Media Health Path

a.k.a. Cutting through the Fog

“The more I see, the less I know for sure”
“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” Richard D. Hall
Even the plants tell a lot of truth, to salt in the lies” Miles W. Mathis

The path from LIES through an ocean of CONFUSION & DECEPTION to the TRUTH:

Mainstream Media (MSM), entertainment and social media: BBC, CNN, CBS, Netflix, Yahoo, MSN, Hollywood, Facebook, Twitter etc. – Intelligence run propaganda machines diversified to many corporations and businesses pretending “a free market of information” but censoring, ramping up fear and ridiculing fake opposition because they won’t give you hints about the real opposition.
By the way Media comes from Ancient Greek “medea” which implies planner / schemer.
The definition of “schemer” from Cambridge Dictionary is “someone who makes clever, secret plans, often to deceive others”.
Designed to brainwash and for the brainwashed.

The Hollywood admitted it almost 50 years ago and people still give them consent.

Fox News, TalkRADIO (News Corp), Tucker Carlson, GBNews – again Intelligence run “alternative” corporate media with fake criticism, entry level opposition that from the start is weak. Its primary function is to buy the establishment some time by intercepting runaway audience from Level 1 and further demoralize it. On this level you can witness many media actors to eventually give in (which is planned) to the official narrative (e.g. put on a mask, take a vaccine or support Ukraine) and return to their HQs at Level 1 – this is to let naive people down.
However it is more comfortable place to be comparing to Level 1 because of much less fear porn. These media outlets will definitely ridicule Levels 4+.
Designed for the gullible.

LEVEL 3 – SOFT DISSENTERS (Intelligence Inner Rim)
Russia Today, Joe Rogan, Tim Cook, Gateway Pundit, Del Bigtree, Zerohedge, Russell Brand, Cadence Owens, Jordan Peterson, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Stefan Molyneux, Tommy Robinson, Ben Shapiro, Awakening With JP, Redacted, Andrew Torba, Robert F. Kennedy Jr – CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LEVEL1 – Intelligence run entities and genuine influencers that have been recently bought or are about to be recruited (already marked by the Intelligence). Represent an opposing view to the above levels to capture most of the mainstream media runaways and keep them calm. People like Edward Snowden (NSA), Russel Brand, Julian Assange are EITC*.
At this level the audience is happy to see some 2nd class celebrities talking about unpopular things.
Also at this level there is no distinction between saying and delivering anything apart from video content.
This is enough to keep most of the people at bay, on their couches.
Intelligence owned & controlled YouTube, GAB, Zion, Signal and Telegram platforms service and monitor this level.
At this level the Intelligence acknowledges that the people don’t trust the mainstream platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp so they create many alternatives to continue the surveillance. Not sure about MeWe but Signal and Telegram are definitely Intelligence with Signal being NSA and Telegram very much like.
Designed for the lazy.

Alex Jones, InfoWars, Nick Fuentes (FBI), Milo Yiannopoulos (FBI), Gavin McInnes, RebelNews, The American Vagabond, Adam Green, Tim Pool, QAnon, Stew Peters and many many more actors – CONTROLLED OPPOSITION LEVEL2 to totally confuse and demoralize wannabe dissidents, acts as strong Intelligence net to capture the remaining people who sense that the above levels are not genuine.
At this level the Intelligence diversifies a lot and employs a large number of actors who pretend the very underground to capture and immobilize the remaining audience.
Intelligence owned & controlled platforms also service this level. You cannot remain sane if you stay here for long.
In case you think these people change please note that many of these shills are not stupid, adapt over time and find new ways to buy your trust. If a traitor do change he/she goes to the background, should retreat but they don’t.
Is an ex-traitor trustworthy to remain a reliable mentor or a leader (including “former” secret agents from e.g. CIA or NSA)?
The “elite” made us to get along with fake “democratic” politics (plutocratic in reality) where they don’t even care and recycle the same stooges.
Designed for the attention seekers and fearful/paranoid dissidents who together create an explosive mixture.

