jews on the ground to do business, promote and run their agendas and Jewish internationalism is exactly for that.

Anyway the oligarchs (including top politicians) and their management class are all either Jewish or if not then have Jewish wives so everything stays in the family “nation” including accumulated wealth. There is a ton of examples but one of the top examples is a Greek Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase & Co) and his wife Judith, an Italian Ray Dalio and his wife née Vanderbilt and even English Robbie Williams and his Jewish wife Ayda Field.

I know it may be too long of a read but read it. This is the LINK. Read it to know what your are dealing with.

By now you have probably noticed that there is an over-representation of Jewish people in the positions of power in a number of important domains / industries like corporate banking, government, corporate technology, trillion dollar corporate asset management firms, corporate media including entertainment, gambling, pornography and so on.
The explanation that people usually default to is that these people come from a very old nation, are clever, very business minded, know the best how to do business definitely better than we the peasants and we should just sit quiet and admire their achievements.

But this Jewish audacity has a different reason. Historically Jewish oligarchs were the most prominent slave owners and slave traders in history and most likely are to this day but it was renamed to welfare system, socialism, human and sex trafficking.
Since the slavery has been disfranchised they developed new forms of bondage which is exactly a welfare system (through socialism), mortgage, exploitation of all sorts of addictions (drugs, gambling, pornography).
Then no surprise they are famous sex predators as their exploitation of women is ancient.

People won’t criticise their masters because quite often their livelihood, employment or contracts depend on them. The Phoenicians are in the epicentre and provide jobs in the city and jobs in the government outside of that bribe, corrupt people with welfare subsidies and/or exploit their temptations.

You probably heard a quote “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.
This is a quote to discourage anyone from arguing, challenging his/her master, employer. And I am not encouraging anyone to backbite their employer, quite the opposite.
If it’s a small business then it’s quite transparent how the money is being made however in the big business and in the government the money is not earned but it is CREATED.

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Governments issue bonds that then are bought by the banks (owned by the Jewish banking oligarchs). Also on the side the governments print money but they cannot print it at a great scale so in unison with central banks issue fiat money at an astronomical scale (so called QE – Quantitative Easing, a great money theft to save the economy!)
Regular banks create money out of nothing by issuing mortgages and credit cards.
The activities of all the above causes inflation and debt burden on every person living in the country including you. Most of the money that is being created by the banksters ends up in PRIVATE trillion-dollar off-shore bank accounts. The amount of money they create for themselves is well over the amount they give to the peasants they corrupt with a welfare system and other subsidies.

The next quote I use comes from Voltaire: “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” Of course in the recent decades this privileged club has been reinforced with other allegedly discriminated groups (black people, women, LGBTQ+…) but initially these were only Jews you were not supposed to criticize especially after the Holocaust was manufactured. Everyone supposed to show compassion to them but also feel guilty and it does not matter if you did something bad to them or not – your are a potential threat. But this is a typical tactic of a narcissistic villain to move the blame onto an unsuspecting party (the victim), to gaslight it into submission.
A substantial part of the Jewish community is groomed to feel this way. Jewish oligarchs scare the rank-a-file Jews into submission by constant barrage of fear and manufactured enemies (brainwashing about persecutions, Holocaust, terrorists, Nazis, Iranians). But the oligarchs go further and spread the same outside the ghettos to undermine and eventually destroy local communities because local communities use to stand on the way of their trade.

While the Jewish revolution progressed these other groups like black people, lesbians, LGBTQ+, suffragettes, feminists (raging women) were added to the mix but it is just to provide some cover (a smoke screen) to the real perpetrators because they don’t really care about these other groups. It is just to cause division and take our eyes off the Jewish question.
The first that comes to mind is discrimination of black people – some of them former slaves in the Caribbean and United States. The thing you want to know is that the Jewish traders were the biggest slave owners in the world including in the Caribbean (you want to research about Barclays who was the biggest slave owner in Jamaica now one of the biggest investment banks in the world). If you really think that the white Americans or white English were behind the slavery you want to read and/or listen to what Louis Farrakhan has to say about this.
Look at the names of some prominent slave traders of the East India Company: Elihu Yale, Josiah Child, Robert Rich (like Richie Rich, ancestor of a film director Guy Richie), Nathaniel Higginson, Thomas Pitt (yes the ancestor of Brad Pitt) and many many more.
But even if you come across some English or American slavers you will know they learnt this trade from the Jewish slavers not the other way round. The Protestant religious movements the Jews were behind (that were and still are more exclusive than inclusive) allowed for justification of slavery that is why it took 200 years longer to abolish it in the Protestant countries than in the Catholic world.
Of course the slavery is Ancient and this business has been maintained by the Phoenicians throughout the ages and in Muslim countries (e.g. the Ottoman Empire) where slavery was not forbidden.
Only Christianity stood against it and began by forbidding Jews living in Christendom from having Christian slaves.

