Media Health Path

a.k.a. Cutting through the Fog

“The more I see, the less I know for sure”
“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” Richard D. Hall
Even the plants tell a lot of truth, to salt in the lies” Miles W. Mathis

The path from LIES through an ocean of CONFUSION & DECEPTION to the TRUTH:

Mainstream media (MSM), entertainment and social media: BBC, CNN, CBS, Netflix, Yahoo, MSN, Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter etc. – Intelligence run propaganda machines diversified to many corporations and businesses pretending “a free market of information” but censoring, ramping up fear and ridiculing fake opposition because they won’t give you hints about the real opposition.
Designed to brainwash and for the brainwashed.

Fox News, TalkRADIO (News Corp), Tucker Carlson, GBNews – again Intelligence run “alternative” corporate media with fake criticism, entry level opposition that from the start is to be weak and doomed. Its primary function is to buy some time by intercepting runaway audience of Level 1 and demoralize it. On this level you can witness many Level 2 media actors to eventually give up (which is planned) to the official narrative (e.g. put on a mask, take a vaccine or support Ukraine) and return to their HQs at Level 1 – this is to let you down completely.
However a bit more comfortable place to be comparing to Level 1 because of much less fearmongering. These media outlets will definitely ridicule Levels 4+.
Designed for the gullible.

LEVEL 3 – SOFT DISSENTERS (Intelligence Inner Rim)
Russia Today, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Stefan Molyneux, Tommy Robinson, Ben Shapiro, An0maly, Awakening With JP – CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LEVEL1 – Intelligence run entities and genuine influencers that have been recently bought or are about to be recruited (already marked by the Intelligence). Represent an opposing view to the above levels to capture most of the mainstream media runaways and keep them calm. Most of the actors are indirectly employed by EITC*.
At this level the audience is happy to see some 2nd class celebrities talking about unpopular things.
Also at this level there is no distinction between saying and delivering anything apart from video content.
This is enough to keep most of the people at bay, on their couches.
Intelligence owned & controlled YouTube and Telegram platforms service and monitor this level.
Designed for the lazy.

Alex Jones, InfoWars, David Icke, RebelNews, ChurchMilitant, The American Vagabond, Whitney Webb, Adam Green, Nick Fuentes, Tim Pool, QAnon, Stew Peters and many many more actors – CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LEVEL2 to totally confuse and demoralize wannabe dissidents, acts as strong Intelligence net to capture the remaining people who sense that the above levels are not genuine.
At this level the Intelligence diversifies a lot and employs a large number of actors who pretend the very underground to capture and immobilize the remaining audience.
Intelligence owned & controlled platforms also service this level. You cannot remain sane if you stay here for long.
In case you think these people change please note that many of these shills are not stupid, adapt over time and find new ways to buy your trust. If a traitor do change he/she goes into background retreat but he/she doesn’t.
In any case is an ex-traitor trustworthy to continue to be a reliable mentor or a leader moving forward (including “former” secret agents from e.g. CIA or NSA)?
The “elite” made us to get along with fake “democratic” politics (plutocratic in reality) where they don’t even care and recycle the same stooges.
Designed for the attention seekers and fearful/paranoid dissidents who together create an explosive mixture.

All sorts of libertarians including Rand Paul, Robert Kiyosaki who see all the numbers and market indicators but cannot see the elephant in the room – the “elite” pulling all the strings. To avoid name calling the “elite” is renamed to stupid politicians, evil government, communists in the FED or the Chinese Communist Party.
A lot of these people are genuine but they are a piggy in the middle (I am sure some of them have realized that), they mimic the Phoenicians in their lifestyle. They don’t sail in multi-million super-yachts because they cannot afford one but they live on sunny islands e.g. Puerto Rico or Majorca so do not live with people they make profit on, change places if need be and keep their money on off-shore bank accounts. Quite often they use the same tools that the Phoenicians use to exploit the majority – credit, usury, stock market, tax avoidance and capital migration from one continent to the other within minutes. While Micro-Phoenicians invest long term or speculate the real Phoenicians use their “too big to fail” investment banks to systematically suck out the wealth with high frequency trading – but this is just one of many ways they use to rob you in broad daylight.
According to libertarians “officially” all bad things are a result of mismanagement, capricious decisions and reckless spending of government bureaucrats.
Now you can get a better idea how the “elite” corrupts different groups of people with their tools: middle-class with Micro-Phoenician way of life + cocaine and poor people with a welfare system + opioids, cannabis and heroine. So each group has its propaganda so it can bullshit itself, find excuses and skate over difficult questions. You won’t get reliable geopolitics from them either only a polished version of the mainstream politics.
There is one libertarian I know of who managed to get close by calling the “elite” “these psychopaths on the top”.
Designed for the investors.

UKColumn, Restoring the Faith, Richie Allen – alternative media and honest reporting with criticism of the financial “elite”. A calm place to be comparing to crazy Level 1, 2, 4 or insincere Level 3, 5.
A place for the anxious and the countrymen.

HugoTalks, RichPlanetTV, Chris Sky, Mark Devlin, dr Sam Bailey, Amandha D Vollmer – alternative media and reporting with some anti-system big picture insight.
Harry Vox turned out to be a shill, a very good example of a sophisticated infiltrator. Chad Chaddington has been recommended by a shill Harry Vox which puts a question over Chad.
A place for the outsiders, outraged who already live or consider living off-grid.

Miles W. Mathis, Brendon O’Connell, Michael O’Bernicia, dr E Michael Jones, Aim4Truth – ultimate big picture where the names are finally called, honest analysis and reporting.
The authors are not in alliance, do not agree on many things, even frequently give conflicting opinions but this is how far we can get you to. Yet we saved you a lot of time you would otherwise waste listening to mass media and con-artists at 1 to 5 level.
A place for the outcasts.

Most of these authors are not from UK but don’t think they are lobbying for some other powers against British interests because what is unfolding has nothing to do with the interest of England or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland OR is for the benefit of Englishmen and women. If you haven’t noticed it by now all poor and middle class fall victims of this agenda.
So don’t let them hook you into their nationalistic/patriotic games so then they can tax you into oblivion and/or send you or your sons to the battlefield to kill and to get killed.
All the nations can cooperate with each other, there is no need for wars, anti-terrorist warfare, cyber-warfare etc. It’s only created by the maniac bankers to rob taxpayers and make money on death in various ways.
How could you be proud of that? This whole scheme exists only because they facilitate your ignorance and hypocrisy and people get use to it as the years go by.

Make sure you do some due diligence and double check the stories and facts reported.
It is ultimately your duty as a truth seeker to find the right balance. It’s just the beginning of your journey.

Please note that the given list is dynamic and any mentor or media personality can anytime be downgraded or upgraded.

*EITC – East India Trading Company / The Phoenicians

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