All sorts of libertarians including Rand Paul, Robert Kiyosaki who see all the numbers and market indicators but cannot see the elephant in the room – the “elite” pulling all the strings. To avoid name calling the “elite” is renamed to evil government, stupid politicians, communists in the FED or the Chinese Communist Party.
By the way after Kiyosaki’s most recent interview I think he aligns himself with Zionism (him working in Air Force during Vietnam War, his aunt (as he says his role model of a woman) working as a spy in the French Resistance indicates some family of military spies, him admiring Israelis shooting at Arabs during Yom Kippur War. Maybe he is genuine but hooked up into this Zionist & Marxist dialectic.
After his most recent interviews especially with Jim Rickards I think Robert is CIA.
A lot of these people are genuine but they are a piggy in the middle (I am sure some of them have realized that), they mimic the Phoenicians in their lifestyle. They don’t sail in multi-million super-yachts because they cannot afford one but they rent yachts and live on sunny islands e.g. Puerto Rico or Mallorca (most small islands are Phoenician outposts) so do not live among people they make profit on, do change places if need be and keep their money on off-shore bank accounts. Most often they use the same tools the Phoenicians use to exploit the majority – credit, usury, stock market, tax avoidance and capital migration from one continent to the other within seconds. While Micro-Phoenicians invest long term or speculate the real Phoenicians use their “too big to fail” investment banks to systematically suck out the wealth with high frequency trading – but this is just one of many ways they use to rob you in broad daylight.
According to the libertarians “officially” all bad things are a result of mismanagement, capricious decisions and reckless spending of the government bureaucrats. They push this fake narrative otherwise they would expose themselves / make themselves look foolish.
You won’t get reliable geopolitics from them either only a revised version of the mainstream politics. They are good with economics but at the same time biased in other areas. They seem unable to scratch the surface deeper as this would expose the nature of their existence.

These people can have some Christian background but very limited. Most likely their relation to God is only for good, ideally if God does not interfere with their ambitious plans.
For them it’s all down to money so if you don’t accumulate wealth you are part of that wretched 80% they talk about not part of that elite 20%.

There is one libertarian I know of who managed to get close by calling the “elite” “these psychopaths on the top”. By belonging to this elite club of smart people many feel comfortable. Nevertheless this group is very limited in some regards e.g. morality and spirituality and even if it states it doesn’t go with the flow it actually does.
I think the only reliable ones are, Gregory Mannarino, George Gammon, Gerald Celente, Mark Moss.
Gammon is good in explaining some economics but is completely wrong about the whole shenanigans. For instance he classified the media and academia as useful idiots. Can you believe that “the elites” left the news to some media directors and university curriculum to some principals to do things on their own? How come all sing the same song though?
Libertarians are poor capitalists. Because the oligarchs have now put their pants down they (including Gammon) call themselves “rebel capitalists”. The thing is if you don’t have corrupt politicians but also an army on your side and/or secret services behind your back and blowing up stuff you are not a proper capitalist but a capitalist in a sandbox.
Back in the days all the drug trafficking of Rothschild and Sassoon have been secured by British Red coats and the Navy that was heavy dependent on oligarchs not the other way round. Currently it’s a whole host of secret agencies serving the oligarchs.
Designed for the investors.

These types are very interesting because they tell a lot of truth to salt in lies. They also engage with many people on both sides.
Steven Crowder, David Icke, Whitney Webb, Santos Bonacci, Spacebusters (Steve Falconer). Poornima Wagh
Steve Falconer is a Flat Earther but also a clever gatekeeper, a funny one and he takes part in interesting conversations but he steers people away from real perpetrators and like Santos Bonacci blames everything on Jesuits. It also caught my attention that he attacked the Gregorian Calendar (invented by monks of the Catholic Church) similar to do you know who? to Curtis Stone! And they bring and complain about this calendar around the same time like they belong to the same circle of people (Intelligence?) and/or there is some coordination going and/or CIA system is giving them the same items to talk about and denounce them.
Such gatekeepers are also responsible for so called controlled release. The Intelligence spooks not to lose the credibility release new valid information to maintain trust.
I know that Falconer is CIA because he keeps projecting the blame away from the Phoenician banking cartel(City Of London/Manhattan) onto Jesuits and the Vatican. They always interject this into their speeches what looks like the signature of CIA to denounce anything Catholic.