But let me jump straight to the topic of Phoenicians. What is the connection between the Israelites (Jews) and them. In Ancient times these two nations were neighbouring in the Levant, Middle East.
To cut to the chase according to the Old Testament the Phoenicians have kick-started Israel, funded king Solomon, paid for and were the architects of the First Temple.
Phoenicians were the early traders and before that in the Bronze Age were the so called Sea People. They had an established control of the seas and the oceans. Today all by the hands of the US, British, Chinese and other major navies to secure their trade routes.
In the past these were Greek, Carthaginian, some Roman, Persian, Byzantine, Ottoman, Spanish, Portuguese and Venetian, Genoese, Dutch navies.
They are also hidden in history behind Hyksos, Vandals, Vikings. Barbary pirates but also famous pirates of the Caribbean (of course the story sold to us by Hollywood and Johnny Depp is far from truth). You will say that this is ridiculous as these different navies were not and are not manned by Jews.
So my answer is: Of course not but it does not matter because over time the Phoenicians perfected their secret operations to the point that they didn’t have to run their own navy anymore but use navies of their proxies e.g. Netherlands, Great Britain and United States.

I believe the objective of early Phoenicians was to create a diversion. Many of today’s Phoenicians who are top dogs in the financial world use Jewish identity as a diversion. And this worked great in all the sea ports the Jews were in as they were and still maintain business contacts with the inland natives while the Phoenicia controls seas and oceans across the globe and when needed can initiate trade blockades and set these different countries against each other to exploit both sides of the conflict (with the Cold War being the biggest of cons). Probably you have heard that “all wars are bankers’ wars”. This sums up this part.

So how come these Phoenicians become so rich and powerful?
Because as Phoenicians they were and still are prominent merchants on the sea and most likely they established the first formidable navy in history of mankind and knew how to navigate at night what allowed them to cover longer distances and maximize their profits.
There were also Babylonian Radhanite Jews prominent merchants on the land who most likely maintain famous Silk Road to this day.
They all have established international network of exchange of goods and the banking which is the currency exchange but today the electronic central bank money creation to enslave inland native populations with usury.

By the way until 2005 UK tax office was called Inland Revenue. Who would call it “inland” if not the Phoenician colonizers supervising their colonies from their merchant and military ships? Ask yourself this question. Are there British who live off the land? Unless these are some British crypto-Jewish Phoenicians who live and sail on their multimillion mega-yachts and perceive anything that is inland just as objects of exploitation and taxation.
One of the non-executive directors of the Bank Of England is Diana Harding nicknamed “Dido” (on BoE website). Dido was a legendary founder and the first queen of the Phoenician city state of Carthage!
Why would a person from the City Of London adopt such nickname unless it’s to do with a very old heritage that predates even Roman Britannia! And yes, Diana Harding is from the peerage.

Anyway you pay duty tax on goods brought to this country and you think it’s for the betterment of your home country but it’s quite the opposite. It’s only for the betterment of the Phoenicians who for the last 40 years are pushing Chinese produce all over the world because China is their new favourite (sweat shop) since they gave up on United States and Europe, used it, abused it and are disposing of it similar to what they did to other empires like e.g. the Persian, the Byzantine or the Ottoman Empire.
What I am trying to say is that the products coming from China have a free pass through the Border Control / Duty tax office while if you order something from US or Japan it gets a decent duty tax applied. The main thing is that Chinese sweatshops are the cheapest to run. The Phoenicians via communism under Mao were starving Chinese long enough that when Den Xiaoping “decided” to reform the Chinese economy they become the cheapest and the best sweatshops in the world. The Jewish slavers know well that when a slave is hungry he works hard.

Unfortunately the Chinese (Alibaba) dream for the Western middle-class was true until the COVID Plandemic put the world trade into a halt, a Phoenician trade blockade (including Suez Canal blockade with a wedged Evergreen container ship) to kill most of if not all businesses dependent on cheap products and parts from China. Later the same perpetrators started extorting money from any car owner and any homeowner by ramping up prices of petrol, gas and electricity not because of Russian invasion but because they hold a monopoly in all critical industries including the energy sector.
Do you think that they have left the energy sector, oil fields, power plants, gas pipes to the natives?
500 biggest corporations in the world are owned by multi-trillion investment firms like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity, Blackstone whose owners are PRIVATE. They have more assets under their management than the countries themselves and in recent years we clearly see that many countries become hostages of these Phoenician entities. I mean these counties were cooked as soon as Phoenician central banks have been established in those countries. Since then it only gets worse so now we are at a point where these lunatics are setting us up for big problems like fake World War III (but still costly), an economic recession of a century, to get you on your knees to slam you with Communism 2.0 they already tested in China and some other bits in Japan.