LEVEL 7 – THE GREY ZONE (The questionable ones) (Intelligence Outer Rim)
Aim4Truth, Harry Vox (blocked in UK), UKColumn, dr Sam Bailey, Amandha D Vollmer
The ones that have been found misdirecting the audience or inviting questionable people to their shows. Some will say that just by enabling a medium to some questionable types should not discredit a particular media outlet itself. I am not so sure about that. I can understand though that some people can be desperate for money especially in these difficult times and take part in promotion of the shills.

Unfortunately you will be disappointed because UKColumn is an off-shot of Russia Today which is the next generation of Radio Free Europe -> CIA!!!
Guests who appear at UKColumn are part of the Consent Factory Inc which is a hub of skilled CIA agents who work hard on shaping people’s perception and consent.
This is a list of creators CF promotes including Patrick Henningsen (21st Century) and Vanessa Beeley who appear on UKColumn on regular basis:

OffGuardian, ZeroHedge, Dissident Voice, The Grayzone, Rubikon, OVALmedia, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Catherine Austin Fitts, Gunnar Kaiser, Mathias Bröckers, Det Poetiske Bureaus, Neue Debatte, Ron Paul Institute, Geopolitics & Empire, Demokratischer Widerstand, Children’s Health Defense, Charles Eisenstein, Mercola, Lew Rockwell, Anthony Freda, Trish Wood, Cory Morningstar, Unlimited Hangout, Come don Chisciotte, John Steppling, Vanessa Beeley, Global Research, Winter Oak, Tessa Lena, Margaret Anna Alice, Nevermore Media, Mark Crispin Miller, Jerm Warfare, Clifton Duncan, Meghan Murphy, Signs of the Times, The Automatic Earth, 21st Century Wire, Mittdolcino, Aube Digitale, Le Saker Francophone, Giorgio Agamben, James Delingpole, The Fire Online,, Apolut, IM-1776, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, The CIA, Rand Corporation, World Economic Forum, Situationist International, Swiss Policy Research, Consortium News, In This Together, Architects for Social Housing, Western Rifle Shooters, Tablet Magazine, Poetry Foundation, Book of Ours, Multipolar, Pandata, Edward Curtin, The Polemicist, UbuWeb

So all the above not to be trusted.
Long story short UKColumn spills the beans on many hot topics but it has been found misdirecting unsuspecting listeners too. You can continue to watch them but be warned that they can distort certain important details. Definitely they sell mRNA technology as real which is not true.
Don’t get me wrong many of them are talented and full time influencers.

Alistair Williams, HugoTalks , An0maly, Curtis Stone, Neil McCoy-Ward,
Our Interesting Times, dr E Michael Jones, Chris Sky, Richie Allen, Mark Devlin, Doug & Stacey, RichPlanetTV– alternative media and reporting with some anti-system big picture insight.
A place for the outsiders.

Miles W. Mathis, Brendon O’Connell, Owen Benjamin, The Rundown, Michael O’Bernicia – ultimate big picture where the names are finally called, honest analysis and reporting.
The authors are not in alliance, do not agree on many things, even frequently give conflicting opinions but this is how far we can get you to. Yet we saved you a lot of time you would otherwise waste listening to mass media and trying to penetrate a sophisticated web of controlled opposition shills set up by the Intelligence.
You are welcome.
Support the authors of level 8 and 9 so they will not end up in the clutches of the Intelligence.
A place for the outcasts.