At any point if you don’t believe me read “Pharaoh and the Priest” by Boleslaw Prus. It’s a beefy historical novel written almost 140 years ago and apparently a favourite novel of Joseph Stalin. Some chapters explain the tactics used by the Phoenicians to control the chain of events to meet their objectives.
You can also find a recipe for a disaster in the Bible in the Book of Genesis 47:13-26 with Joseph being a powerful Phoenician in Egypt.

Joseph and the Famine

13 “There was no food, however, in the whole region because the famine was severe; both Egypt and Canaan wasted away because of the famine. 14 Joseph collected all the money that was to be found in Egypt and Canaan in payment for the grain they were buying, and he brought it to Pharaoh’s palace. 15 When the money of the people of Egypt and Canaan was gone, all Egypt came to Joseph and said, “Give us food. Why should we die before your eyes? Our money is all gone.”

16 “Then bring your livestock,” said Joseph. “I will sell you food in exchange for your livestock, since your money is gone.” 17 So they brought their livestock to Joseph, and he gave them food in exchange for their horses, their sheep and goats, their cattle and donkeys. And he brought them through that year with food in exchange for all their livestock.

18 When that year was over, they came to him the following year and said, “We cannot hide from our lord the fact that since our money is gone and our livestock belongs to you, there is nothing left for our lord except our bodies and our land. 19 Why should we perish before your eyes—we and our land as well? Buy us and our land in exchange for food, and we with our land will be in bondage to Pharaoh. Give us seed so that we may live and not die, and that the land may not become desolate.”

20 So Joseph bought all the land in Egypt for Pharaoh. The Egyptians, one and all, sold their fields, because the famine was too severe for them. The land became Pharaoh’s, 21 and Joseph reduced the people to servitude,[a] from one end of Egypt to the other. 22 However, he did not buy the land of the priests, because they received a regular allotment from Pharaoh and had food enough from the allotment Pharaoh gave them. That is why they did not sell their land.

23 Joseph said to the people, “Now that I have bought you and your land today for Pharaoh, here is seed for you so you can plant the ground. 24 But when the crop comes in, give a fifth of it to Pharaoh. The other four-fifths you may keep as seed for the fields and as food for yourselves and your households and your children.”

25 “You have saved our lives,” they said. “May we find favor in the eyes of our lord; we will be in bondage to Pharaoh.”

26 So Joseph established it as a law concerning land in Egypt—still in force today—that a fifth of the produce belongs to Pharaoh. It was only the land of the priests that did not become Pharaoh’s.”

This is what the Phoenicians are doing to lead to the same set of disasters to force people into new Communism 2.0 slavery and newly created slaves will be grateful! But will they be in the long run?

The Phoenician oligarchs who identify themselves as Jewish I believe do it only to protect themselves and their criminal activity from criticism but also if the angry mob gets out of control (like it happened many times in the past) to sacrifice some of the lower level Jews.
And even when you see a non-Jew as a CEO always check his wife as one of the requirements for non-Jews to get a prominent seat is to have a Jewish wife (e.g. Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan) so the children are Jewish and the wealth and power stays in the dynasty/family/nation so it won’t be eaten away by some Goyim peasants.
So for the Phoenician oligarchs it is essential to maintain these Jewish communities in all the mayor cities and ports to secure their business. On top of that organizations like APAC, ADL is to protect Jewish criminals by calling anyone who criticise them as an anti-Semites.

And this way we arrive at the station called Intelligence. Intelligence (with uppercase I) is a constellation of various secret service agencies like CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6, FSB that supposed to work in the interest of their respective nations but THEY DON’T!

Above you have some examples of oligarchs and fronts put by the Phoenician Intelligence to become faces of high-tech corporations. There is hundreds of examples. They all emerge as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs of corporations because they are part of the tribe and have access to lines of credit Goyim do not have access to. Most of them grow by having access to government and fintech contracts but also by providing “free” web tools and apps to the general public. How nice!

Spy movies created by Hollywood (run by we know who) are to create a false image of this profession. They want you to perceive secret agents as some heroes who take great risk to protect their nations, chase and fight bad people like terrorists, risk their life, live an exciting but dangerous life. While the foreign spies are bad guys however more recently they contradicted themselves and in the movie U.N.C.L.E show you a successful collaboration between CIA, KGB and MI5 against some fictional Italian Fascist/Nazi terrorists (an imaginary enemy of the Jews because in reality the Zionists created Nazism and later collaborated with them).
Otherwise a very good movie with good music but you get the point. The message of all the James Bond movies is: you mess with us the Phoenicians (hidden behind British or American or Soviet flag) we make you look bad then we will eliminate you like we did with Gaddafi who dared to challenge our primacy.
Benjamin Disraeli (again Jewish) who was the prime minister of Great Britain at the height of British Empire (and he put the crown of India on Queen Victoria’s head) admitted in one of his books called “Tancred” that the Jews are pretty much on everything.

In reality the primary job of the secret agents (most if not all of the top agents are Jewish – no one can beat them in terms of subversion) is to secure the objectives of the Phoenician oligarchs by subverting local populations to the point Phoenicians can ostensibly profit on them by selling products natives don’t need, sell drugs, sell vaccines, sell weapons but also deal in global human and sex trafficking e.g. Epstein’s worldwide network of brothels what was not an enterprise of some lone pervert Jewish billionaire (as they say in the media) but a Mossad operation with Ghislaine Maxwell being a Mossad agent herself (a daughter of the top Israeli-British spy) supervising Epstein.

Many of you are well aware of CIA drug trafficking around the world (e.g. Vietnam, Afghanistan)
Are these drugs for the US president or the representatives in Capitol to sniff? It bears similarities to Jewish run East India Trading Company, opium trade and Opium Wars (Rothschild and Sassoon) all secured by British Navy and armed Red Coats.

I think spy movies apart from being exciting to watch by regular people are also to impose a better image of this profession so when an agent watches such movie he/she feels better about himself/herself so his/her morale does not decline so fast but this is only for the Goyim secret agents who happens to enlist to these agencies not fully understanding the implications. I don’t think the Jewish agents have any moral dilemmas as they are the ultimate opportunist so don’t break a sweat when subverting.
Other people admire or even envy their confidence and audacity but the thing is the source of this confidence and audacity is not because of their higher intelligence or because of their skills but because of the privileged status these people have, which means they very rarely fall (if ever) when they make a mistake at the same time a big mistake can end your career. This gives the Jews much wider margins to experiment while the peasants have to be very careful as the condemnation is near.
In many cases they are the peerage, sons and daughters of the barons, bankers and industrialists. Whatever they say or do in public they will not fall like you do and lose your job.

In case you believe in Russell Brand

Above is George Kaiser an oligarch in Oklahoma and Max Keiser (with a fudged surname so it’s harder for people to connect him with George) but just look at their faces. As we know Max Keiser is a fierce critic of the banksters at Russia Today (CIA) but also a close friend of Russell Brand. On the other hand George Kaiser is pioneering the development of UN smart city program / communitarianism (communism) in Oklahoma.

In each and every country Phoenician oligarchs are the richest regardless of the location what confirms that modern Phoenicia has a global reach, seas are under their control and most of the valuable land is under their occupation to excavate resources: metals, rare metals, coal, oil, gold, silver, diamonds etc.
I don’t have time to cover all but you can hit any country of the so called Commonwealth: Australia, Canada, South Africa and you will discover the same.

These oligarchs are out of control (if they ever were under any control) and steaming fast towards NWO which is a planetary Communism 2.0 not just half of the world like it was the case with Communism 1.0.
According to these people who meet at WEF national governments are obsolete and are going to be replaced with unelected corporate governance (European Union is a taste of that).
They also think that the technology is almost there that the slaves, the peasants (anyone really, just not them) can soon be phased out and replaced with robots but before that happens humanity has to sink into Communism 2.0. Before the full rollout of the robots sweatshops will continue to operate as the labour of hungry mob continue to be cheaper.

The above are the top Jews behind Communism 1.0 in Soviet Russia. These people were responsible for over 20 million deaths. Of course there was a non-Jewish element involved in Red Terror but the Jews spearheaded the Bolshevism. Trotzky allegedly died in Mexico City, Beria was allegedly executed while Lazar outlived the Soviet Union and died peacefully in 1990 (the worst of the 3). After the British in 2017 made a movie “The Death of Stalin” where Beria is being executed I now doubt if he really was executed. They usually make this kind of “historical” movies to confirm and refresh fake history so naive people think there is some justice.

The Brotherhood Church, a Fabian socialist institute, which once stood on Southgate Road in Islington, London where in 1907 Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Gorky, Litvinov & Rosa Luxemburg held the 5th Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party.
After that communist and socialist agents from all over the world were coming in to London to receive their instructions and grants. Usually they were accommodated in hostels at Whitechapel, London owned by Rothschild. Once back in their home countries they usually became the political leaders: presidents, prime ministers or dictators.