UPDATE: 23/09/2022 – I put a red flag over Aim4Truth crew including Michael McKibben as it has been found that one of the members Douglas Gabriel (a Jew) together with John Barnwell are pushing Anthroposophy which is an off-shot of Theosophy Project which is an early implementation of the Project Chaos what secret services diligently maintain to this day to cause chaos among men. Since the Plandemic the Project Chaos is on steroids.
A4T seems to blow a lot of lids regarding the corrupt banking, finance and markets they rig but it could well be just another high level honey pot trap so approach their content with caution.
What we witness here is some Jewish competitive Intelligence group blowing the cover I reckon to gain some advantage. The good thing for us peasants is that we got some interesting information for free.
You can still get a very deep insight about the banksters, their criminal activities, how they rig gold and other markets. Just double check the information they present. So far a lot of it is true. Ideally ignore any “Christian” hints from Mr Gabriel not to be lured into Anthroposophy.
You can read more about Theosophy LINK1, LINK2, LINK3
and about Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner HERE.

UPDATE: 13/10/2022 – I put a red flag over Curtis Stone who in one of his most recent podcasts said unsavory words about the Catholic Church giving some examples from Canada. My support of the Catholic Church has weakened over the last 2 years due to compliance with the Plandemic but nevertheless I would not say what Curtis has said. After further analysis there is some indication that Curtis Stone could say that because of his anarchism/libertarianism or due to his background. He said that for 8 years he lived at Mile End in Montreal – a Jewish neighbourhood). Other than that I am not sure what was the value in saying these things especially if he is not part of that let’s call it a religious organization.

UPDATE: 14/10/2022 – all 4: Curtis Stone, Michael O’Bernicia, Richard Hall and Aim4Truth crew are being downgraded.
1. Curtis Stone is downgraded for attacking the Catholic Church. I mean the CC in the current state is eligible for criticism but I don’t like the way he did it especially if he is not a member – it smells Jewish to me.
2. Richard Hall and Michael O’Bernicia are downgraded for promoting the work of Wilson and Blackett which apart from misdirecting away from Phoenicians puts Christianity upside down. As someone has said “They are populist book writers, just making up stories and when corrected by others, they get quite hostile. The Phoenicians had sea going vessels long before the Egyptians and it was the Phoenicians who sailed to England after Tin metal, so Wilson and Blackett are not right.” Some more reading HERE
3. Aim4Truth downgraded for promoting Theosophy.
4. Richie Allen has been promoted.

UPDATE: 8/11/2022
1. new categories have been added to accommodate some of the suspects: the Gatekeepers
2. Curtis Stone in the most recent live has clarified that even though people though of him being a Christian he isn’t one (even when you hear him referring to “god” every so often so he must refer to some other god – I reckon some god that suits him). My suspicion of him being a Jew gained even more traction. I am not going to listen to more of his very long live shows to discover other revelations (you cannot hear this stuff on his regular videos he only spills the beans during his very long live sessions) so someone else has to take it from here.
3. Richie Allen – it has been noted that some of Richie’s guests are usual suspects e.g. False Flag Weekly News – Kevin Barrett. People say Kevin is legit. I think otherwise. He is clearly US-demise, a multi-polar world order guy.
4. Dr. Sam Bailey – it has been noted that she made references to obvious Intelligence spooks Icke and Spacebuster (Steve Falconer). She and her husband Mark even made a video with Steve.
Falconer in interview with Dawn Lester and David Parker said in 49min30sec “Patrick Henningsen from UKColumn and 21st Century Wire sent Mark Bailey and me “Bloomberg just put an article…””
The point is we already found that UKColumn and Henningsen are not genuine but CIA. If Henningsen is in live email communication with these people this means Mark Bailey and his wife are also compromised. This puts a big question mark over the whole group: Mark & Sam Bailey, Kaufman, Cowan, Vollmer.
This does not imply the Germ Theory is right but can indicate that most of the Theory of Terrain movement if not the whole movement has been hijacked by CIA so they have all the corners covered.
That is why Dr. Sam Bailey, Vollmer have been downgraded.
5. Richard D. Hall – has been reinstated. Regardless of his promotion of Wilson and Co he has done a decent research in other areas and in the last few months he has been under attack from BBC who eventually harassed him, his stand has been closed by the council and his YouTube channel deleted (together with the famous video about CBDC he made with Broadstock (who I don’t trust)). This stretches Richard’s finances so please support him by baying his merchandise otherwise attend his events.

UPDATE: 29/11/2022
In the most recent live podcast Curtis Stone has mentioned about / recommended Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters). The story is about shadow-banning on YouTube Curtis and Ralph are subjected to. Ralph had millions of views before he started pointing out what really happened in the last two years and that now both of them have a minimum number of views that often stops at 15000 views.
I have checked some of Ralph’s videos and the man is a good speaker, he brings some interesting stories.
It is now more clear to me where Curtis Stone is coming from. He is not a Christian and is carefully promoting some oriental Hindu religion. I think for experienced people it is not bad to watch some of Ralph’s videos but soon you will see a disconnect between Christian and Hindu approach to certain life dilemmas.
On the shallow level it is pretty much what Christians also say but as you progress it deviates as Hindu are hedonists and try hard to avoid suffering and pain. After Buddhism Hinduism is very popular in the West among rich people. Many rich people are proud so have an issue with pride so they choose the most suitable religion for themselves, something easy, something that does not question their actions and boils down to good vibrations and also there is meditation in place of prayer.
Regardless of where Curtis’s spirituality is heading to I reinstate link to his videos as I think his content is still good for our journey.
Things that he says that are very helpful are (all equally important):
1. pointing out the dangers of Bolshevism
2. to limit the consumption of content that increases stress
3. to ridicule, to make fun of the bad, negative information that the Internet is flooded with

UPDATE: 30/11/2022
Owen Benjamin has been promoted to Level 9. I have completely forgot about him since he was banned from the mainstream platforms years ago but he sounds legit to this time. Of course he is critical of Christianity. E. Michael Jones calls him an apostate and a heretic. Anyway he is good to listen to, you can ignore some of his remarks.

UPDATE 19/12/2022
Nick Fuentes, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes all have been downgraded.
Thanks to the work of Brendon Lee O’Connell both Nick and Milo have been fully exposed as two gay intelligence operatives most likely FBI working for Roger Stone (another sodomite)
Them surrounding Kanye West indicates this Ye thing is another Jewish chutzpah to compromise the growing anti-Jewish opposition. I never followed Nick Fuentes I always thought of him as some Goyim version of Ben Shapiro – another talking machine gun.
Gavin McInnes looked genuine but this was years ago at the very beginning before he was banned from Youtube what could be genuine but could also be staged. Who knows? Anyway he came back but his close ties with InfoWars makes him look just like another agent. But if I look again at this persona and his early close collaboration with Milo it could be he was a FBI/CIA agent from the start.
Similar to InfoWars watch these good actors at your own risk e.g. if you like to read between the lines of what these spooks have to say as they always spill some beans (not much).

UPDATE 29/12/2022
Michael O’Bernicia and the Rundown crew have been promoted to the top

UPDATE 10/01/2022
It came to our attention that HugoTalks is also running two other YouTube channels he has never mentioned at HugoTalks what casts a bit of a shadow on him being genuine. I let you judge it.


Most of the authors (Level 8 & 9) are not from UK but don’t think they are lobbying for some other powers against British interests because what is unfolding has nothing to do with the interest of England or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland OR is for the benefit of English people. If you haven’t noticed by now all poor and middle class fall prey of this agenda.
So don’t let them place you into their nationalistic/patriotic bandwagon so then on that basis they can tax you into oblivion and/or send you or your sons to the battlefield to kill and to get killed.
All the nations can cooperate with each other, there is no need for wars, anti-terrorist warfare, cyber-warfare etc.
All wars are the banker’s wars. It’s only created by the maniac bankers to rob taxpayers and profit on death in various ways.
How could you be proud of warfare? This whole scheme exists only because they facilitate people’s ignorance and hypocrisy as people get older and have TV sets in their living rooms and bedrooms.

Make sure you do some due diligence and double check the stories and facts reported.
It is ultimately your duty as a truth seeker to find the right balance. It’s just the beginning of your journey.

Please note that the given list is dynamic and any mentor or media personality can anytime be downgraded or upgraded.

*EITC – East India Trading Company / The Phoenicians

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