If you want to know more I urge you to read two books of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:
1. The Gulag Archipelago
2. Two Hundred Years Together

Jewish agents have been sent to China where to this day the communist party is well and good and where NWO ideas are being implemented and tested on large population before implementation in the West.

For quite some time the Phoenician oligarchs remained in the shadow but because of their recent tightening of the screw they no longer can remain unnoticed.

About 3000 people were killed in controlled demolition, blowing up of WTC buildings on 911. On that day the owner Larry Silverstein and his daughter happens to be out the WTC building. So called “Dancing Israelis” and even Klaus Schwab (WEF) were in New York on that day to witness (and perhaps celebrate and document) the planned destruction, a Jewish ritual – a celebration of the destruction of the Temple.

After that the destruction of Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan) and Libya has continued with millions of dead and misplaced people. Again Christianity is being wiped out from these regions and whole regions are being levelled and the ground is being prepared for the smart Greater Israel.
While Europe is subject to a refugee crisis backed by George Soros but also more recently subject to “energy crisis”. The oligarchs are not in crisis because their agenda is set and it’s a one way road.

Younger generations may know little about 911 event as they were too young to remember it or born after it happened. What do you have to know though is that 911 was a signature event that enabled these criminals to launch the War on Terror that is to this day and established a new paradigm for the plandemics and NWO to emerge.

So to sum up at least 4 groups of this scheme have been identified:
1. The Phoenicians (Planetary Trading Guild) – ultra-wealthy merchants, bankers and industrialists who were/are responsible for most of the colonisations and to this day control central banks and governments.
They create money out of nothing to prop their corporations. They acquire all the genuine businesses and merge them with their existing corporations. Examples: Rothschild dynasty, Gates dynasty, Vanderbilt dynasty, Bezos (King dynasty), all the peerage and many many more

2. Jewish management class – Jews who are hired by the Phoenicians to represent their interests and at least on paper run their corporations, government agencies and fake charities which roll out globalist agendas. They gather at WEF. Examples: Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Rochelle Walensky, Albert Bourla, Oxfam etc.

3. rank-a-file orthodox Jews who grew up in the Jewish ghettos. These people through manufactured fear from the cradle are being brainwashed to submit to the wishes of the Phoenicians and the Jewish management class (also ghetto leaders). The fear of Holocaust and long list of alleged past persecutions is what strengthens their community to the point of isolation. When the things go south (for whatever reason) these Jews are usually used as a sacrificial lamb by the Phoenicians. What looks like a nice community would not exist if not the fear of the outside world and ridiculous number of rules they have to follow. Tall concrete walls built by the Israelis to separate from the Palestinians is the past Jewish practice of building ghetto walls. At the beginning of the Second World War in the cities like Warsaw and Lodz Jews built ghetto walls to separate themselves from Germans and Poles as they claimed it was not their war.

4. The Rebels – Jews who left or escaped the ghetto and stopped practicing their strict religion. The change shock leads to a rebellious attitude that is now unrestricted and it is unleashed onto the world like opening of a Pandora Box. These people have little to no self-restraint that is why they take advantage of others with ease but still retain their sense of pride and Jewish primacy.

After 100 years the Phoenicians again are launching the same but refined agenda in the West and you should oppose it even if you think it’s futile or too late. They killed 80 millions of Chinese and about 30 millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and Germans, obliterated their cultures and religions and now they do the same to Western Europe and North America by declaring full scale war on Christianity and flood the West with people of inferior culture. Similar to communist genocide they concoct similar schemes in this part of the world and this can get worse as the wolves are rounding up the sheep while earthly shepherd is nowhere to be seen (no leadership).

This is my appeal to Jews not to copy the Phoenicians, reject pride and follow Jesus Christ.
If you don’t take this into consideration you will remain a tool of the Phoenicians and the Satan himself.
At least take moral responsibility for the “renegades” from your communities who enthusiastically embrace atheism and Marxism–Leninism. Can Satmar and Naturei Karta sects handle this situation? It would be ideal if the Jews resolved it among themselves but I reckon the Phoenician globalist banksters care less while looking down from the top floors of their skyscrapers and giggle.

Finally an interesting note for UK readers about so called “poisoning of the wells”. Some water companies in England like the Severn Trent Water (covering whole Birmingham and Midlands) artificially fluoridate water. The fluoride comes from a toxic waste called Hexafluorosilicic Acid that is sold to UK by Israel Chemicals and distributed by Industrial Chemical Group Ltd. based in Grays, Essex. More information on website.

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